It's Easter Time!



Easter has always been one of my favorite times of year, mostly because it is spring, so many flowers are blooming, fruit trees are budded out, there are babies everywhere be it birds, bunnies, foals, lambs, and chicks.


I loved coloring eggs with my kids when they were young, and I loved it when my granny would do special little Easter Baskets for all of us kids, she would save the cottage cheese cartons for months, wrap them in foil, used pipe cleaners for handles and put the fake grass in them with lots of treats.


Easter was also a time when our family gathered together for dinner and just to be family as only family can be.


So I hope all of you will gather your "family" around and spend a wonderful Easter making memories and also enjoying the spring weather in your area!


Hoppy Easter!




Looking at News from the Ranch....


I decided to wait a couple of days before I sent this out, waiting  for/ until Mercury went direct in the sky in fact!  It has been "rugged" is the best word I could come up with these past few weeks.....with the retrograde of two planets, another being Mars!  The moon will be full on the 6th, and Easter is on Sunday, spring is everywhere!


This Mercury retrograde has been merciless on all of my electronic devices, cell phone, blue tooth, computers, printers, and even trying to get the new engine in my Chevy to smog (it still is illuding the mechanic as to why it is cutting out on a new engine once it is warmed up, could be a mouse chewed a wire, who knows!), it also needed to get a new computer installed and a couple new sensors! 


I have been in a totally challenged mode, and it has not been fun at all!  Nothing can aggrevate one more then computer problems, and mine came in almost became funny for how many things happened!


I have never experienced so many things technologically going sideways, at one time, in my life, that, any one, at a time, could usually just push me over the edge, but all together I can tell you this was not fun at is a wonder I didn't have a melt down!


It started out the first part of March, my computer crashed, and I ended up having to get a new one, I was able to save all my "stuff" from the old and had it transfered to the new, no sooner then I got the new computer then my main printer crashed and had to replace it, then my other printer decided it was also time to crash and had to replace it as that then tossed me in to the arena of Window's 7 and having to purchase a new version of MS Office, Incredimail and Adobe so that everything could work in harmony and then having to learn the nuances of all of those. 


To add insult to injury to all of this......the US Postal Service.... whom I ship through, decided to change their site and how postal labels are processed and of course no instructions, so had to do a lot of on line emailing with them, go in and change some of the settings to get my pdf labels to print... so then after getting all that figured out the product labels decided to print in light green.... we figured that out for the most part, then Face Book decided to do a few changes, including a new Timeline format for the business fan pages and we then had to scrable to do a new "banner" for that, and it just seemed to go on and on and on.....ahhhhhh


The good news is all that stuff got done in a short period of time, and knock wood all seems to be operating as it should....... in the moment.... I have been able to navigate through a lot of new things and for now all is well!


I sincerely apologize for all the orders that have gotten out late, for a couple that got to the wrong people, for all the labels that may not have looked as good as I had wanted them to, for the emails and phone calls that were delayed in being responded too... and thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this "monumental" transition for me....... it seems to be getting better, and we will be out of Mercury Rx as of today...... or atleast it will turn direct on April 4th!



Specials this month.....


Specials for Friday the 13th and Tax Day...... be looking for a coupon coming on the 12th of April for 13% and 15% off on a few products!  And then another the end of the month that will be announced in the April 21st News Letter!


For the week of April 6th to April 12th, take your pick of items, as I am offering 10% off your total order of $75.00  or more --- use coupon/discount code April10 for this offer.





The 7 Supplement Myths  Busted - continued


Myth # 6  Only feed Electrolytes in the summer


Electrolytes replace the minerals your horse loses through sweat and also encourages water intake. Many horse's drink less water in the winter so an electrolyte can help encourage water drinking.



We are continuing to grow....




EquiSpirit Horse Toys & EquiSpirit Balls are coming soon to the Earth Song Ranch Store


No Thrush --- coming by no later then the week of April 9th!


California Trace  ---  coming by no later then the 10th of April, this is an awsome trace mineral supplement for West Coast horses, and provides the elements that our soil and hays lack!


e3Live  --- by no later then the end of the month, this blue green algae comes from Klamath Falls, and adds valuable micro nutrients for horses, dogs and humans! 


Human Supplements - I am looking at carrying a line of human supplements for allergy relief, for Immune Boosting, and more, one is a line of chinese herbal formulas, and some other interesting stuff, from three companies I believe in, but will also start carrying MSM in capsule form, Colostrum caps, and Blue Green Algae as well.


Winnies Cookies will be up and active by the 13th of April!


Whinny Warmers and Summer Whinny's are up and active -- treat your horse to a pair of Summer Whinny's he/she will thank you for them, light weight, breathable, and they repel flies! 




Be looking for a Special News Letter on April 21st New Moon, which will have another article on vaccines and nosodes, and also have an article written by a veterinarian about worming on the lunar cycles, and brought up a great point, if your horse tests positive for high egg counts then use a homeopathic from the New Moon to the Full Moon then do the Herbal Wormer on the full moon cycle.  We do sell Paratox which you can use during the New Moon to Full Moon!






A Veterinarian Asks: Are You Over Vaccinating Your Horse?   


Over vaccination of our horses is a question I have been pondering a long time, along with many of my more natural minded friends, and for years now I have been minimally vaccinating all of my animals, based upon common sense, research and some gut feelings...this time of year and in the fall is when I get the most amount of phone calls from new people needing help with there horses who are newly laminitic and the first question I ask is when did you last vaccinate?  The response is usually within the month of the laminitis coming on. 


It is hard to engage vets in this conversation as honestly, vaccinations account for a huge part of their earnings, and as several honest vets have shared with me "It's my bread and butter" - something they can count on. Another issue for vets is a very real fear of lawsuits - what if they say no, don't bother, and then the horse, dog or cat becomes ill?  So they are in a tough spot.

So I was all the more pleased when someone sent me this link just last week:

What follows here is just an excerpt from the page the above link takes you to - if you are interested in knowing more, please go to Dr.DePaolo's website for the full article with much more information than I could fit in here.  


Dr. DePaolo:  


Common Sense Vaccination Protocol


In my practice I am constantly treating horses for the negative side effects that occur from the over-use and un-judicious administration of "routine/yearly/booster" vaccines. This condition of sometimes permanent negative side effects caused by overuse of vaccines is collectively termed "Vaccinosis". I believe that a conscientious, caring horse owner, when given all of the information, will be able to make a informed decision and develop a healthier vaccine protocol for their horse based on common sense, not fear.


Vaccine Overload


 It's time for us, as conscientious horse owners, to rethink all of our traditional ideas on equine vaccinations. If vaccines needed to be given annually (or more often), people would still be getting vaccinated every year for all of those diseases that we were vaccinated for as kids.

Almost all of our horse vaccines last a minimum of 7 years, most last a lifetime. Many horse owners continue to vaccinate their horses too frequently because they believe that vaccines are innocuous (do no harm). Many horses are vaccinated yearly (or more often) for diseases that they are never exposed to or already have immunity to.


Vaccinations in horses are being recommended much more frequently than the same vaccine in their human counterpart. Human and horse immune systems function in exactly the same fashion. Humans are only vaccinated as babies and children but some farms vaccinate their horses 6 plus times a year for a horse's entire life!


Reactions To Vaccinations


Because most people and veterinarians have been taught that vaccine reactions occur within 48 hours after the vaccine is given, many vaccination reactions go unreported. Often horses have vaccine reactions that go totally unnoticed or occur up to 30 days after the administration of the vaccine so these symptoms are not generally thought of as being linked.


Even the AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners) warns:

"It should be recognized that:

Administration of multiple vaccines at the same time may increase the risk of adverse reactions.  


Safety and efficacy data are not available regarding the concurrent use of multiple vaccines.  


Adverse reactions are not always predictable and are inherent risks of vaccination. Therefore, it is recommended that horses not be vaccinated in the 2 weeks prior to shows, performance events, sales or domestic shipment. Some veterinarians may elect not to vaccinate horses within 3 weeks of international shipment.  


After receiving a vaccine(s) intramuscularly, some horses experience local muscular swelling and soreness or transient, self-limiting signs including fever, anorexia and lethargy. Severe reactions at sites of injection can be particularly troublesome, requiring prolonged treatment and convalescence. Systemic adverse reactions (such as urticaria, purpura hemorrhagica or anaphylaxis) can also occur. Other systemic adverse reactions have been anecdotally reported".


(be looking for a second news letter this month with another view on vaccine and nosodes!  Please share the information with your barn owners and friends.)



It's Time to Think About Fly Control / Repellants!


Buggzo is blend of two garlic sources, one being an aroma-controlled material that subtly softens the natural aroma of the product. It also contains a unique dry apple cider vinegar that's pH buffered--so, it is easier on the stomach.    You're going to love the fact that you don't have to mess with liquid vinegar any longer or garlic as it is all in one!  It also contains Thiamine: A B-vitamin usually associated with supporting calmness and reduced hyperactivity but is also known to be something bugs (especially flies) do not like the smell of. Each one ounce serving of Buggzo pellets provides a full 1,000 mg of Thiamine!  B-Complex Vitamins: The vitamin group commonly associated with healthy skin and coat. Grapeseed Extract: One of the more powerful antioxidants available for equine products! 


This pelleted product is easy to use and truly palatable, my horses love it and I just started adding it to their bucket feed the end of March because fly season has started and the little blood sucking No-See-Ums are out.  I used it last year as well and it made a huge difference to my horses the flies just seemed to bounce off of them instead of biting!


Sizes Available:

5 lbs: $59.95 (80 servings*)

10 lbs: $109.95 (160 servings*)

20 lbs: $209.95  




Fly Repllents and Fly Sprays -



It is that time of year again when all the bugs are hatching, flies are biting soon to be followed by mosquitoes..... this year we are offering an entire line of products for keeping the blood sucking little buggers away from your horse and his/her midline, sheeth and ears!  The No Fly Zone is my new favorite for Cheyanne during the day, and later in the afternoon I use the Stop the Itch Salve and sometimes the spray... it is amazing how fast it works!  Click on the link below to go straight there...



Rain Rot, Fungus, and Hoof Issues - 

If you are still having issues with rain rot, fungus, hoof fungus or thrush we have the answer, the Zephyr's line of all natural products that we are now selling covers them all, from a slave, to a shampoo, to a spray....


go to "Our Store" on the Earth Song Ranch web site click on the Zephyr's Garden button and your will find them there!

New Products

New products are populating our on line store, and we think that you will love them all -- for those of you who live in Oregon, WA, California or are getting hay from those areas we will now be  carrying California Trace minerals which are balanced to provide what the hay for our areas are lacking.   If you live any where else we also carry High Point Vitamin and Mineral Supplement one for grass hay and pasture horses and one for horses who are mainly on an alfalfa diet.


We are also going to be carrying, by Mid April,  No Thrush a dry powder of clays, herbs and DE that is pretty amazing and you can find these products under:  Herbs, Mineral and Feed Additives  !