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It's June and the Summer Solstice is coming....


I for one am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it is June already!  Yikes!   The weather has been so weird and this past week we have been going down into the 30's at night so still having to put blankets on, at least light stable blankets since the horses have shed their winter coats!  This weekend we are suppose to get hot, in the mid 90's so instant summer!


It seems like only yesterday that I moved out to the ranch but it has been eight months, and I love it more and more each day.  The views change of the mountains with each sunrise, and each sunset is spectacular of its own accord and different each day.  The horses are so much happier and so much more at peace --- so am I come to think of it!  I truly have the best landlord in the world!  He is awsome!


Life in this community is about the country way of living, people are more respectful, they are helpful, and friendly!  Everyone waves as you drive by, people stop and chat, and when you go in to a small town everyone knows your name!  The ACE hardware store is a gathering place of neighbors and friends and I love that!  It is funny, I love going to the dump (transfer station) too, it is also a gathering place of the "community" and the operators are so funny, they also know your name!


There is something to be said for small town country living, and living in "community" as well, in that everyone watches out for one another and cares!


The Summer Solstice is on June 21st and is when the sun enters the sign of Cancer --


From the Farmer's Almanac


Each year, the timing of the solstice depends on when the Sun reaches its farthest point north of the equator. This occurs annually on June 20 or June 21 in North America, depending on your time zone.


The word solstice is from the Latin solstitium, from sol (sun) and stitium (to stop), reflecting the fact that the Sun appears to stop at this time (and again at the winter solstice).  The Sun is directly overhead at its most northern point at "high-noon" on the summer solstice, creating more sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere on this day then any other. See your local Sun rise and set times—and how the day length changes!


As a child growing up on the beach in Del Mar we couln't wait for school to be let out, which was usually around the time of the solstice and start getting our summer tans! 


The full moon of June follows the Summer Solstice here is a reminder calendar that I just love from Artsy!












The Thrift Horse is back..


FEED - Skimping on feed be it "cheap hay", the wrong kind of hay for your horse or chemically ladened concentrated bag feed will always come back to haunt you in ways that you will soon notice with a poor coat, poor condition, plus possible skin & hoof issues, your horse being a fly magnet due to poor health, along with underlying health issues which could be prevented with some simple changes! 


There are ways to save and maintain your horses health by feeding a more natural diet.  Too many people feed far too many supplements, commercial chemical ladened bag feed thinking it is balanced, or has probiotics when it does not, has chemical vitamins added not natural or organic, spend a lot of unnecessary money doing so and not benefitting your horses health at all.


One of the "things" I hear most often is "the bag feed I give my horse says it has added probiotics, so I don't feed them any more, and my horse has diahrea, what do I do?"  Well folks I am here to tell you, that is a marketing ploy that has sucked many an unsuspecting horse owner in to buy that feed, "probiotics" are the in thing these days (I have been doing this for 13+ years)  --- read the label, there are no guaranteed CFU's and they do not name the probiotics either - you are being ripped off!  The manufacturer may have added a yeast or a yeast culture in the blend but once it is "pelleted" using heat, say bye bye to whatever may have been added!


If you test and balance your hay see if all your supplements work together,  you may be feeding too many things so ask yourself are they really needed?  Why are you feeding them?


Talk to your vet or nutritionist to help sort things out if you are not really sure. Read up on Equine Nutrition and maybe have a friend help you muscle test the products you are feeding and see if your horses really needs them!


A good balanced daily supplement like the one from Horse Tech called High Point balanced to either a grass hay/ pasture diet or one for a mainly alfalfa diet will do the trick!  Earth Song Ranch sells this product because we use it and believe in it too.  I also use a Custom Blend by Horse Tech available on my site as well with Bio Flax, High Point, added Mag and Cal so that my horses are covered, it is easy to give one scoop and add their kelp!  Use soaked hay pellets, Equine Zyme, whole organic flax, stabalized  rice bran and a little organic  kelp as the carrier and your horse will thrive, saving you not only on the cost of supplements but possibly vet bills too for ill health!


A high potency daily probiotic/ digestive enzyme like Equine Zyme or Equine Zyme Plus will also save you on vet bills in the long run - the most often comment I get in regards to this is that the horses on both of the products, or from the barns using it is they have far fewer cases of colic, if any at all, and it eliminates the need for emergency vet calls which no one wants!


Feed your horse more naturally, give him/her small amounts of some fresh veges and fruits in season, or make up a seed blend that includes chia, raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin, whole flax, and some dried cranberries or some finely choppped dried apricotts or dates and give a handful daily in the bucket feed.


Consider purchasing a slow feeder like a Hay Pillow to ensure that less of your hay is wasted, yes they may seem a bit expensive you might say but it/they will pay for itself in a couple of months, you will have less waste, less to clean up, your horse will have clean hay to nibble longer and something to do if bored.  I know Cheyanne loves to toss the ground hay pillow around and I never know where I am going to find it!  I use the hanging Hay Pillows in their stalls with their Orchard grass in them at night.  They also have Hay Pillows for "Mini's and have different size holes for slowing your horses down --- I toss a few of the ground pillows about the dry lot with different hay in each and it keeps them busy all day!





Photo: Another view



Summer is coming !!!


It finally feels like it may be here, it almost feels like we skipped over spring as well.... the weather patterns have been anything but "normal" whatever that is suppose to mean any more!


Maybe finally I won't have to blanket at night!  What a concept.... but we have had 30+ degree evenings, so have been using stable blankets - crossing fingers on this!  It would be great at night if that part of the chores could be skipped!


With the onset of heat also comes the flies, and with the flies some of the more sensitve horses will beging to suffer from "sweet itch" and be miserable --- I know Cheyanne is one of those horses, and we don't have the No-See-Ums up here in the high desert thank God, no bloody and itchy belly this year, no belly scrubbing and a happier horse!  She would have been a bloody mess already otherwise!  I do have a nosode for that if anyone is interested, it is not on the website at the moment and I got it from England - I found it through a class mate when I took the Equine Nutrition Class!


For those of you with horses with sweet itch, I cannot say enough good about No Fly Zone, and Stop the Itch salve and spray, I have used them with great success!  My customers love them and I have many stories of happy horse owner's who were able to get relief for their horses! 


Over the years I have made a commitment to be a resource for other horse, dog and cat owner's and I do that also by selling the products I believe in as well as use for my horses, dogs and cats, including the Zephyr's Garden Products!


Anyway, I have gotten out fly sheets, fly boots, various fly masks, and have ordered Predators and also the star mark (I think that is the name)  for the barn --- since there are different types of flies it takes different types of fly control including differnt kinds of traps!  I have the regular and customary "fly bags" hanging at various locations, I have "the big jug" with 6 shrimp and attractant in that one, and next will be the barn one!  I have not ordered the Predators up till now because of the cold weather and the frosts we continued to have!


Predators work because we do not have chickens.... chickens work in place of predators if you have them, but if you do, they will eat up the predators in larva form so they have to be placed high if you have chickens to hatch!! 





picture by Julie Auber


The tragedy in Oklahoma was beyond belief, and as a horse lover/owner I cannot imagine the heart break of this kind of loss to property, human life and losing a beloved animal in such a way especially a horse, let alone a beloved pet --- it breaks your heart, and for those who found their injured animals I am sure it gave them hope, but the recovery physically and mentally will take time & human and animals may never be the same again.... not knowing if your dog or cat made it either would be so heart breaking, I guess tragedies such as these make the case for micro chipping --- I hope the owners' who lost a horse or pet continue to look for them becasuse, as in the case of hurricane Katrina, some gave up and pets were sent around the country for new homes and new lives!



Herbal Wormer Pre Order Sale

June 1st to June 5th - 15% off


If you pre order your Herbal Wormer you will not only be saving 15% but you will be guaranteed to have it by the full moon the end of the month on the 23rd --- as I will best be able to order the right amount of herbs, well in advance, for the orders and have it mixed for all of you who do! 


We have been selling out each month even though I make bigger and bigger batches over the past three months so this is the best way to be able to guarantee all of you your Herbal Wormer!  You can find it under ESR product Herbal Blends or go below to the direct link.


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Specials For First Half of June


For the two weeks of June, 1-15th Equine Zyme Plus is 15% off use coupon code EZP15 to get your discount!  


K-9 Zyme is also 15% off for the first two weeks use K915.


Earth Song Ranch is now offering the organic blue green algae from E3Live for dogs, which we love, my dogs are on it, their coats gleam with health and I cannot say enough good about it!  You can find it under the dog products, Take 10% off using coupon code E3L from June 1st to the 15th! I feed it along with their K-9 Zyme!



For those of you who give your animals bone broth, wish you had it on hand, we have found a company that makes it and ships it frozen to you, so you don't have to make it - stay tuned for more on this!




Sharing our Newsletters and FB


Thank you for sharing with your friends about our products it has helped us to grow over the years and the new part of that is by you also sharing our FB page, sharing our Newsletters on FB, on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as Google+!


We are here for the long run, not the short run, we are here because it is our passion and in a market flooded with products that compete, with cheap ingredients and no guarantees we have found  that if someone leaves and tries something else they always come back, because nothing can compare! 


Thank you for supporting us over the years, thank you for the testimonials and the emails about how well your animals do on our products! 





Happy Horse Meadow Mix --


We have a couple of herbal blends that are all time favorite sellers, with one being our Winter Blend that is available from fall to winter but the other being the Happy Horse Meadown Mix which is a spring and summer favorite, this blend has cut and sifted herbs with lots of peppermint, then we add rose petals, calendula, yarrow, dandelion, chamomile, along with a few others in this blend.


Your horse will love you when you add this blend to bucket feed, sprinkled over their hay, or in the event you need to medicate your horses it is a great way to hide that as well!


Use coupon code HHMM for 10% off this blend and your horse will love you for the low sugar and low starch all natural treat!


You can find this blend under ESR Products, Herbal Treats!




I have had a lot of calls this past month from owner's of dogs and cat who have allergies, upper respiratory and skin, and what I have been recommending is colostrum powder and either K-9Zyme of the Kitty-Zyme and everyone has either called back or emailed that this has really really helped their pets, so if your dog or cat is haivng some issues lets get their "guts" healthy and see if we can help you prevent some vet bills too by doing some things more naturally!


Wish upon all the stars and dream of all your tomorrows as the moon lights your pathways.  I have dreamed many dreams and wished upon many stars and still do in order to manifest my dreams!  Stay positive, see it happeneing and it will when the time is right!
















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