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Mid June News Letter






I thought that May went by fast, but I have to tell you June is wizzing by..... so much going on and moving forward in all of our lives - we have the New Moon on the 19th then we have the Summer Solstice with all of the energy that has been going on in the world with all of the planetary line ups of late.  Have you been feeling exhausted?  Headaches? I have been told it is due to all the different line ups and the Venus transit that occurred about ten days ago! 


I wanted to tell all of you about some of the people that have helped Earth Song Ranch and the animals as well as me ---


I have worked with Orange Couch Design Group for several years, probably 8 or 9 - they are the great graphics people and if you ever need that kind of work I would encourgae you to call them!  You don't have to live in the neighborhood to use them, they help several of my friends all over the country with their graphic needs!  Ruben takes your concepts and puts them to design!  They also design web pages if you are looking to have your own web site.  Orange Couch Design Group


Dr Denice Moffat - Natural Health Techniques   Dr Moffat is a naturpath, a veterinarian and a medical intuitive.  If you have been wanting to do some alternative health and don't know where to start or who to call I would recommend Dr Moffat, she is gifted, helps you to blanace your diet, and also you supplements if you are taking any, and can help with your fur family members as well.  I have been using her for a few years for myself, my fur family, and some of my friends and family memebers also use her with great results!  She has a monthly news letter, and she wrote about Destinee is her last news letter about hoof challenged horses!  Check out her site and her biography!


AISO.net  AISO has been my hosting company for years, they run all of their equipment on solar power and are a totally green company.  They are easy to work with, they are customer friendly, and responsive!  If you are thinking of changing hosting companies I would so recommend them to you!


Fruits of the month  ----


This months my horsey girls have been enjoying raspberries, black berries, blue berries, and Strawberries along with some red grapes as a Sunday afternoon treat ---  below are the grams in sugar for you to give you a better comfort zone for feeding some to your horses!


Raspberries 1 cup 5 grams of sugar


Blue Berries 1 cup 15 grams of sugar


Red Grapes 10 grapes 8 grams of sugar


Strawberries 3 medium 3 grams of sugar




It's Father's Day this weekend, and my Dad crossed over 20 years ago, but not a day goes by that at some point he is in my thoughts and in my heart and I thank him for all he gave, and all he shared!


Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there, the ones who pay for all the horses, the lessons, and everything that goes with it!



Happy Father's Day Dad, I miss you each and every day you have been gone, you are in my heart always and in all ways!






Frozen Fruit Ice Pops You Make


16 ounces Cold Water

1 ounce Orange Blossom Water  (find on Amazon.com)

1 teaspoon Lemon Juice

Honey or your favorite natural sweetener to taste

Stir well all ingredients in a bowl.

Place cut up slices of fruit into your molds then pour mixture into the molds. Freeze.

You can sometimes find the molds at WalMart, or maybe on Amazon too!


Specials For June!



Other specials this month:


For the last half of June take 5% off your total order by using coupon code J5


MareZyme  10% off for all those moody mares out there!  use coupon code MZ10



Herbal Wormer - Be sure to keep up your parasite prevention program during the summer months!  Herbal Wormer 10% off for the month of June!  Use coupon code HW10.



Sharing our Newsletters


In all my efforts to make the newsletter interesting, from my heart, full of interesting topics and forward-worthy - I would love it if you would forward to your friends and your FB page, don't know if you have liked Earth Song Ranch on FB, or if you have signed up from there for the news letter, but when I post to ESR Fan Page there is a "share" button too -  it is really easy!


I thank you in advance for helping us continue to grow so we can help more people with their animals, share more of the wonderful natural products we manufacturer, sell, and use daily, so that other people can live a more natural life.


We also share our network of holistic and homeopathic vets, naturpaths, equine nutritionists, our great products, and many more people who we support and believe in as well as use!



The 7 Myths of Equine Nutrition - Continued ......Myth # 4


Corn Oil is a good source of fat for your horse-False -


Corn oil promotes chronic inflammation. Consists mostly of Omega 6 fatty acids which are primarily pro-inflammatory. Omega 3's are more anti-inflammatory, which corn oil has little of. Inflammation lends to degenerative health conditions.


If you want to add fats to your horses diet then the best way to do that is by feeding flax, whole unprocessed oats, barley,  rice brans, and all from natural sources not from GMO modified corn!






Natural Health Techniques


 Dr Moffat is  a naturopath, veterinarian, and medical intuitive with over 17 years of practice in alternative medicine. She work on the “family unit,” including both humans and animals, through phone consultations only. To read more about Dr. Denice Moffat, go to her content rich site and read her biography.



Natural Health Techniques News  is her monthly news letter and she wrote a piece on Destinee in her last news letter!  She talks about hoof challenges in horses and Destinee has been getting much better, her feet stronger and she is so much more healthy with Dr Moffats help with her nutrition!  Destinee challenges everyone in their ways of treating and she is a challenge and a gift!














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