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We All Made It! Phew.......


These past couple weeks have been pretty rugged to say the least in regards to weather in Southern California - we had some pretty cold, single digit nights,  temperatures in the teens and low twenty with wind chill during the days; frozen water troughs with ice 2" or more thick, double blankets on horses at night, single blankets by day.  Not our normal at all!


The cost of extra hay and hay pellets for warmed bucket feed, lots of kettles of boiling water to add to troughs to bring the temperatures up to encourage the girls to drink more, peppermint tea, peppermint oil, handfulls of Winter Stable Blend in each bucket and more then a half cord of wood to heat the house.   Wow is all I can say, and it is heading to the east now, I can see it on the weather maps! 


Then when that all passed and we thought we would be back to our normal nice 50 to 60 degree winter days we had a couple days of very high winds, with gusts to 60-65 mph - and none of this is in my book of "fun things to do"!


Anyway, we all made it through all of the holidays, the flu season is almost over, and for the most part we are all getting back to being focused or refocused on work or getting back to work.


With all the hype of 12.12.12, 12.21.12 and the Mayan calendar ending, some people didn't know what to believe any more, then we had the "Fiscal Cliff" non-sense, and next the Debt Ceiling.  You know, the people who are elected to govern us need to listen to all we are saying, and the US needs to pay its debts that Congress approved, and it just continues to go in circles. Everyone is distracted by all the bickering, no one is listening to "US" the voters and what we want, the elected officials have some agenda and people they are beholding to and continue the fight!


For those in Newtown, CN whose lives will never be the same, and for the parents I have seen on TV whose grief is something I can feel when they talk, let us not have their town remembered for the tragedy, but for the changes that those little souls who lost their lives will bring to our world in the way of legislation to take better care of our children, keep them safe, change the laws about who can buy weapons, they kinds, have background checks and to ban assault rifles and magazines like happened in the Clinton era. 


No one needs an assault weapon in this country.  No one uses them deer hunting, No one needs magazines with so many rounds you can kill 100 people at a time. 


It is time for us all to find peace, hold those families in our prayers while we take action with the law makers and tell them what we think.  I have members of my family in the NRA, I have family members who are hunters they are not the problems, and maybe at one time the NRA was for good reasons and did good work, but these days they are fear mongers and they are the lobbists for the gun manufacturers who have profits to make, they don't care about loss of life or those children it is apparent.


God Bless those children, and may their short lives have counted for something big in our world!



God bless the parents, who lost their hopes, wishes and dreams when they lost those prescious souls to the hands of a mentally ill individual.  May they heal and always remember how precious their child was!



Healthy and Nutritious Horse Cookies


One of the things I have wanted to do for a long while is to do a line of horse cookies, and in that line of cookie there would be ingredients that support and nourish.  There will also be horse cookies that are low starch and sugar and organic and this is my promise to you, this year is the year we will be doing that! 


The people who make the organic dog treats I sell have moved to a new and bigger location/kitchen, they are totally green and organic, they now can do it and we will be working together to make some awsome treats for horses - one of the recipes has raisins, cranberries, dates, sliced almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, chopped walnuts, flax and chia in them, they are not low in sugar but they are high in nutrition and we have some other great ideas too! 


So be looking for them in the coming months, I am going to be making up a batch of the above for my horses to try and do a taste test in the next week or so as time allows! 




Earth Song Ranch Products and What Makes Earth Song Ranch Different from the Rest!


During any one month I get numerous calls and emails about  horses with special needs, some of their owner's requesting custom products.  Most of these are people new to Earth Song Ranch. This month has been no exception, in fact there are more then the usual number of calls and emails already.  


I appreciate that owner's of special needs horses, would love to help them, and Earth Song Ranch products have helped many with the blends we have developed,  mostly to fill a need for a horse of a friend and family member. Those blends took hours, weeks and months of research, lots of expense for ingredients, trial and error to come up with them.  Those blends include CushingsZyme, MareZyme, TummyZyme and SeniorZyme, as well as the Herbal Wormer.  It has been a labor of love for the most part and my passion. Even if I wanted to help each and every horse that came along I can't, it just is not possible.


The Earth Song Ranch Herbal Wormer is one of those products that took a lot of time, money, and also research and working with a holistic vet to get it right so that all of you who use it for your horses see the results. It is very costly to manufacturer and believe me is one that to blend is not the favorite of the warehouse because of the cayanne makes everyone sneeze, they have to wear masks when blendng and packaging, and I pay extra for that one blend to be packaged due to no one likes to do it, but we do it for the love of what we do and for the horses who need it!


How we are different is that you get a real person with knowledge to share, which is of value, you get decades of horse nutriton experience in what we do in our products, most of which we have tested on our own horses or friends horses, or dogs and cats.  I do take your phone calls, or call back and when I do, we talk about your personal horse and what the needs may be and how we can help. 


So getting back to my main point, what I find from many of these new people, who have the challenged horses, is that they want a "custom blend", leaving out one herb or another, or adding one herb or another, and only maybe one pound of whatever that is, want that blend at the regular one pound price!   Or I get calls from people who want our nosodes in a higher potency, but they do not want to pay for the labor to make them custom for them!


To be absolutely honest with all of you, I wish I could afford to spend the amount of time it takes, as well as the cost to blend, or the separate ingredients and labor to make one pound of product for just one horse for one owner, who has never been a customer, when several hundreds of owner's, who use the products that we blend, have had great results with the specially formulated herbs we selected, for the most common health challenges many owner's face with their horses.


I have often wondered would these same people who contact me, wanting just one pound of a special blend, call the president of Purina or Nutrena and ask that for one 50# bag of feed they not put in one ingredient when they are manufacturing a ton of it? I think not.....


Earth Song Ranch is not just some big "faceless" company who is totally out only for profit in the market place,  we do have to make a living, we have huge business expenses just to run the business; I have a ranch to run, horses to feed & trim, whom I take care of myself including feeding, mucking, blanketing, tending to my challenged ones, et al, cats and dogs; along with daily orders to ship, and also run a small growing business besides.  


And.... I too have a health challenged horse, Destinee Rose has been my greatest teacher in not only barefoot, but in nutrition and balancing hay and supplements including seeds, nuts and fruits, her needs are special ones and her challenges are genetic for the most part and a balancing act daily. 


I also have her mother, Hywynd Echo, who foundered due to oak/acorn poisoning late last spring, we have been detoxing her liver and kidneys, and she is booted still to go in to turn out, she  is going to be ok and is ok, and is being treated with homeopathy and nutrition to regain her health along with bare foot trims and several pairs of boots. 


I also have Cheyanne Rose, my young left brained extrovert,  who has been my greatest teacher in our learning journey and being students of Parelli


So when I say I understand when people are searching for answers, searching for products that may help their health challenged ones, I too have done the same from time to time, but would not ask anyone to change a formula or a product just for one horse. 


If I can help an owner with a special needs horse I do, I take many a phone calls each day, and some I will refer to a holisitc vet or nutritionist, or barefoot trimmer, if it is somethings beyond my capacity or comfort zone; I will not sell you a product just to sell you a product,  and I will make recommendation from time to time for other company's products when appropriate, and I do not make any money off of those products or the referrals. 


I have links on my website to people who are a resource and maybe can help in your area for barefoot trims, I list contact information for  holistic vets, homeopaths, nutritionists, animal communicators, kind of like "Angie's List" I know these companies/people as well as have used their products and the list goes on.


I walk my talk, and always have, I am passionate about natural horse care, bare foot trimming, and nutrition, as well as supplements and immune health for your animals, all of them! 


No "bull-pucky" is spoken here!  I have compassion for those seeking help for their horses, and I wish that I could help everyone, but that is just not possible!


This is personal to me, these products are personal to me,  I have cried with many an owner on the phone when they share their joy of seeing their animals start to regain their health,  I have cried with many an owner when the day comes to release their horse, dog or cat from a body that no longer serves them, 

or from old age from a life well lived and I know that we do it all for love!


I am deeply, and heart-fully grateful for all of you!  I am grateful for all the referrals you all send during the year, and I am glad we are all on this journey together!  I enjoy the phone conversations with all of you when you call and had three of those yesterday, and I help others who are referred to me by other businesses or barefoot trimmers who need some help with a clients horse, gladly!


And all of the above is what makes Earth Song Ranch different from the rest!






Winter Colics --


As I wrote in the Natural Horse Magazine Newsletter I have received so many calls about colics this winter due to the weather and some not knowing that there are things you can do to help prevent some of this and are easy!  Make a quart of peppermint tea to pour over bucket feed and serve warm, add some salt to the bucket feed to encourage your horse to drink, give them extra hay to keep them warm and their guts moving along, and have a bottle of peppermint essential oil with you at all times to put on their gums or apply to the belly button if you suspect gas colic!









Specials till the end of the Month!  13% off the following:


Cushing Zyme  - The herbs selected for this blend are ones that can help to regulate and balance hormonal cycles, promote blood sugar metabolism and support the liver and pancreatic health, all the while strengthening the immune system. We also used herbs that are effective in treating non-cancerous growths and cysts and some that have anti-tumor activity and compounds. If you go to our "Articles Web Page" you can scroll down to the article to read more about Cushing's Disease and how to naturally treat it or in some cases prevent it. The following herbs are blended in to a base of Equine-Zyme for maximum absorption: Chaste Tree Berry, ginko, kelp, green stevia, eluthuro, milk thistle, parsley, and marshmellowUse coupon code 20132


SeniorZyme - Contains all the benefits of Equine-Zyme along with a blend of herbs to support and nourish the kidneys and liver; some herbs also contain naturally occurring anti-inflammatory herbal compounds to help relieve the discomfort of arthritic and rheumatic achiness that comes with age. Improves feed efficiency and absorption to maintain weight. Contains: Chamomile, rose hips, red clover, psyllium, vitex, parsley, peppermint, spearmint, green stevia, garlic, dandelion leaf, kelp, yarrow, comfrey, meadow sweet, devils claw, and white willow bark.  This is one of our most popular blends and we sell a lot of it in the winter months especially!  Use coupon code 20133




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