March 15,  2013

It's Almost Spring! March 20th!

I am so enjoying living in the high desert of Southern California, the trees are budding, I have planted three new fruit trees, a pipin, a peach and a "mystery tree" because the nursery didn't have a tag on it and they did not know what it was, I am guessing an apricot or a plum but time will tell.  Have been composting manure so the soil is rich and am beginning to till the garden area for tomatoes, peppers, carrots and some herbs for the horses.  My bulbs started bursting forth on March the 1st, I loved that, the Iris are coming up as well, the daffodils not far behind.


Horse shelters are going up in the next few weeks, two of them, just have not had the time, weather has been too bad, as well as too windy to even attempt them.  Dog kennels went up next to the barn so they can be safekly put up while I am getting the horses out.  A a bigger outside pen, just off the barn for Destinee is in process, when my landlord moves his old travel trailer out, so it is half size right now with electric tape up to keep her away from it.   She can see the other two horses and hang over the fence with them, it will have the shade in the afternoon from the barn and one of the shelters too, she can also see the cows in the field behind us on the reservation!  There is a small patch of bermuda growing that she enjoys nibbling on!


The big horse pens are all up now!  We have sectioned off an area for a small arena, hope to be getting a round pen in the next few months, and putting up my Parelli play ground too!  Cavelliti's need to be put back together, the teeter totter and the stand still need building, and it is going to be lots of fun this spring and summer!


We had snow all day on March 8th, my Grandpa's birthday, and Cheyanne was born up here in a snow storm 6 years ago on March 11th so not so unusual to have this kind of snow at all!  And it is fun, and the wood burning stove goes all day, and it is magical!



It's almost Easter too!


I so love Easter, I love Peeps, and Cadbury Eggs, and loved that time with my kids, the magic of Easter Egg Hunts, and family dinners, and my X-mother In Law saving up eggs she had blow out to do confetti eggs which she paper machaed, I now see them in WalMart for sale, how funny!  My kids loved those confetti eggs for sure - Betty is on the other side now and I think of her each Easter for all the work she would go through to do those eggs and dye them too!  Easter was one of her favorite times!




I love having mares, there is something special about them and the relationship we have with them that is different then with a gelding.  This time of year though it can be hard on many of them when they are cycling, and for some it is a nutritional deficiency, for others they just need some herbal support  to balance hormones, and some fresh grated yams in their buckets along with some MareZyme - I thought I would include the following testimonial I received the other day.....


An Unsolicited Testimonial.....


Hello Jessica,
I am getting ready to place another order from you for the mare-zyme but I wanted to comment on some advice you gave to Melissa Givner last year in regards to a Mare of mine that had broken out in hives all over her body. For the life of us we could not figure out what it was. We tried everything and nothing seemed to work. Melissa emailed you and you gave her this advice. Along with Melissa you both agreed it was hormonal related when she comes in to season. You recommended Mare Zyme and some Wild Yam Root which is what we did. The results were fabulous my mare hasn't had a hive as of yet since then. She is hive free yippee!! I have begun the same regimen this year but started her early. When I begin to see lots of tail swishing, winking and just plain unconfortableness she is ready. So far so good with her. I will be placing another order with you soon to last me through the spring and summer.

Thanks so much for your advice. This poor mare probably has had this for a long time and has suffered for the last 20 years of her life. She is a happy gal now and so am I.

Debbie McNelly


Click here to go to MareZyme!


Note:  For those of you with mares who have challenges with their cycles, giving them a 1/2 c of grated fresh yams per day seems to help, and for essential oils Dragon Time is my all time favorite and I used that for Cheyanne when she was younger and having a tough time.  For those of you who do not want to grate yams, then I would go to and order a couple pounds of Wild Yam and give at the rate of 2 Tablespoons full per day, along with the MareZyme!





 It is COOKED, PROCESSED  grains or fillers with lots of "artificial vitamins and minerals" added back into it.   Here is a partial list of ingredients that start out in a popular “Low Carb Low Starch” concentrated bag feed for horses, take a look at the first five ingredients:


Wheat Middlings, Soybean Hulls, Shredded Beet Pulp, Distillers Dried Grains, Soybean Oil,


Wheat Middlings — what is left of the hard wheat grain after the insides and nutrional parts have been utilizied — the hulls, basically. May be good for fiber, but is often referred to as the “Floor Sweepings”.


Soybean Hulls — Exactly what that says. The hulls of the soybean. Great fiber filler but no nutrition.


Distillers Dried Grains – what’s left at the bottom of the barrels after liquor is fermented and produced. The leftover liquid/mash is simply dried and then further processed into the horse feed. (I will bet that people who drink a lot don't care if their booze comes from GMO corn - but the horses may not benefit!)


And then we have Soybean Oil. Partially "hydrogenated" Soybean Oil is …  extremely toxic. We know that, long-term, they [partially hydrogenated oil] will lead to cardiovascular disease and heart attacks in people, and it can also even encourage strokes.  So why would we want to feed it to our horses when we know certain ingredients can cause harm, sometimes irreparable, to the nervous system. We know that they interfere with the absorption of the essential fatty acids needed to maintain healthy cells, a healthy nervous system, healthy blood sugar regulation and many other functions.


I don't have a problem with the shredded beet pulp or the rice bran per sey, but how about the un-natural vitamins and mineral added, how about the gmo ingredients, how about "hydrogenated oils"  --- jessica


 The rest of the ingredients that you will see on labels of concenbtrated bag feeds are all ‘additives’ to replace the NATURAL vitamins, minerals and nutrients that horses need to be well and maintain health all of which can be found in LIVE FOODS!


Why not start doing something more natural for your horses, use soaked hay pellets, a little stabalized rice bran, some stabablize flax meal and some added kelp, dolomite, or even a great product like Horse Tech makes that I feed my horses called High Point for hay diets to balance everything out - click here to go to High Point for Hay or Pasture Diets that we sell on our web site.  Do your own thing in a more natural way for healthier horses!







I love Lepracans and here is a quick little ditty on them by Dutch Henry!  My Grandpa John MacLachlan was born in Scotland and he always talked to us as kids about the magic of Lepracans, and the fairies!





Leprechauns Are Real


March winds blow and they can blow us right into St. Patrick's Day, which gets most of us thinking about all things Irish. Which can get many of us thinking about Leprechauns. My all time favorite Leprechaun story is a Bonanza episode when ol' Hoss sees a wee fellow and has a perfectly marvelous time trying to prove to his father and brothers that the little fellow was real. I can't recall all the silly hyjinks, but I do remember how delightfully mischievous the Leprechaun was. According to all the stories about Leprechauns the devilishness poor Hoss endured was just about what you could expect when you ask a Leprechaun for help. Or for an example of his magic.


According to legend Leprechauns really are among us and do have certain magical ways about them. But they are among the world's greatest pranksters too. There is an old tale of one Leprechaun who had been captured and because of his capture was forced to revel the location of his pot of gold. He agreed to do this by, "tying a red ribbon around the tree under which his pot of gold was buried." When his captors went to the designated forest, shovel in hand, they found all the trees, for as far as he could see, had grand red ribbons tied around their trunks.


So if you find wee one and he agrees to tell you where his pot of gold is buried, be sure to ask your questions carefully.


Gitty up,

Dutch Henry

Author of We'll Have The Summer

Dutch's Website

Dutch's Blog











There are a lot of scare tactics going on in the moment in the news about EHV-1 and there are things you can do to help your horse prevent this virus, and there is also a homeopathic nosode you can give your horse for prevention that Earth Song Ranch has available as well - here is an article about some extra nutritional things to consider!



Help Prevent an EHV Outbreak by Protecting Your Horse’s Immune Function

by Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D.


The recent outbreak of equine herpes virus (EHV) has caused great concern among horse owners throughout the U.S. and Canada. Did you know that your horse is already likely to be infected with this virus? Virtually all horses carry this opportunistic organism and it remains latent until something (usually stress) triggers it and it has an "opportunity" to show symptoms, producing respiratory and even neurological distress. Ever have a cold sore? That's also herpes and it remains dormant in our systems until we get physically or mentally stressed.


Some stress is inevitable


Traveling long distances, strange settings, unfamiliar horses, performance intensity, different smells and noises … the list is long. Heavy travel seasons are coming up this summer -- July and August are popular horse fair months. And stress suppresses the immune function, making it difficult for your horse to combat illness. Now is the time to get your horse’s immune system in tip top shape so he is less, much less, likely to succumb to a stress-related illness such as EHV. The key to prevention is twofold: Reduce stress and boost immunity.


An empty stomach = Stress


One of the most stressful situations for any horse, regardless of the horse’s schedule and environment, is an empty stomach. Not being permitted to graze continually on pasture and/or hay goes against a horse’s instincts and innate physiology. This is because the horse’s stomach, unlike our own, continuously secretes acid, even when empty. Chewing produces saliva, a natural antacid, which neutralizes that acid. Left without anything to chew, and the horse will suffer, both physically and mentally. Furthermore, the motility of the gastrointestinal tract (which is made of muscles) depends of a steady supply of forage flowing through it in order to prevent colic. And finally, exercising on an empty stomach can lead to an ulcer as the acid sloshes around to the unprotected areas of the stomach’s lining.


Horses are “trickle feeders,” designed to continually and freely roam and graze. But in addition to 24/7 turnout and free choice access to pasture and/or hay, there are many helpful nutrients that can protect your horse, especially while training, traveling, and performing. Vitamins E and C, in particular, as well as vitamin A (beta carotene), magnesium, adequate protein, and Omega 3 fatty acids stabilize the immune system, allowing your horse to be less susceptible toward developing infections.


How much supplementation, you ask?


· Vitamins E and C are potent antioxidants and are best increased to higher levels during intense physical and mental stress. Offer 5 IUs of vitamin E and 5 mg of vitamin C per pound of body weight (10 IUs of vitamin E and 10 mg of vitamin C per kg of body weight). Slowly wean your horse down to lower levels of these vitamins (especially vitamin C) during maintenance periods (unless you have an older horse, who will need extra vitamin C due to reduced production).


· Selenium needs also increase during intense physical activity – the diet should contain 1 to 3 mg per day during maintenance, and up to 5 mg of selenium per day for heavily active horses .


· Hay has little, if any, beta carotene (used to make vitamin A). Most vitamin/mineral supplements and feeds are fortified with this vitamin. Offer 60 to 120 IU/kg body weight for performance; 30 IU/kg bw at maintenance.

· Omega 3 fatty acids are best provided by flaxseed meal -- provide 1/2 cup per 400 lbs (180 kg) of body weight. Chia seeds are also high in omega 3s (1/4 cup per 400 lbs of body weight).


· Protein should be 14-16% of the diet, and be of high quality. Offer a variety of sources (grass plus alfalfa, for example) so they can complement each other’s amino acid profile.


· Don’t forget the magnesium – important for muscle and nerve function. Borderline deficiencies can affect your horse’s behavior and stamina. An appropriate dose is 5,000 mg of magnesium per 500 lbs (227 kg) of body weight.


It’s amazingly simple


All this may sound complicated, but it's actually just the opposite. It's amazingly simple. Allow your horse to nibble on hay all day and night, and never let him perform without some hay in his digestive tract. Fill in the nutritional gaps that exist in hay with a good vitamin/mineral supplement, offer omega 3s and extra antioxidants during stressful times, and your horse will not only perform better, calmer, and more gracefully, but will come home healthy and ready to learn more.








Buggzo    Fly & Itch Spray




Specials for the second half of March


Fly season is fast approaching --- so stock up now on Zephy's Garden Contrated Fly spray at 10% off either the regular formula of the plus formula use coupon code BUG, on check out through the end of the month, click here to be taken to the fly spray


Buggzo from Horsetech at 10% off  - I use this product starting now for my horses through the end of summer, it helps to keep the flies bouncing off and repels flies from the inside out, is a feed through with AC vinegar powder, garlic, and B-1 to name a few ingredients.  Use coupon code BUG on Check out - click here to go straight to the product Buggzo  it is on sale through the end of the month!


Equine Zyme Plus ---- 15% off through the end of the month, it is our high potency immue and digestive support products with 20% more beta glucan and colostrum then the Equine Zyme!  Use coupon EZ15 on check out to get this great savings on this great product --- it is what I feed my horses daily!


Vitamin C is something all horses need added to their diet if they are stabled and not on pasture, or for horses that are more then 12 to 15 years old.  Horses make/process vitamin C through their livers and as they age they are not able to make what they need from their feed stuffs.   Vitamin C is 10% off  through the end of the month, use coupon code VITC10 on check out.


All of these offers can be combined so take us up on these great discounts to start on the way to summer and keep your horses comfortable and bug free!







Hoppy Easter Everyone!





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