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It feels like we are in to the "dog days" of summer with high temperatures along with wilting humidity;  there is extreme heat in a lot of the country, here included, at 107 degrees this afternoon and more to come, but also a slight cooling trend in the forecase!  


Keeping cool water in the troughs is a must, keeping cool water in the dog and cat bowls to encourage them to drink enough has been an all day thing - keeping a fan on in the barn to move the hot still air, and keeping fans going in the house as well to try to keep it cool for the fur family members as well! 


I know I am having to keep my Border Collie, Tucker, in more, because he runs himself to exhaustion in the heat and then he will throw up even water, and in some cases his evening dinner - he does not know how to pace himself!  My mini Aussie is better about this and she lays in the shade and drinks a lot of water, then when she comes in to the house finds the coolest places to lay down to take a siesta!


In the high desert we have humidity in the mornings and maybe late afternoon, but it is dry heat the rest of the day, and not so hard to handle for the most part, today though the horses were hosed 3 differnt times, and brought in to the well ventilated barn which was 10 degrees cooler then being outside.


With the beginning of July upon us and the 4th of July in the next few days, this is when I worry about the puppy pals (not mine so much) but dogs around the country who are so afraid of fireworks!  If you have a dog like that, it is best to keep them inside away for the noise and the flash, close the blinds or curtains, have the TV going or a radio to drown out the noise from outside, and if you can stay home and comfort your dog.


My Belle was one of those dogs - a border collie mix, who came to me in late summer one year, from a dog pound in LA, she had run away from her home scared, due to the fire works and no one ever came to claim her!  Every 4th of July she would run and hide in the bathroom behind the toilet (as best she could - she was not a small dog) until a couple hours after the noise had past from the fireworks.  The loud noise with the flashes of the fire works would send her in to a panting and shaking episode.  Because we lived near the park where the fireworks were held, I would choose to stay home with her.



Please do not take you dogs with you in your vehicles during the heat of the summer unless you know you have shade to park under, or you can leave your car/truck running with the A/C on while you do your errands.  So many dogs die each year from owner's who roll the windows up and the temperatures in the vehicles are too much, most do not even leave a bowl of water for their dogs. 


I do take my dogs everywhere with me, except for during times of extreme heat, and I do my shopping in the early morning in town, so it is still cool, and I have a camper shell that stays cooler then in the truck iteself, I also have specially tinted window, with the "metal film" which keeps the truck 20 degrees cooler (I paid extra for that!).





I have wind chimes at the barn and up on the deck and under the car port, I love to hear their sounds and the energy that they give off as the chimes dance in the wind, or gently waltz with one another in a gentle breeze sending out their healing tones. 


For the most part i have Woodstock chimes, with my favorite being Amazing Grace down at the barn next to the cottage, it is very soothing.  Near my bedroom I have the Tibetan Prayer Chimes, and around the deck various small chimes for peace, one for love, and one is a daisy with a bright chime, along with some belles too! 


I would love to find some of the glass chimes in the photo above, I remember my Aunt having those on her patio and they would tinkle in the last afternoon breeze from the Pacific Ocean!


My favorite times of day are in the early morning hours to sit on the deck drinking my first cup of coffee, with the horses watching me from the turn outs in their barn stalls; enjoying the view of the mountains, seeing the morning light dance across the fields and the shear  face of the Chauilla mountain.  In the morning there is usually a light breeze that plays a soft and lilting tune on all of the wind chimes as it dances through, and is a beautiful beginning  to any day!


i love the very late afternoon, after the chores are done, the horses eating their hay, as the sky turns a ripened apricot summer color as day tries to turn in to night and the sun is setting to the north west this time of year!  The colors are beautiful in the sunsets, there is a stillness to the air as the sun dips behind the hills to the west, Lake Riverside turns a vey dark midnight blue, and from the other side of those hills the sun seem seems to be swallowed up as it goes to dip behind the Pacific Ocean only to return in the morning to start all over again in the east!












During the very hot weather I sometimes find it hard to drink enough water to keep hydrated, but there is a way that may encourage you to do so, as it does for me,  without the cost of sugar and chemical ladened summer drinks!


You can use mason jars with lids, some of these water infusions can help cleanse and detoxify your body naturally.  They are also refreshing when taken directly out of the refrigerator and enjoyed!


This is an important post because we’ve all experienced some of the following:

(1) bloating and feeling a little “clogged” (don’t be shy!);

 (2) extra water weight around abs; or

 (3) intense cravings for a soda (or something sweet).




So, before you starve yourself, buy some “Super Fast-Acting Detox Tea” or grab a soda from the vending machine, here are 4 great infused vitamin waters to help cleanse your system naturally that you can make yourself at home fresh, and save!


**TIP: add these to your water bottle in the morning and drink an hour later.**


(1) Orange & Lemon water: Sliced Citrus fruits help digestion especially in room temp (or warm) water. This water can help heartburn, indigestion, gas, bloating, loss of appetite, vomiting & constipation.


(2) Sliced Cucumber and a splash of lime & a few fresh mint  sprigs (ginger optional): Good water for water-weight management, hydration, cleansing, controlling appetite, improving mood & energy.


(3) Lemon, orange and lime water: Same benefits as number one.  You can either put slices of the fresh citrus fruit in the jar or squeeze the juice and add.


(4) Strawberry, orange & mint water: protects immune system, vitamin rich, prevents wrinkles. Remember mint also helps with bad breath and digestion. ( This is one of my favorites!)


Remember to wash all the fruit, slice the citrus fruit thinly and quarter the slices, I pick mint from my own garden and add that to the strawberry orange water infusion.


Hydration is just as important as the food you eat daily - water helps spread nutrients from food throughout your body. Do NOT let fruit sit in the water for more than 48 hours. Thanks



Photo: Another view


News from the Barn --


Listerine ----  the old fashioned kind when added to your concentrated fly spray in the same amount as the concentrate really does help to repel flies, and we have had a particular challenge this summer, as I did not recall this kind of hatch outs living here in the past... but we do have a barn and that may be where the flies come to stay kool as well!


AC Vinegar -- I also like to add AC vinegar to the fly spray and add it to my horses water troughs so they are drinking it too, and I add 1/4 c per day to their bucket feed too!


Fiber Beet ---- I soak the Fiber Beet all day in the cool of the barn to add to the evening bucket, the horse love it, it helps to keep them hydrated, and also their intestinal tract moving and healthy!


Hoseing Your Horses ---- I ususally hose my horses off two times per day if it is really hot, usually mid day or from 1-2 pm then again at the end of the the day around 5 pm --- they enjoy the cooling mist and usually go roll in the soft sand.












Specials for July 8th to the 14th


K-9 Zyme  --- 15% off  ----  K-9 Zyme is an all around immune booster for your dog, and can help to prevent some allergies, including skin allergies this time of year, by feeding it daily!   Kitty Zyme --- 15% Off  --- Kitty Zyme was desdigned as an all over digestive support and immune booster for your Kitty Kids --- it can also help prevent hair balls and vomiting issues from undigested food.  Use Coupon code KZ15 for your discount on these two great products, which come in 8 oz 1# and 3# sizes.


E3 Live for K-9's 10% Off --- boost your dogs immune health, his skin and his coat with just a small amount of this blue gree algae per day!  Use coupon code E310.


Organic Kelp --- 10% Off ---- I feed my horses Organic Kelp daily, a couple tablespoons is all they need, it give them micro nutrients for hoof health and over all health in was they would not get it from their feed stuffs.  Organic Kelp contains iodine and helps to support the thyroid gland, and it also helps Cushings horses in that it supports the endocrine systems.


Please be looking for a special offer for the 4th of July Weekend, which will be emailed and posted on Face Book on July 3rd.  The offer will run from July 4th through the 7th!  


Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July everyone!






I just love this and had to put it in again this summer for things to do!


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