Greetings Everyone.....


We are moving in to the mid point of summer ~ almost time to go school clothes shopping if you have kids at home, and if you haven't already time to plan your summer vacation.... and go.  I have been hoping to bring my granddaughter out before she goes back to school, so my goal is the last week in August... crossing fingers I can pull that off with all of the other things I have going on these days....


On July 24th we will celebrate, becasuse it will be one year that we brought our little Annie Rose home, our little rescue mini!  She is a delight, a sweet and gentle soul, she is Destinee's constant companion and she has done well, regained her health, her coat shines and is soft, no more parasites, she has learned to lead, picks up her feet, loves to be brushed, loves her fly mask and her winter blanker too.  Her hoof health has also improved greatly! 


We were so lucky to get her and she us ~ she has a forever home with us here at Earth Song Ranch, we love our little Annine Rose, and her life was not so good before we brought her home, she had gone through a lot before her journey brought her to California from Iowa as part of a rescued herd of little minis.   



We have had an unusually humid summer for the past 5-6 weeks, and hot as well, hard to handle some days with both, when most of the time living in the high desert means "dry" and warm, not humid and hot!  As most of you have probably read out here in California we are in the midst of the worst drought ever and the small animals are suffereing, squirrels, bunnies, and even the bob cats with little food and sparse water for them all to eat and drink they raid our greenery, ruining shrubs, eating plants and doing a lot of damage to our fruit trees trying to survive. 


The coyotes have been in very close and many small pets in our area have gone missing unfortunately.  We have also had mountain lions about looking for food too. 


We hope you are having a wonderful summer enjoying good weather, your horses, family and friends.  I am sharing my favorite poster about summer below!









I want to share with all of you a new product line, especially for those of you who live in areas where you might have to evacuate yourself and your animals, due to fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, or even earth quakes, and what if you couldn't get home, how would any rescue personnel know that you had dogs and cats or how many; that you have horses, or other farm animals?  Now there is a way and I am sharing this with all of you because I believe in this product and this company, they have just recently launced their web site and I have taken a photo of the Earth Song Ranch sign that we have at our gate to show you!



These signs are by Animal Auras, and are dedicated to the health and safety of your animals!   From kittys, to chickens, to horses, llamas, piggys and many more.... They also offer a free interactive pdf animal care sheets that are great to have for pet sitters or doubles as a safety preparedness kit for emergency situations. Be sure to click on the link above and go to their site and see what they have to offer and download your animal care sheets!





The Horses Digest Track Part II


o  The small intestine is approximately 70 long and this part of the digestive tract is looped back and forth on itself and it is in this area that the horse uses digestive enzymes to help break down the feed stuffs.  If you were to take a 100' garden hose and strech it out you would have the entire length of the intestinal tract, including large and small colon, rectum and anus!


o  It takes between 30 to 90 minutes for food to pass through the small intestine and for most of the nutrients to be absorbed including protein, carbs, fats, vitamin A,D and E are all digested here.


o  The HIND gut consists of the cecum, the large colon the small colon, the rectum and the anus.


o  The small intestine moves the feed stuffs in to the CECUM which is called the fermentation vat as this is where hay or grasses are broken down with the cellulose of the plant fiber being digested by bacteria and microbes (probiotics and microbes)  more vitamins and fatty acids that result from this fermentation process are digested here and the food that enters the cecum can remain up to 7 hours as it digests and then moves to the large colon.



to be continued...

15% Off Equine Zyme Plus....

The summer has been rather sluggish in sales, and maybe just maybe the economy is not continuing to improve as we had all hoped, the price of gas is high out here, and the cost of hay is rising due to the drought, let alone the cost of fruits and veges too!


So from July 12th to July 18th take 15% off of your order for Equine Zyme Plus using coupon code EZP


15% Off Equine Zyme....

Equine Zyme has been one of our all time best sellers, with so many repeat customers, all of who love the new blend, and have been telling their friends about it too!  I so appreciate the word of mouth advertising there is nothing better than that for sure!


So from July 19th to July 25th enjoy a savings of 15% using coupon code EZJ!



It is time to think about worming your horses before we move in to fall.  If your horses have been on pasture with othere horses time to get fecals by no later than the middle of August then make a plan including using the Earth Song Ranch Herbal Wormer, and if your parasite loads are heavy, the 5 nights of the herbal wormer and on the 6th night a dose of Ivermecterin should do the trick!


I will be offering the Herbal Wormer on Sale the first week of August!



This is one of my all time summer favorite products with AC Vinegar powder, garlic, DE and B-1 it really helps to repel the biting insects/ flies and also seems to help reduce the fly eggs in the manure pile as well.


We are going to test this on my daughters dog to see if it will also help repel fleas, will let you know!


Go to HorseTech products on my site and you will find it there! Or click below:




Equine Zyme is one of our all time best sellers, helps to keep your horses healthy by having a healthy digestive tract, also helps to prevent parasitic infestations, prevents a lot of the non specific colics and in some cases can help to prevent impaction colics by helping horses digest their feed stuffs as well.