Organic Herbal Immune Boost

Organic Herbal Immune Boost
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8 oz
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Organic Immune Boost is an herbal blend to use when you have a horse who is ill, compromised, or just needs a boost.

The powerful organic herbs were selected for their Immune Boosting qualities and properties. I have used this blend for my horses and my daughter's dog, all with good results, and for EPM positive horses to help them recovery from various health issues.


Organic Herbal Immune Boost is a blend of Burdock Root, Alfalfa Herb, Astragalus, Chaparral, Echinacea, Elutherococcus, & Golden Seal. These herbs are not often found blended together due to the cost of the herbs.


This is a potent blend. Only 1 rounded teaspoon or two per day is all you need for your horse, up to a level tabelspoon.

This immune boosting blend is being used successfully on EPM Positive horses as well, especially when using the EPM Homeopathic kit.

Customer Testimonial

"I live in West Virginia and all seven of my horses came down with EPM. When the vet gave us the bad news, in the fall of 2016, well I phoned Jessica and we got them on the EPM kit right away and everyone seemed to resolve at their own pace, some quicker than others and they were all pretty much back to work and riding within just a couple of months. Then I had one that seemed to relapse and we decided to put them all on the Organic Immune Boost. I can tell you they have all been doing great, this has now been a years time, all are symptom free and we could not be happier to know there are natural alternatives for this horrible disease to turn to."

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