Old Fashion Liniment

Old Fashion Liniment
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8 oz
16 oz (+$8.00)
Base Formula
White Willow Bark & Queen of the Meadow (+$5.00)
White Willow Bark, Queen of the Meadow & St John's Wart (+$10.00)


Old Fashion Liniment – the way it should be, and it has a fresh, pleasant and clean smell not like the horrible smell of some liniments that are loaded with chemicals - better than Sore No More! Brewed slowly in our kitchen until done. We hand measure all the herbs, and from the photo above you can see the various stages of the brewing process taking place in each jar. Our base formula is Arnica Flowers, Blessed Thistle, & Comfrey. It is a good basic liniment or can be used as a brace.Our liniment is made in small batches of 1.5 qts each and is hand turned twice daily as it brews in Witch Hazel and about a 1/2" of Vodka. It takes anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks, or longer for each batch to complete the process and then is hand strained in to gallon jugs.

We make our liniment here at Earth Song Ranch and have tested them for over a year’s time now, on horses, humans and dogs – everyone who has used our various blends are amazed! It is all natural, made the way liniment should be made, and let to brew until it is done. (testimonials coming soon)

I personally use the liniment with everything in it including St John's Wort, designed to be the most potent one for my own needs, as I have a severely injured knee (injured the same one several times over the years) with osteo-arthritis and at the end of the day it hurts with bone almost rubbing on bone. I rub the liniment in and the pain starts to subside in 5-10 minutes, depending on my level of work outside, or with the horses I will sometimes stop and apply some during the day as well, especially if I am at the arena and doing a lot of training.

I use it on my 18-year-old little senior mini, Annie Rose, who has a little arthritis in her little right knee and a stifle issue, both of which she came to me with and it really helps her to keep going too, I usually rub her knee and stifle in the morning and last thing at night using the St John’s Wort version and she has never balked at getting the liniment on her knee or stifle. I have also used each of the liniments on my horses at various times after work outs or after an injury to help them be less sore, and as a brace mixed in a bucket of warm water and sponged on.I have also mixed the base blend in to bentonite clay and made a poultice for legs that felt warm or were swollen.

Some lady friends who are needle and crochet enthusiasts have gotten relief in their hands by rubbing the liniment on before they do their crafts and at night before bed.Others with back and sciatica issues have also found natural relief when they have used the liniments too.

This liniment has also been used on dogs who have had injuries to legs and backs, including a Chi who has a back injury and could not move the hind end, so after the vet did chiropractic and acupuncture on him, he suggested that the owner use a cotton ball that she put liniment on and apply to his back each night, little Victor is as good as new with all the extra help he received to heal including the liniment with St John’s Wort! Knock wood but I have not had to use it on my own dogs.

We have a total of 5 formulas (including the base formula) which all start with the below (bolded and in italics) herbs, then each of the below are added to separate brews:

We brew our formulas in a very high human grade of Witch Hazel, that is a plant extract used topically and has a very long history of being one of nature’s most potent medicinal plants as well as a carrier for other herbs. Native to North America this plant can also be found in some parts of Asia including China and Japan and yields its therapeutic values from its leaves and bark. The bark, twigs and leaves of the plant are used to extract active constituents that are mixed with either water or alcohol to make a concentrated product known as witch hazel water. Chief among its healing properties is its ability to act as an astringent, providing a number of benefits for skin care, as a carrier to herbs soaked in it to make a tinture more bio-available for healing and it is also known to have the natural ability to reduce puffiness or swelling and more.

The base herbs are:

Arnica is for any injury be it in this herbal form or homeopathically

Comfrey also known as Symphytum (or knit bone) is applied to the skin to heal ulcers, wounds, joint inflammation, bruising, and for all forms of arthritis.

Blessed Thistle - is used for treating wounds, joint inflammation and skin ulcers of all kinds and is a soothing agent.

To the above we add the following depending on the blend:

White Willow bark for Discomfort

Queen of the Meadow as an anti-inflammatory and for easing discomfort

White Willow Bark and Queen of the Meadow for their synergy in easing discomfort, sore muscles, et al

White Willow Bark, Queen of the Meadow and St John’s Wort for our strongest formula which helps to relieve nerve pain like sciatica and back pain as well as other discomforts. (This is my very favorite!)

So when you read what all of the herbs do above it will help you select the liniment that will work best for you, your horse or your dog's needs!

For Topical Application Only!


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