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Wow....... it is already July 4th - I cannot believe it!  It brings back memories of the beach, sun burns, Noxema, family bar-b-ques, fireworks at the Del Mar Fair, fire crackers from TJ we would sneak over to buy and them blow them up in gords, and so much more!  So what are you all doing for this holiday that is mid-week this year? 


I am just pretty much staying home with the horses, cats and dogs, in the evening, making sure everyone is safe, maybe clean out the tack room in the late afternoon when it is cooler, staying off the roads with the crazy drivers, getting this news letter out; there are local fireworks I can probably see from a neighbor's house if I so choose to go!  May join up with a friend for breakfast, at our favorite Omlett House, 100 Omletts they offer, and they do custom ones too! Yummmmmmm.


I am apologizIng to all of you who have recently had trouble with the shopping cart on the web site, it has been well used and is going to be retired this month, we are moving on to a new shopping cart, one that hopefully will be easy to use, and will fill all your carts more easily too! 


Today or tomorrow, I need to go to Sports Authority and buy a yoga mat and some yoga pants, who knows what else, hopefully on sale too!




I have recently taken up Yoga again, my body is loving it, a friend kept asking me to go, once I started my body remembered why I don't want to stop again, I feel more limber, old injuries have been showing up to work themselves out or strech out and strengthen as the case may be. 


It is great to get away for an hour for myself twice per week, and it is also reminding me that I need balance in my life, balance in my body, and in so many other ways.  And that balance will eventually also be making me a better rider in days to come because I will have better balance!  So thanks Bev for not giving up on me, and for encouraging me to go to class with you!  You are an inspiration to me, even if I have to get out of bed extra early to get to feed and muck so I can get to the 8 am class, it really does set the tone for the day.....







(I am going to be taking this class, maybe you could too?????)

July 10 - August 2, 2012
Registration information and class times available at the Registration link below
Other series will be scheduled through the year

Basics in Equine Homeopathy is a 12 hour series that will cover the philosophy, theory, mechanics, and application of homeopathy with a slant toward the unique needs of the equine patient. Health care will be considered from the global to the local to the individual, from external changes in hygiene to individualized therapeutics, from the acute to the chronic.


Instruction will be given on using the repertory and materia medica to select the remedy for the patient, as well as techniques in assessing the response of the patient to the remedy. A materia medica of common acute and emergency remedies will be given. The course will end with case studies specific to horses.

Participants will need to be prepared with a copy of Kent's Repertory and Clarke's Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica. These materials are available at most sites that sell homeopathy materials. For selected sources, check the Links page of this website.

First class July 10, 2012. Classes will be held each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7:00 Central time for 12 sessions.

Space limited to 45 participants. Other classes to be announced.


go to Dr Dupree's site Homeopathy for the Animals and go to his Webnairs for more info





For all of you who live in the scorching areas of the country be sure to check your horses for dehydration, if they do not seem to be drinking enough you can add a teaspoon of salt to their bucket feed, or you can soak a good handful or two of wheat bran and add that to the bucket feed to draw more moisture in the intestinal tract and help prevent weather related colics.   I hose my horses down a couple times per day when we are in our heat wave times, especially Destinee, she loves to lay in the sun and just sweat --- so she is prone to getting disoriented if I do not catch her in time and a bit dehydrated, silly girl!


The summer farmer's markets are in full swing, and I can't say enough to encourage you to go to them in your area, get local and organic produce for yourself and for your animals too!   Mix it up and enjoy the bounty!




The berries have been delightful, the summer squash from the local farmer's market devine, lots of avocados, the nectarines and peaches just starting to arrive! 


Who cannot remember to have/eat watermelon for the 4th?  


There are all kinds of wonderful summer fruits in the health food stores, some from local growers, and  my horses have their fruit salads on Sunday and they get their veges in there too, but veges also during the week, especially organic dandelions and squash, they are loving it a lot, the dogs love to eat some of the fresh raw veges as well, and the costs right now are low ---  come up with some creative fruit and chopped up vege combinations,  your horses will love you! 


All horses are individuals and none of mine like bananas, but two do love water melon, one likes the honey dew melons, one likes catnelope, all love berries, all of them love apricots (without the pits please), apples, and carrots, so try some new things out!





White Willow Bark


The anti-inflammatory properties of the bark of the White Willow has been fully understood for all of mankind's recorded history. Other herbs commonly referred to in the herbal writings of the middle ages (like Culpepper writing in Britain in the 1650's) were Burdock, Guaiacum, and Devil's Claw all of which were recommended for the relief of Rheumatism, Arthritis and Sciatica and all of which are ...used by herbalists for exactly the same complaints today.

The modern Aspirin was "discovered" simply by analyzing the white willow bark and separating out one of the many medicinal ingredients. This ingredient was then synthesized, patented, and promoted as the active ingredient and modern pharmaceutical companies were born. Aspirin is now being rediscovered as a low dose preventative maintenance medicine said to be useful in preventing heart disease and improving circulation. .

With the age of the active ingredient came the age of the side effect That is to say, while white willow bark extract even in quite high dose levels and prolonged use has almost no effect on the gastro-intestinal tract. Aspirin, on the other hand, in even moderate doses and for relatively short periods, can cause ulceration and worse in the stomach and the gut. Even in the low doses (100mg) currently being prescribed in preventative medicine there are emerging signs, particularly in many elderly people, that even these tiny doses are still too strong and cause digestive system irritation and blood vessel fragility. The iron tablets prescribed by your Doctor often cause quite severe constipation while the high iron natural supplements prescribed by your Herbalist are all laxative in their action. (consider Liquorice, Molasses, Prunes, Rosehips Syrup or Nettle Soup for example)

The fact that Aspirin use carries serious risks from side effects and that White Willow Bark does not, is simply because the package of complex chemical substances (dozens of them) which are included within the whole plant extract and excluded from the drug, mesh in a balanced and harmonious way with the complex chemistry of our bodily processes. The principal of the active ingredient is the problem. All ingredients in plant substances are active, and our bodies, which evolved on this earth with the plants, relate well to the packages and mostly not very well with the separate ingredients. -Robert McDowell



“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together... there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart... I'll always be with you.”   ― A.A. Milne






Are you still using chemical wormers on your horses?  It is time to start looking at other options as we are now in the middle of summer heading to fall when we need to make sure our horses are parasite free, especially from Stronglyes which can cause colic in horses.  Earth Song Ranch offers an Herbal Wormer and if you couple that with Paratox you have a winning combination!  Paratox is given in their water from the new moon to the full moon, and Herbal Wormer is given for 5 days of the full moon


Make sure you get your fecal tests done so you know what you may be dealing with and keep your horses guts healthy with Equine Zyme which helps to prevent parasitic infestations in the first place --- parasites love to live in "unhealthy" intestinal tracts! 


Boost not only your horses immune system with Equine Zyme but also help to prevent parasitic infestations as well!



Specials For July!


Since we are in the dog days of summer I decided that it was time to run a special on the Stop the Itch Dog Shampoo from Zephyr's Garden that we carry, also Stop the Itch Spray for Dogs, Stop the Itch Salve for Dogs, they are awsome, and my dogs love their baths, they smell wonderful, and the itching seems to stop almost instantly (itching can be from allergies, fleas, or just the summer itch from the heat), kind of like using the Stop the Itch Spray on our horses, I can time that to 10-15 minutes and Cheyanne stops her itching!


Use coupon code DOG" for 10% off the dog products  And while we are at it, also take 10% off K-9Zyme using the same coupon code, and Joint Juice for dogs as well, a pure joint support product, your dogs will thank you!


For the first two weeks of July, if you are not interested in the dog products above, let's take 10% off your entire order of $50 or more no matter what you purchase!  That way you get to pick from any of the great products you use most or want to try!  Use coupon code "July" (sorry cannot be combined with the dog products above)!


Will be sending out another newsletter mid July with more specials for the last two weeks of July.  E3Live will also be on special the end of the month so be looking for more details about that too!



Sharing our Newsletters


In all my efforts to make the newsletter interesting, from my heart, full of interesting topics and forward-worthy - it never seems to occur to me to JUST ASK you all to send it on and or to share it on FB!  If you have liked Earth Song Ranch on FB then you get the news letter in a way that you can just click on the Icontact "share" - it is really easy!


So we are continuing to grow, build and expand our business this year, we need your help in order to do that, word of mouth is so important and part of that is by you sharing our FB page, sharing our Newsletters on FB, on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as Google+!


Earth Song Ranch is doing more advertising in more areas and in more media including in Natural Horse, Equine Wellness and the Horses Hoof to name a few.


We also are supporting a few more rescues this year as so many of them are overburdened with horses and are struggling along trying to care for them while they try to rehome them!


We are also trying to offer up more products that we use and believe in and that will help you and your horse grow in health and maintain health as well, and a few fun things throw in too!


I thank you in advance for helping us continue to grow so we can help more people with their animals, share more of the wonderful natural products we manufacturer, sell, and use daily, so that other people can live a more natural life.


We also share our network of holistic and homeopathic vets, naturpaths, equine nutritionists, our great products, and many more people who we support and believe in as well as use!







The 7 Myths of Equine Nutrition - Continued

 Joint supplements are only for old or injured horses- False


Studies have shown that Glucosamine, Chondroitin sulfate and some forms of Hyaloronic Acid may stimulate cartilage production and inhibit cartliage breakdown. Research also shows that MSM protects tissues against inflammations, and Vitamin C also helps build collagen.


Earth Song Ranch carries dog and horse  Joint Juice, Joint Juice is not just for horses, it is also for dogs in need of a little extra support be they young competition or older dogs and horses.  It is a pure product with Glucosamine, Chondrointin, MSM, Vitamin C and Manganese.   





Take a moment and thank God for the beauty of the day and night during this full moon tonight.


Wish upon all the stars and dream of all your tomorrows as the moon lights your pathways.
















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News From the Ranch -


So far this summer has been very quiet, and restful here on the ranch, and things are moving along and well.  Earth Song Ranch will soon be moving in to a new shopping cart which should make your purchases easier to do and faster as well.  The old shopping cart served us well for years but it is just time to retire it now, and move forward.



The next edition of Natural Horse Magazine will have my article about summer herbs and herbs for horses so be looking for that in the next edition!



The horsey girls are doing great, and everyone is improving on all levels. 


Echo is coming through a laminitic episode after eating oak leaves and pollen this time, so she is permanentely away from any oak trees of any kind, for some reason she has an obsession on this!  When we move in the not too distant future no more oak trees!


Destinee's hoof health has markedly improved in the past couple months, and

with a specific nutritional program designed by Dr Denice Moffat, a veterinarian, naturpath, and medical intuitive;  as well as follow up constitutional homeopathy by Dr Glen Dupree more natural healing from the inside out has occurred and is continuing. 


Cheyanne is just Cheyanne, and we are on our journey of partnership together being students of Parelli!  I have learned so much from my Parelli instructor and neighbor Margit Deerman!