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Earth Song Ranch                                                                                                              11/17/2012 

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Thanks Giving Thoughts 

What do the Holidays Mean

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Time to Give Back


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Time to Give Back  


In Gratitude..


At this time of year it is time to give back in so many ways and in ways that you can, you can make donations to your favorite charity be it for human or animal; donate your time to a horse rescue go clean stalls or groom a horse; donate time to an animal shelter brush a dog, or cat, or help in any way they need it.  Many of the "soup kitchens" can use your help this time of year serving the poor and the homeless.   It will lift your spirits and make you feel good too that you were able to help!


Buy your gifts locally for holiday giving, go to the local craft fairs, give gift certificates to the local vendors for their services, ie the beauty saloon for a manicure or pedicure, the local dog groomer or local market or speciality store for special treats. 


Buy a gift certificate from the local feed store to give to your favoirte local rescue or animal shelter, be creative!


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Tucker waiting for Turkey!











Thanks-Giving Thoughts


"The power of giving thanks issues forth from your awareness that you are not separate from what is constantly issuing forth from the Universe. Your spirit receives and issues forth wisdom, joy, love, harmony, abundance....Everything there is in the Universe! There is vital life energy within the power of giving thanks." Gregge Tiffen



What do the Holiday's Mean


Thanksgiving is a day set aside to give thanks or to be in gratitude, to acknowledge all that we have to be thankful for, for the gifts and the blessings we have received this year. 


As a child it was the excitement of family coming together and seeing cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents and special family friends.  It was a time of feeling loved, protected and nurtured within the family fold if you will.  We happened to have family that all lived fairly close to one another, and it was the adults talking politics, the laughter, the sharing of family stories, the smell of turkey cooking, and wonderful family favorites to eat!


As I grew up, grew older and was married, raising my kids I realized the traditions carried on, even if the loved ones who started them were no longer on the planet, they were still with us in spirit with the traditions and the food that we prepared from their recipes.


As my kids grew up it was also family traditions carried forward, and as they married, and my son moved to Wisconsin with his family, Thanksgivings changed.  My kids had inlaws to also be with, and share time as well as new family traditions with, so we can't so readily get together but we do have our family phone calls on that day.  The holidays also changed when great grandparents and grandparents passed away, and the family dynamics all changed. 


Thanksgiving has always been a time to look at our blessings, give thanks, as well as have gratitude for all that we are blessed with, including family, friends near and far, health, jobs, for our homes, our fur family members, and for life itself.


My daughter and I used to go to the beach on Thanskgiving morning while dinner was cooking in the oven, the beach where my parents ashes we scattered on two different Thanksgiving mornings years ago, now we visit that same beach during the year instead and honor my parents in different ways, and miss them most during this time of year!


No matter your situation you have many things to be thankful for, and many blessing to have gratitude about which came to you this year, big and small, list them, give thanks for them, and be in gratitude for work or a job if you have them, for your true friends, and for your family no matter where they are on the planet they do love you!


I feel so blessed and in so much gratitude as we come in to this Thanks-Giving, with a new home that I am still moving in to, a growing and thriving business, for all the new customers who found Earth Song Ranch this year; for my three wonderful horsey girls, my dogs and cats, and for all of you over the year who reached out and whose animals have benefitted from the products we offer, and the support that we/ I give.


Thank you, richest blessing to you all during this holiday season, and for the New Year to come!







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