No matter how you celebrate we can all celebrate together in so many ways learning from one another and for always!   Earth Song Ranch wishes you and yours the richest blessings and hopes for a very abundant New Year of 2013 for all of us!


Wow I cannot believe it is December and only 22 days until Christmas!  Wow again.... this year flew by, felt like even faster then the last one..... guess we are all so busy it just seems like things are flying by faster in time now!


Soon the Winter Solstice will be here, on December 21st,  when the Earth takes a breath and start anew, it is the longest night of they year, daylight again will start to grow from that point on until we reach the Summer Solstice.   I don't know about you but with the sun setting her around 4:40 pm it is hard to get all the chores done and take care of my horses properly.  I do sleep more during this time of year, that's for sure, and maybe that is what we are meant to do. 


With families spread out all over the globe holidays sure seem different, and with all the economic upheaval we have had over the last several years people seem to be getting back to what matters as opposed to how much they had to spend, which they really could not afford!  Just being together with family and friends would be enough for me, and having some extra time with my horses would be wonderful too!  It is the gift of someone's presence that is most important to me, not presents and things!


So what do you do special for your horses, cats and dogs for the holiday you celebrate?   Everyone here on the ranch gets something special and food treats as well, including hot peppermint bran mash on Christmas eve for the horses, fresh crock pot cooked chicken for the cats and puppy pals.... this human sits back on Christmas Eve and counts her blessings over an Egg Nog with a touch of brandy in it in front of the fire and dreams of Christmases past when my children with kids and we had family all around!




I am sharing this link below for something that really makes me smile every time I watch it - it is the Digital Natavity --- the creativity that had to go in to this was amazing and how much fun they must have had producing this too ---- if the link below does not work, go to YouTube and type in Digital Nativity.



Holiday Specials ---


From December 3rd to the 9th  -- Senior Zyme, CushingZyme and MareZyme are all 12% off use Coupon Code Dec12 on check out!




As promised, and my way of thanking all of you for your support over the years,  Free Shipping on any order, any size, from December 10th to the 15th use the coupon code Holiday (this is for US orders only - excludes Horse Tech Products)


Gift Baskets --- If any of you would like me to do a "family" gift basket for any of your friends or family members I would  love to do so, I can make them with a pound of any of the horse products, and smaller size dog, and cat products or ???? and add some Avocado oil &/or soaps to make it a true "family gift" basket --- all orders for any gift baskets will have to be in by December 17th to reach their destinations by Christmas!  And the products you select will be 10% off.  I have done these in years past and they have been a hit!




Please be watching for the Mid December Newsletter as I will be talking more about the Solstice and will also have a drawing for a gift basket of products and will give you the details as to how to get your name in the drawing! 










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