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Order Shipping

Our products - and the products that we sell from other vendors - are shipped separately for the most part and can come either by UPS or USPS or a combination of both.

NOTE: If you are shipping to an address other than your own billing/shipping address, please note in the message box during checkout:

  • To whom you would like it shipped
  • The address to be shipped to

Earth Song Ranch Herbal Product Shipping - Via USPS

  • Earth Song Ranch herbal products are shipped via USPS from the ranch (we do not use UPS or FEDX).
  • With herbal product orders, you can select your shipping option either by weight or priority flat rate USPS mail.
  • Please note: Earth Song Ranch does not guarantee that you will receive your order within one to three days from date you order.
  • Herbal blend orders typically arrive between 1 to 3 days from the date the local post office receives the package. Many people incorrectly assume they will receive their package in 1-3 days from date of order.
  • Please refer to our Order Processing and Packaging information for processing times.

Free Shipping Products

FREE SHIPPING is offered on the following products - at the best rate - be it USPS or UPS. We do not select how they ship those products and nor do we guarantee one to three-day shipping on those products.

  • Horse Tech Products
  • EquineZyme
  • EquineZyme Plus
  • Canine Complete

HorseTech Products & Shipping Methods

On the Horse Tech products, depending on what your order or a combination of those products, shipping method is determined by order weight:

  • If the weight is more than 12 to 15 lbs - The order will be drop shipped via UPS by Horse Tech.
  • If less than 12 lbs - The order will be shipped via Priority Mail, usually flat rate shipping.

I do not receive the tracking number from HorseTech, but can request it if you are wondering when your package may arrive.

General Shipping Notes

  • We will sometimes print the shipping labels a day or so ahead of time of actual shipping while waiting on an order of herbs, or to blend orders, which on occasion may miss-lead you that they have already shipped.
  • We strive to ship orders out within a week's time after processing, then your package can have between 1-5 days of shipping time depending on the day we drop the packages at the post office.
  • There can also be additional shipping days depending on where you live in the US and there are also longer times for Canadian and other international orders.
  • We wish we could do it faster, but we would have to charge a lot more for our products because we would have to hire others to help, or blend in bulk ahead of time et al and have always wanted to keep the products going to you fresh and affordable!
  • From Mid-November until the end of December there can be shipping delays which are out of our control due to the volume of business at the holidays and seasonal employees that the USPS hires and UPS also hires. So please plan if you can!
  • Also note there can be shipping delays during parts of the year due to weather conditions - typically, from late November through about Mother’s Day. Due to conditions such as heavy rains, snow and ice, when we cannot get out of the ranch to go to the post office to send packages. (This does not apply to Equine Zyme, Equine Zyme Plus, Canine Complete, or any of the Horse Tech products we sell as they are drop shipped from Iowa)
  • We live on and run our business from a rural ranch and do not have mail service or pick up available at the ranch.


If you have any questions about a product or a previously placed order for a much quicker response you should email me at jessica@earthsongranch.com.

Thoughts on the Cost of Shipping vs. Buying Local

  • We don’t intentionally mark-up shipping, it goes Flat Rate by USPS or if you select it by weight to your area, and if we notice that you were over charged, or we can send it cheaper, we make every effort to refund you the difference.
  • We also understand that the cost of shipping may influence you when making a decision to purchase a product, especially a feed additive or nutritional product, because by their very nature they can be a bit heavy to transport. Equine Zyme, Equine Zyme Plus and Canine Wellness, along with all the Horse Tech Products we carry come with FREE SHIPPING.
  • Most of our Earth Song Ranch products are unique and you cannot find them at a feed store. We use USPS Priority Mail and can ship 15#’s coast to coast for $18.45 flat rate. So here is a little equation to think about when making a decision to purchase something on line:

(15 miles each way to the feed store / 25 mpg @ $3.00 per gallon / plus the value of your time at $20 per hour equals approximately $20.68 – which is the hidden cost of purchasing something locally)

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