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 I loved the above so had to put it in the news letter -- I would rather be in the barn this time of year then most any place else I can think of -  I love hanging out with the girls at dusk as the sun begins to set, the light is refracted in different ways in the leaves of the trees, in the color of the sky, and also against the west facing windows of the house.  There is a different smell to the air as the day cools, and the birds go to bed for the night, I find myself leaning on the fence as I fill water troughs, and breathing it all in as the day winds down.


It's Father's Day Weekend, and I hope you all appreciate your Dad's, your Grandpa's, your Son's and the other male relatives in your family.   I so miss my Dad and think of him in some context almost every day, I miss my Grandpa MacLachlan and his little funny Scottish ways -- I don't have anyone out here to celebrate Father's Day with, my son is in Wisconsin and am sure he will have his son for the day, maybe they will go golfing, and have a bar b que.  When I was growing up we had my dad, uncles, grandfather's and cousins to share the day with and it also was when school was let out for the summer as well!


In another week we will be at the Summer Solstice, which is the longest day of the year, and then we will begin the march towards fall when again day and night will be of equal length!  Soon first cutting hay will be coming down to us from Northern California and Oregon, and it will start to get hotter up here in the high desert.  For now we are in the low to mid 80's, low humidity, and going down in the the 30's at night still, great sleeping weather, with windows open at night, a new front screen door being installed this week, and more fresh air to be let in!


Don't know about all of you, but we had a "fly hatch out" in the barn the first week of high heat, which was about three weeks ago, we spiked into the high 90's and low 100's for a copuple days, and I jumped right on it with fly bags, predators, and with the star bar traps for the stable flies in the barn, in a weeks time I could see the difference; now three weeks out my second double batch of predators will be arriving this week, as I spaced them two weeks a part, the original "fly bags" are full and going to the dump this weekend, and the fly population has noticeably diminished, so will put out fresh fly bags, and see how we progress.


As you all know I sell other people's products that I belive in and have now partnered up with Spaulding Labs which we hope to add to the website this coming week, and you can click on their link and go directly to their site for fly predators and other fly products to help your horses stay more comfortable for the summer months!  They also have a white star bar trap that is hung a belly level that catches the No-See-Ums!!!!!!


I was able to obtain the No-See-Um Nosode from England, via a friend I made when I took the equine nutrition class and if any of you are interested in this nosode to help your horses and the allergic reactions from the bite of this knat it should also be up on the website this coming week --- it will help to treat the "Sweet Itch"  - but if your horse is already itchy you also need No Fly Zone and Stop the Itch Salve to get a jump on it for your horses.  I know because where we were living with it for the past three years,  Cheyanne was miserable, and belly scrubbing, itched her tail head off and her mane thin!  Being up here in the high desert we do not have the No-See-Ums per sey so she is much more comfortable, but still getting the nosode!



The Cottage is almost complete with a little more shelving going up this weekend, hopefully, some little country lace curtains that I am wanting to hang in the windows, and a couple more homey touches.  All of the herbal blends are now being blended in the Cottage and packaged there by me as well.  We have the new heat sealer, and we have a new supplier for the bags, will be getting some new and colorful scoops soon tool.  Things are really shaping up, and I am getting in more inventory that I can store in the Cottage as well for faster shipping to all of you! 


The horses are so much happier here, they have so much more room to roam around and move all day, they have a large cotton wood tree that gives them shade during the day in the big dry lot, and they can also run in and out of their stalls.  One shelter should be going up this week, another by the end of the month hopefully, and yet another will have to be purchased to give them the option of shade.  They are sleeping outside at night now and loving the soft sand in a couple spots to sleep in and to roll in during the day.  On occasion Echo takes an afternoon Siesta in the sun with Cheyanne standing guard over her. 


I so love the 3 Hay Pillows I fill with hay in the moring and toss out in to their dry lots (we have three dry lots) so they have hay to nibble on all day, and they can toss them around, play with them, stand on them,  and have hay that is clean and not be eating dirt along with the hay! 


At night I fill the 3 hanging Hay Pillows to put in their stalls to give them an option, I usually put their orchard grass in those, and in their ground feeders they are free fed bermuda, and they get a small piece of alfalfa on top, it is dessert and they always eat that first!


Destinee Rose is up and about and in and out all day long, she is really happy, conent and at peace, she has really progressed in so many ways from the move up here, as she does so much better in the dry heat, she is also sleeping outside at night, and has a box fan in her stall by day which she goes in to in the afternoon and lays in her shaving in front of!  Not spoiled at all, her last trim showed continued progress towards a more normal hoof!


The dogs are delighted with chasing the bunnies, and Tucker brings the horses in at night and also keeps watch over Destinee when she is napping in the sun, he has decided that is his horse, and he takes care of her!


The Kitty Kids have their outside "cube" as we call it with their hammock, and they can play, jump about and hunt the squirrels that come up on the deck!





I feel very very blessed to have this wonderful ranch to enjoy, a deck with a view to sit on,  to enjoy my horses and to be able to do all the things that I love to do.  I love watering all the trees and berry bushes and other plants in the morning by hand, filling up the bird bath and also the humming bird feeders, along with the bird feeders, it is my most favorite way to begin the day!


My Savvy Pedestal is almost done, just have to apply the non-slip deck coating to the top and we are ready to go, hopefully I can do that this weekend, and let it have time to dry for a couple of coats, for a couple of days.  Next will be the balance beam, then the teeter totter! 





Photo: Another view



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