We are now full blown into the season of "gifting" and "giving"!  Of people who have little time and even less cash it seems this year to buy gifts.  Gifting is and has been a holiday ritual and tradition that for some each year brings on stress, uncomfortable feelings or trepadation (What do I give? What if they don't like it? I have no money/or I don't have much money this year what do I do!),  


The greatest gift you can give is of yourself, your time, your presence, or a hand made gift or baked good, not just presents!  Being totally present when you are with your loved ones, your mom, your granny, your dad, your kids, and listening to the family stories so that you will be able to keep them in your heart for always.  Time is what we all seem to have so little of these days but time is the greatest gift of all to give to someone you love!


For others this time of year is a way of being joyful and festive, showing gratitude to family, friends and neighbors; participating with co-workers or friends and loved ones and giving all we have unconditionally, even if it is not material gifts, but a gift from the heart, a plate of cookies, a coffee cake or a special treat. Below in The Gifts We Craft, from the Daily Om out of Ashland, Oregon are some wonderful ideas.


I have decided this year to give a gift basket of Earth Song Ranch products to one lucky person over this holiday season, the basket totals over $150 dollars, with shipping, it includes:


1# EquineZyme, an 8 oz Herbal Wormer, a Honey Almond Avocado Soap, a bottle of Cold Pressed Garlic Avocado Oil, a 1# package of Organic Kelp, a 4 oz Zephyr's Garden Stop the Itch Salve, a bag of Organic Dog Treats, a brush and a toy horse tied on the handle that sits nicely on your computer monitor. 



So since this only has a two week time frame, the fairest way I thought to do this, as well as include the most amount of people is to draw a name on New Years Eve, so this is how we will do it:


I will /have enter all the names of customer who have purchased products between November 1st and December 31st, or have liked us on Face Book  during this same time or signed up for the newsletter between November 1st to December 31st  - so you still have time to get your name in the drawing if you:


Make/or have made a purchase thru December 31st


Likes us on the Earth Song Ranch Face Book Page (click this link)


or if you haven't already and only get this news letter through LinkedIn or Face Book sign up for the Earth Song Ranch Newsletter (click this link) to have your name enetered in the drawing.


Right now there are over 450 names in my bucket so your chances of winning are pretty good, a lot better then the lottery that is for sure!


I will draw the name on New Years Eve!  And will announce the winner on FB and in my New Years Newsletter, as well as email the news to the winner too!


We are also going to be doing a contest in January "What's In the Bucket"  - there are 7 items from the web site, in the bucket, and we will be posting specific clues to the Face Book page, giving some in the January / New Years Newsletter, the dark green bucket is included and so is shipping the retail value of the items in the bucket is $100,  plus the shipping! 








We have finally passed December 12, 2012 and are barreling, head on, towards  towards the Winter Solstice on December 21st, and the last day on the Mayan calender !   Oh my!  Then on to Christmas and all that means to all of us in so many ways with the beginning of a New Year of 2013!


The "date"  for the Mayan calendar ending has loomed before us for a very long time, tales have been told about the world ending, ascention happening for only "the" choosen few (bull pucky to this notion), aliens invading, and on and on. 


The Winter Solstice is  Friday, December 21 and is the shortest day of the year.   For all of us winter usually means Christmas carols and cozy sweaters, warm winter coats, a fire in the fireplace --but I have to tell ya,  and for anyone with horses, you've gotta admit that the getting-dark-at-4:30-in-the-afternoon thing is kind of a bummer especially when you have chores to do and not much daylight in the afternoon to do them in.


 Happy Winter Solistice --- Namaste --- here is to more daylight coming!


Now that this remarkable time on planet earth has arrived minds will begin to spin with anticipation about what this all is going to feel like on the 21st, almost like Y2K that never happened or like the revelers in Times Square on New Year's Eve.  Everyone is talking about it, they are there waiting and watching as the ball drops,  with an anticipation, a not knowing, and yet a knowing.  Everyone I talk to is focused on 'the date'  like they were on Y2K wherein nothing happened, at all, and with many so very disappointed, so what do you think we will all experience in our own way on this day/date?


Some have said that the Mayan calendar "ending" meant the end of the world, but in fact many of the Mayan Scholars have said it is because the world will begin to be different, it will be a new beginning, it would be an opportunity for a new beginning for which we get to play a part, and for which we would all be partaking; we would be writing the new calendar of peace, harmony and loving one another in a new way opening our hearts to the energy that has come in on 12/12 and on a portal opening on 12/21/12. 


This is not the end of the world in the way some of the nay sayers have predicted, but may in fact be an end of the world in the way in which we have known it, with the takers (huge corporations and the wealthy paying little  or no taxes, and sending jobs off shore,  those gettng unwarranted subsidies, wealthy farmers getting more subsidies on top of successful crops and using Monsanto products to poison the planet, et al)  all begin to pay their fair share; maybe this will be the beginning of taking care of our own in this country first, creating good paying jobs, improving education, taking care of the seniors, and having health care, and so much more.   More improtantly the end of needless wars that have created the defecit that we all now face in this country, the end of greed on Wall Street, and the beginning of our economic recovery in this country and for all families to have a better life. 













The events that have just occurred in that small town in Conn. may now be the tipping point where we can  come together as a nation, to find a way to end violence and these tragedies, end gang violence, end violence period and this horrible blood shed of innocent children.  This tragically happened to 20 small children in one place one one day in one community caused by one person. 


Thirty four (34) people per day are gunned down daily, and 18 of those are youth.  It is time for some form of gun control that wepons that can fire from magazines carrying many rounds be banned, that military style wepons not be allowed except in the military, and that there are strict guidelines and waiting periods for people who want to purchase any weapon for any reason. 


I come from a hunting family, and believe in our rights to bare arms, however, I do not belive that we as a nation can go on like this with families torn apart forever from this incident.  I believe that it is time the NRA stop having the control over our law makers and come to agreement as to what can be done to stop this horrendous violence especially against our children.


The following is a quote from the priest in that tiny town in Conn.  “Many of the families I spoke to yesterday said you know, this world has become so violent at least they know their child is safe, (and) they know where they are,’’ Weiss said. “That’s a terrible thought for any parent raising a child today to think that they might have to grow up in a world like this. If we work together, good things can happen.’’ 


Let's all make good things begin to happen in our communities, think globally but act locally!







The Gifts We Craft....


The gifts we craft with our own hands are often the most significant because the love that drove us to create it is infused in the products of our creation. And the recipients of these homemade offerings receive a token of our willingness to invest ourselves in their joy. Allow these ideas to inspire you:

1. When you craft a beautifully decorated prayer box (or jar) for loved ones, you give them the gift of spiritual awareness. As you share this gift, explain that it should serve as a receptacle for their hopes, dreams, and loves—as well as worries—and thus a reminder of who they were, are, and will someday be.

2. If you love journaling, share your writing joy with family and friends by giving each a unique, handmade personal journal. A simple spiral notebook dressed up with paper, fabric, photographs, or other embellishments will give your loved ones a special place to record their private thoughts.

3. Erase the distance between yourself and your far away loved ones by presenting each with a photo journal documenting how your life has changed in the past year. Or introduce them to your locale with a homemade guidebook that highlights everything you love about your town or city.

4. When you sew medicine bags for the people you care about, you can rest assured your gift will always be close to their hearts. A small pouch can be filled with many meditative or symbolic items, such as quartz crystals, sage, or magical objects.

5. A progressive photo album, wherein pictures tell the story of your relationships from the past up to the present, can be a simple yet poignant reminder of the many wonderful experiences you and your loved ones have shared over the years.

6. Give the gift of serenity with a guided meditation you create and record to CD or tape. Your loved ones will take pleasure in being led through tranquil landscapes by the soothing sound of your voice.

7. Hand-crafted ornaments that can be hung on trees, in windows, and on walls afford you an opportunity to surround the important people in your life with beauty. Whether you prefer to work with clay, crystals, fabric, baked dough, or natural objects, your gift can serve as a calming focal point in your loved ones’ homes.

Whether you choose to give a gift or simply share your friendship and love, remember that it is the intention behind the thought that is most important.  From the Daily OM





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Gift Ideas - I have enabled links to their sites by clicking on the name


Hay Pillows  - -- These are amazing slow feeders that are made in the USA of fabrics and fittings all made in the USA as well - they now carry "Mini Hay Pillows" for those of you who have mini's and mini donkeys! 


Lydia Hiby - Buy your friends, relatives, and your own pets a reading with Lydia Hiby for the Holidays --- she offers gift certificates and I have known and used Lydia for years for all of my animals and some of my friends animals as well! 


Equine Hydro-T   We have one in our barn and is a wonderful gift to give to any hard working horse and to your friends with hard working horses! go to


Whinny Warmers  -- We have the Winter and Summer Whinny's for all of my horses, and for those of you who live in cold climates which older horses or horses who have metabolic issues or are laminitic prone these really help - Earth Song Ranch is offereing 10% off Whinny Warmers through the end of the month - Use coupon Code WW on Check out for your discount!  They also carry them for Mini's as well! 


Proud Spirit --- A Proud Spirit Book  is a great gift to give for the holidays and there are three of them you can find on Amazon or please consider them for your holiday charity giving and share with others. This is one of the oldest rescues in the country, and they do such a good job with all the animals, horses, cats and dogs that have come to them!










Most of all this holiday season be in gratitude - hug your loved ones close and hold the town of Newtown, Conn in your prayers.






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