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Follow Your Heart

All of us have followed our hearts desires when we have become one with our horses, and many followed their hearts desires when they found the perfect horse to bring in to their lives, some the first horse of your life only came as you have reaced middle age and your kids had grown but you had kept that heart desire and fullfilled your dream. 


The loves of my life Echo, Destinee Rose and Cheyanne Rose have taught me so much on this journey and living my passion.  It has not been easy some times, and health challenges have been there to break my heart and to quash some dreams along this road, but we are still on the road!


What a great road this journey has been as it evolved from a natural way of feeding, to bare foot trims, to a more natural life style of huge turn outs, moving all day long, Nibble Nets and Hay Pillows and being a student of Parelli and connecting with each of my horses and their personalities.


As I have shared on FB I am taking a certificate course in Equine Nutrition to learn more, to advance in my knowledge and to be able to share more with all of you on this journey.  We are in week one, and it is about the anatomy of the equine digestive tract which is right up my alley!   I have not felt this excited about a class in a long while,  I can see clearly how this will lead me further in to this journey of Natural Equine Nutrition and understanding.



A more natural life style -

Many of you have come to the Earth Song Ranch website, finding us on the web as you began your journey to a more natural way of feeding your horses, transitioning from concentrated bag feeds to hay pellets, flax, and whole oats, a more natural style of feeding.  Finding the benefits of probiotics and herbs for your horses, and adding nutrients missing from our hays once you learned of testing and blancing.  Barefoot is becoming more of the "norm" then the shoes are, rice bran, flax meal, kelp and other natural additives are filling feed buckets instead of sugar filled concentrates, and horses are staying healtier longer because of it!   Over vaccination and chemical worming is being looked at as not the way to have your horses live!  So, we are all on the cutting edge of this - congratulations!


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It's not what you do so much that matters,


But how much love you put into it." –

Mother Teresa

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Love is always bestowed as a gift - freely, willingly and without expectation. We don't love to be loved; we love to love.  Leo Buscaglia


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May your days be anchored in love, and your mind fixed on the blessings bestowed by an abundant universe.



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Love is the best medicine, and there is more than enough to go around once you open your heart.
~ Julie Marie







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Have a wonderful Valentines Day everyone filled with endless love xoxoox



















Did you know that Earth Song Ranch offers a line of horse teas?  All individually packaged to have on hand, take to shows, or just because. 


Peppermint, Peppermint & Parsley for tummy troubles; also have Yarrow for all over body inflammation, Chamomile to calm the nerves, and Chaste Tree Berry Tea for horses who have pre-cushings or have Cushings.  


The Chaste Tree Berry Tea can take the place of Evitex at 1/3rd the cost and you make it fresh, by the quart, so it is more potent, but is fed at the same rate as Evitex a couple tablespoons full per day!





WINTER SKIN FUNK - It's lurking under the belly, on the legs, by the bridle path, or deep into the roots of the tail, nothing is worse then this and can spread at the blink of an eye. Don't ignore it until your horse sheds his/her coat, treat it now with Zephyr's Garden spray and healing salve click on these links to learn more Anti-Fungal Spray and Anti Fungal Healing Salve --- both sold on the Earth Song Ranch Web site!


THRUSH - This is the time of year when many cases of Thrush seem to appear, and Earth Song Ranch carries two great products to treat and or prevent Thrush!


NT NO Thrush - This is the only dry Thrush product on the market and I love this stuff, it has helped Cheyanne when I have used it on her hoof abscess too and healed them quickly once they open ip!  NT for No Thrush click here to go to it directly


Zephyr's Garden - Thrush? Seedy Toe? White Line Disease? This spray is your herbal solution to defeating bacterial and fungal hoof infections. For years Destinee battled hoof issues and, despite an improved diet and as-dry-as-we-could conditions, she still had hoof issues.  This is the product that helped her the most over this past year, I can't say enough about this natural product and how good it is!  Thrush and Hoof Fungus Spray  click here to go to it directly!







Valentine Gift Idea for a Friend:



These handmade bars of soap are made from the finest 100% Cold pressed, unrefined Bella Vado Avocado Oil from California. The soap is wonderful, rich and makes your skin feel so good when you bath with them or use them to wash your hands after being at the barn, they replenish the oils in your skin, and make your hands feel soft, we have them in a variety of scents, including unscented, lavender, jasmine, honey almond and my favorite Three Wise Men -  click on this link to go straight to the soaps Body Soap




Our Specials for the First Half of the Month of Love


Love your Mare -   It is that time of year when our mares will begin cycling, and I have already started Cheyanne on MareZyme, it helps her to not be so moody and help her stay focused and calm so we are offering MareZyme at 15% off through February 14th!  Use coupon code Mare (click the link above to go directly to Mare Zyme)


Love Your Dogs and Cats -  Our puppy pals and kitty kids benefit from probiotics and digestive enzymes just like our horses do, KittyZyme helps to prevent hair balls in cats as we are coming in to shedding season and K-9Zyme helps your dogs to have shiny coats and digest their foods so you can also help prevent gas!  Take 15% off your order on either or both by using coupon code DC15.  Kitty and K-9 Zyme also come in 8oz packets for households with one pet and is a great value!



K-9 Zyme and the dogs digestive tract:



Did you know that dogs also can benefit from probitotics and digestive enzymes like our horses do?  What I have found over the years is that it can help them to prevent many of the old age issues including helping to prevent some arthritis, kidney and liver problems as it helps them to digest their food and helps them process it more readily.  K-9 Zyme also contains colostrum, beta glucan and kelp, the first two are anti cancer and immune building and we have added kelp to help prevent cushings in dogs (and yes dogs are now getting cushings) - K-9Zyme has a blend of probiotics and digestive enzymes and is an excellent topper to any food from raw to kibble!


Love Your Hard Working Horse - Herbal Hoof and Joint - Herbal Hoof and Joint was formulated especially for horses with issues in their joints and feet. It has Glucosamine Sulfate, Choindrointin Sulfate, Vitamin C , and Manganese all of which are the building blocks of joint health, along with naturally occurring biotin for improved hoof circulation, growth and health.


Herbal Hoof & Joint also contains beneficial herbs for overall health and well being including Dandelion, Kelp, Parsley, Nettles and Red Clover, and is a great supplement for your older horses as well! I


t also contains a blend of naturally occurring anti-inflammatory herbs including White Willow Bark, Yucca, Comfrey, Devil's Claw, and Meadow Sweet for horses with tender feet, these herbs also have other benefits as well for the overall health and well being of the horse.


This is all in a base of Equine Zyme! 


Love your hare working horse today --- take 20% off for Valentines day by using coupon code HHJ20 




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    `•.Έ°♡ Black heart (cards)Love, Jessica and the Earth Song Ranch Gang!