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This morning as I woke up there was a hint of fall in the air, a  little bit of a nip, a different smell in the air, I also noticed that the sun is coming up a bit later each morning, and that the late afternoon shadows are becoming different, as the sun begins setting earlier each afternoon and starting its journey south again as we head to the fall in the next month!


Oh how I cannot believe that it could at all be possible that it is August,  right now!!!  That we are getting closer to daylight savings time ending....


Where are the days going and where did they all go???  My friend Kate and I were remarking about that just the other day, we have been so busy all summer, us both with our small businesses, at both ranches lots of little projects, and all of the extra work getting ready for fall with the potential of rain,  time for digging ditches and tractor work, for year end weeding and working with the horses, it seemed like it was just May yesterday!












I don't know about you, but the heat of late July and early August has brought in the ants all over the house from the bathrooms to the kitchen, also around the barn ~ below is a great natural solution ---  I have used it and we are pretty much ant free right about now, I don't have to worry about the dogs eating poison or the other critters that live on the ranch!


Get Rid of Ants Solution


This is a recipe for getting rid of those pesky ants that come every spring and summer. Mix up the solution, pack cotton balls in a jar cover, put the solution on and they will be gone.




1 cup sugar

3 tablespoons boric acid [purchase here:]

3 cups warm water




1. Mix the sugar and boric acid well.

2. Add the warm water slowly, mixing all the while so it won't be too lumpy.

3. Store in a jar until ready to use.

4. When ready to use, put cotton into the top of a jar lid to fill it and then saturate the cotton to the top.

5. Place it in the location where it is needed.


6. Note: This solution will keep for a long while.


A good technique is to drip a drop or two over the edge of the lid to rest on the counter so the ants will find the solution sooner.


It sometimes takes a little while for them to find it, but find it they will. When they do, do not disturb them as they drink.


They will hang over the edge of the lid and drink for a while and then take it back to the nest killing the colony. Almost overnight they will be gone.


Here is an example of a jar lid with the ingredients in it, can be as small as a soda bottle lid!










Photo: Another view


News from the Barn --


It is that time of year again, these past two weeks or so I have had more calls then I can count from new customers, and past customers as well, who are worried about putting weight on their horses as we approach the fall and winter months.   I too am one of those who is changing up my feeding program a bit, as my mare Echo has dropped some weight over the summer, so have upped her bucket feed and started her on some alfalfa pellets already.


Older horses are always my concern this time of year as they have a harder time with winter and staying warm, also in keeping weight on during that time in the event they have not put weight on over the summer and in to early fall as it will/can be a struggle to keep on what they have and as well as to put it on them once the cold weather hits. 


Here is what I always recommend to my customers and new customers:


Fecals --- Get your fecals done make sure you are not dealing with a parasite load that needs to be addressed either by natural means or if necessary a chemical wormer then doing double doses of Equine Zyme or Equine Zyme Plus to reblance the gut after a chemical wormer is given.


Dental ---- Get your horses teeth checked and make sure that there are no issues like hooks or loose teeth.


Hay  --- the best way to put weight on horses is to up your horses hay ration, increased by a flake or two per day;   feed them lunch,  if you don't already do that and make sure they have hay in front of them 24/7.   My horses always have hay in front of them, be it in their feeders, in hanging Hay Pillows or in the Hay Pillows on the ground, they do not over eat, and they eat a little often and their weight is pretty much perfect.  A small amount of alfalfa is what I also recommend to people if they are not feeding alfalfa to help put some weight on, a 1/3rd to a 1/2  flake added to their other hay ration am/pm.


Hay Pellets  --- I feed 1-2 cups hay pellets soaked 2x's per day which will also help to add weight if you are not already doing this.  I personally use Timothy pellets all year long and will add some alfalfa pellets as we get in to winter making a blend.  The best hay pellets are Mountain Sunrise if you can get them.


Rice Bran Meal --- I feed 1/2 c to 1c depending on the horse to add some additional calories and fats.  Add this to the soaked hay pellets.   I use Integrity Rice Bran Meal as it has a yeast culture, MOS and rice bran.


Flax Meal --- I also soak Nutra Flax with some whole flax in the hay pellets which also adds omegas, lingans, and other natural ingredients. 


Kelp ---  Not only has micro nutrients but also help to keep the thyroid healthy with the naturally occuring iodine that is found in it!


EquineZyme --- Is really a daily must espeically in the winter months, it helps your horse absorb more of its feeds stuff, keeps the digestive tract healthy, and prevents some forms of colic which will reduce your vet bills too!  Digestive health is so important not only in boosting the horses immune system but also help in absorbing more of the nutrition and using it as well!


Vitamin/Mineral Supplements  --- What ever one you like to use make sure your horses is being supplemented for your area or your hay ---- I personally use the Horse Tech High Point for Grass Hay  for Echo and Cheyanne, and I use a custom blend by Horse Tech for the mini's which contains  a balance of vitamins and minerals balanced to the hay I feed feeding mini's is different than feeding horses!  To that blend for the mini's and for Cheyanne and Echo I also use California Trace minerals as well as vitamin E capsules for them to have a balance necessary for good health.


Fiber Beet ---  By Emerald Valley is a great product to keep the gut healthy and moving but also helps to keep weight steady during the cold winter months as well, it has speedi beet and alfalfa, and is approved by the Laminitic Society of England as a feed for horses prone to that and is excellent for metabolicly inclined horses as well.  I do feed this in the winter months, a little goes a long way soaked!


Whole Re-Cleaned Barley  or  Whole Re-Cleaned Oats ---  I am a big believer in giving whole oats or barley, barley has less sugar and starch, but I only feed it at the rate of 1/2 c soaked with the hay pellets and flax, I may give both at the rate of half a cup each if we are in the freezing range or snowing.







Specials for August 15 to August 23rd  --- August 24th thru the 31st!



Herbal Wormer Regular --- 10% Off from August 15th to the 23rd Use Coupon Code HW10


Herbal Wormer for Fall-- August 15th to the 22nd Use Coupon Code HWPRE for 10% off.


(The full moon of September will get here faster then you know, and it is one of the most important moons to use the herbal wormer before we head in to fall.  I am blending a more potent fall blend for those of you who would like to use it, with more wormwood, olive leaf, pau de arco and pumpkin seeds, along with a bit more cayanne.  Taking pre-orders so I can determine how much in the way of herbs to purchase and guarantee you all delivery before the full moon.  For this blend use the HWPRE code if you would like that blend but check out using the regular Herbal Wormer - for those of you wanting the regular blend just use coupon code HW10 so I will know the difference)


Senior Zyme --August 24th to August 31st - one of our most popular blends for the senior horse, with herbs to support them in the fall and winter months, as well as all year long.  Use coupon code SZ10.





I just love this and had to put it in again this summer!


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As you all know we are passionate about natural health for your animals - from kittens to puppies, working dogs, senior dogs, house cats to barn cats and our equine friends from the tiniest memeber of the herd to the most senior of members!


I again want to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you who were so wonderful, caring and generous when Destinee changed worlds, it has helped me many days to get through the grief that still lingers and sometimes comes on when I least expect it. 


Destinee was that once in a life time horse whose spiritual connection to me was so deep, she was my teacher and I loved her in life as I will love her in death.  I am connected to my other horses on a deep level too, but not in the way I was with Destinee.  The energy of the barn has certainly changed without her in it.

















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