September and the Autumnal Equinox


September and October have become favorite months, the changing of the sesaons, the Autumnal Equinox, weather getting cooler ---- especially now as I have gotten older, the fall has become one of my favorite times of year, colors change in all parts of the country, not necessairly here in Southern California, but if we want to see that we go to our local mountains. 


Now I understand why my Mom loved it so so much, and welcomed it!  There is a sense about it, a marking of time......


I used to love to go back to Boston and the Cape during October to see the colors, they were spectacular!  Having grown up in Southern California I have an appreciation for the fall on the east coast, having worked for a Boston company at one time I was blessed with the opportunities over several seasons to be there in fall and spring.


Kids are back in school, my granddaughter is back to swimming and on the high school swim team, whooo hoooo and doing well!  Life is moving along, she now has her learners permit to drive too, and it does not seem all that long ago we welcomed her in to the world my first grandchild and my Mom's first great-grandchild!



Life on the Ranch and some new products ---

Life on the Go At Earth Song Ranch


Wow I have so much to share with all of you --- new lay out on the web site navagation bar which was/ has changed to make it easier to get to where you want to go, or to go to all of it if you just want to look at everything!


New products in the dog and cat section 


New products in e3Live for horses -> and 10% off September 1st to 15th!


New products are in the people section awsome stuff, health enhancing, immune boosting,   probiotics for people, enzymes for people, and msm capsules too, along with our colostrum capsules and Beta Glucan Caps made from medicinal mushrooms including Maitake, Shiitake and Reishi 120 capsules for the price of 30 at the health food store!


New brochures are in the works, one for horses and one for cats and dogs, and will be doing some new ads too --- I have been doing some small business couseling with SCORE and it really lit a fire under me to do new and more things for all of you!




People Products



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Dog and Cat Products


We are lining up a great group of all natural dog and cat products that you can trust, that are made in California, including safe all natural and some herbal dog treats!


The dog and cat food products are freeze dried and contain meat, veges, and fruits.  One I like inparticular is the premix that you add your own raw meat to, the premix contains the fruits and veges only and is a great addition to a raw or semi raw food diet for you dog.






Don't know who the artist is on this but love this Blue Moon ----- So Happy Blue Moon on August 31st --- and we are offering Blue Moon Free Shipping Below ---


Skywatchers should circle Friday (Aug. 31) on their calendars, for the date offers the last chance to see a so-called "blue moon" for nearly three years.


The moon reaches its full phase at 9:58 a.m. EDT (1358 GMT) Friday, marking the second full moon of August (the previous one occurred Aug. 1). Stargazers won't be able to see two full moons in a single month again until July 2015.


Friday's full moon won't actually be blue, unless a load of dust or ash in the atmosphere lends it that particular hue from your vantage point. In any event, blue moons aren't named for their color, and they look like any other full moon in the sky most of the time.


Five Days Free Shipping



August 29th to Sept 2nd on orders of $70 or more - great time to stock up and take advantage of this for the next few days!  Use the code BLUE on check out!


After 5 days of free shipping Equine Zyme Plus will be on sale for 15% off --- September 3rd through September 14th!  Use code ESP15 on check out!


Kelp - a great warming "herb" for the winter months to keep your horses thyroid functioning properly in the cold winter months --- take 10% off from September 3rd to 14th!  KELP15




Ok everyone it is time to start boosting your immune system so you head off any flu bugs this year..... I do not do vaccines, and especially not the flu vaccine because they guess every year as to what strain it may be and they are mostly wrong!  So why not do some prevention starting now?


We are carrying a new line of human products by Plantiva and the one I would most recommend is the Immune Formula --- if you would like a sample please let me know when  you place your order by putting a note in the "note" section and I will include a sample for you.  We also are carrying the Cold and Flu Formula and Allergy Formula as well!






E3 Live

We are now selling the frozen E3Live for horses as many requested it --- I personally love the dried Crystal Powder, but there are many out there who like just the dried powder and some who love to feed the frozen blue green algae!


We are offering 10% off on e3Live products this month - coupon code is e3L and the offer is good from September 1st to the 14th!





So where or where is this year going I cannot believe that it is almost time for pumpkins and cooler weather,  turtle necks, boots and my favorite time of year...


The Autunmal Equinox is on September 22, 2012 day and night will be equal .......then we will start loosing sunlight every day until we come to the Solstice which is on December 21, 2012.






Before emergencies happen - be ready to have your horses identified, like I have, with this easy to put on fetlock band,  with your phone number embroidered on it - they also make collars for your horse as well if you would rather - and they are offering free shipping until September 15th on your orders of any size through the Earth Song Ranch Website the link is EquistriSafe!  Use coupon code DISASTER on check out from their site for free shipping!





Click on this link to go directly to their site.  Earth Song Ranch is an affiliate.




Avo Products - Soaps, Lotions, Serums and more.....

A few of the soaps and lotions are now available and all I can say is they are really nice, very moisturizing and made with cold pressed avocado oil and essential oils give them their fragrance!  Lavender, Jasmine, Unscented and Honey Almond!



Dog Treats......


With all the uproar and all of the bad treats sickening dogs, and even killing some I am so careful on what I buy for my dogs, and I have found two lines of treats made locally, one with herbs and one is with chicken and wheat grass juice and other really healthy ingredients ----


I know that most of you with horses also have dogs, and I would love to hear from you in regards to treats and if you are interested in some very healthy and reasonably priced treats for your fur family members --- one  company also has cat treats and they are also the makers of the "grass" you grow, and am going to look in to that as well --- have a meeting with them on the 30th.


I am also getting treats from the people who make the freeze dried dog food, and they are good too, but want to offer more then that.  One line of the treats I am looking at even has a lavender treat as a calming treat for dogs and they love it!


So email me with your thoughts, and I am also looking in to a line of healthy horse treats that are reasonable in cost and are made in the USA Low NSC and tasty!






Predictions of a rough winter for the east coast.......


Last winter, big cities like New York and Philadelphia saved a lot of money because the Northeast had a snow drought. Not so this winter.


Yes, even while air conditioners are still running, meteorologists are beginning to focus on the long-term winter weather forecast. And, it looks as if the I-95-corridor cities from Washington to Boston will need to make sure the plows are gassed up and rock salt plentiful.

“I think the East Coast is going to have some battles with some big storms,” says Paul Pastelok, Accu-Weather’s lead long-term forecaster in State College, Pa.


However, Mr. Pastelok predicts the battles won’t start until January and then will extend into February. “November in the Northeast could be above-normal temperatures and below-normal precipitation, and December could be a transition month,” he says. “By January and February it’s going to get pretty cold.”


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The following are some excerpts from an article by Dr Masalyn Ward, DVM, the reason I am posting it is becasuse I am getting more and more calls and emails from people who have horses with ulcers --- a lot of this stems from stress which creates an un-healthy gut, and an unhealthy gut sets horses up for a lot of issues, and ulcers are only one of them!  Dr Ward agrees that horses need pre-biotics and probiotics, and not all of them are made the same, Equine Zyme and Equine Zyme plus each have over 36 billion cfu''s per scoop and we add colostrum and beta glucan too!


Horse Ulcers: If Tests Are Negative but Your Horse Still Hurts

Madalyn Ward, DVM. Copyright (c) 2012


What do you do if your equine friend tests negative for horse ulcers but continues to have problems? Well, he might still have horse ulcers ... the tests just may not be able to detect the ulcers.


Like the term "colic," the term "horse ulcer" covers a wide variety of issues related to the gut.  The term "horse ulcer" really refers to inflammation anywhere in the digestive tract.


Types of Horse Ulcers


The gastric or stomach ulcer is the most common form, which can be diagnosed by an endoscope or by a positive response to acid-blocking medications. But horse ulcers can also occur in the small intestine or even in the hind gut. These usually will not be found by the methods discussed above.

If your horse has inflammation in his gut caused by disruption in the levels of beneficial bacteria in his gut, he may also test negative for ulcers but still have a pain in his gut.


The healthy bacteria in a horse's gut fill in all the spaces between the tiny, nutrient absorbing folds and they provide extra protection from irritating substances. When the numbers of healthy bacteria decrease the intestinal lining is more easily damaged by stomach acid, bile salts, digestive enzymes or acids formed during digestion.


Finding the Location of the Horse Ulcer Since the symptoms of ulcers anywhere in the gut can be similar, you  can more easily locate where your horse was having the problem so you can target your treatment.


Should you worry about horse ulcers? Yes, especially if your horse is in work or training. It is a safe bet to say that any performance horse is dealing with some level of digestive inflammation and needs daily pre- and probiotic support appropriate to his type.