Middle of May News Letter


So.... we are fast approaching summer, and most of us are getting more time with our horses.  Our horses dietary needs change somewhat in summer depending on where you live and what you do with your horses.  Most need more hay and calories because people are out competing, trail riding, arena work, training, doing endurance and having fun. 


But....... those calories should be coming from high quality hay and soaked hay pellets, rice bran, whole non-processed oats, flax and a high quality vitamin/mineral supplement, and adding Equine Zyme to that bucket as well so your horses are digesting and keeping their guts healthy.  Commercial bag feeds are full of chemicals and highly processed ingredients and additives your horses could do without out!



One of the things I do for my horses in the summer months when fruit is so available is make them fruit salads at least once per week, I give them a few berries (black berries, blue berries, raspberries), a few grapes (red and green); cut up apples, watermelon, cantelope, honey dew melon, mango, banana, peaches, nectarines and plums (no pits please), not a lot but a great taste treat and a great way to give them some additional nutrition!  Those are things I am eating in the summer months so why not them too?  Will talk about the veges I also feed in summer in the June Newsletter!





When the weather starts to get warm it is always a good idea to add a little salt, I like the Himalayan salt, to their bucket feed if you have horses who need to drink more like I do, I have two that never seem to drink enough!


So come up with some creative fruit combinations, you can mix some fruits and veges, try bananas, strawberries, grapes, cut up carrots and apples, a little watermelon and your horses will love you!






Our Affilliate Program with Mountain Rose Herbs is up and running, and you can just click on the link in our store and get wonderful herbs, teas, accessories and so much more.  We have been purchasing from Mt Rose Herbs since 2004 and love their quality and customer service too! 


Memorial Day.....


....is May 28th this year, and it is a time to remember those who have served, those who are serving and to celebrate our country that we are free!  It is also the kick off to the summer season around here, and people go to the beach, the desert to ride motor cycles and enjoy the long weekend with their horses, families and friends!






Specials I promised you!


These items do not go on special very often at all but I wanted to offer them to you because many of you do buy these particular items often!


Kelp, Vitamin C, MSM, Senior Zyme, and Cushing Zyme, until  May 29th  use coupon code M10 on check out to get your discounts!





Free Shipping, yep that's right, Free Shipping,  for one week only May 30th to June 5th as promised! On orders of $75.00 or more!  Use coupon code FSMJ


This won't happen again till Christmas time or sometime in December 2012! 




Sharing our Newsletters


In all my efforts to make the newsletter interesting and forward-worthy - it never seems to occur to me to JUST ASK you all to send it on and or to share it on FB!


Duh. Sometimes the obvious is elusive, I guess. So here goes - my request to ask you to forward our email newsletter to your horsey friends and to share with your FB Friends too. All I ask is that you please only send to folks who might be interested in our newsletter, in natural animal care, in the quotes I share and other info.  Otherwise we are no better than the all too frequent spammers and hackers out there if people don't really want to see it or read it! 


So we are continuing to grow, build and expand our business this year, we need your help in order to do that, word of mouth is so important and part of that is by you sharing our FB page, sharing our Newsletters on FB, on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as Google+!


I thank you in advance for helping us continue to grow so we can help more people with their animals, share more of the wonderful natural products we manufacturer, sell, and use daily, so that other people can live a more natural life.


We also share our network of holistic and homeopathic vets, naturpaths, equine nutritionists, our great products, and many more people who we support and believe in as well as use!



The 7 Myths of Equine Nutrition - Continued Myth # 3

 Skinny horses need more grain-False -


If a horse is underweight and can't maintain his weight, then there is probably under-lying issues going on such as; teeth, ulcers, worms, etc.


Mineral supplementation can provide additional nutrients instead of loading them up with unecessary grain amounts.


Earth Song Ranch Equine Zyme would also help, when a horses 100 foot long intestinal tract is out of balance they can loose weight quickly.  Earth Song Ranch aslo carries vitamin and  minerals balanced for pasture, grass and alfalfa based diets!





Nourish Your Body - Pamper Your Skin


If you haven't been to the web site of late there are more changes coming, one I am particularly excited about!!!


We are adding a line of cold pressed avocado oils for cooking, salads and dipping, and also a line of soaps, lotions, serums and lip balms. 


The reason I am so excited about these products is I use them, and I have very dry skin, and they soak in and keep my skin moist for hours, the serum is awsome. The company adds essential oils to the avocado lotions, soaps and serums or you can get them uscented


The Avocado oils are cold pressed and can be drizzled over salads, used for cooking and is a healthy substitute for butter!


What is even more exciting is I can share a piece of the California sunshine with all of you because the oil is makde from all  locally grown avocados.  And my cousin is one of those growers.  All of the products are made in my area, hand made and cut soaps by a neighbor, oils cold pressed a mile from my house. 


The e3Live blue green algae for horses in crystals and powder are going up this week and within that line there are also human products including probiotics and enzymes which will be available under the e3Live section and also under "People" in the Earth Song Ranch Products section! 









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