May 2014

It is the first of May, Happy Happy May, as the flowers are bursting forth, we have already had our first heat wave, and a gopher ate my rose bush!  Bummer!  Planting some other bushes with gopher baskets this weekend to protect them!


But my Iris are blooming and beautiful, the peach and apple tree have fruit set as do the red pears!  Life is good on the ranch ~ have had a few health challenges with the horses of late but we are working through them with the help of my friend Monique from Hay Pillows, a custom vitamin mix from Horse Tech to balance to the hay I feed, my vet Dr Moss and my long time friend and Farrier Lee Ward ~ not looking forward to fly season, but have Predators and fly traps on the way!



The Iris above is from Elk Meadow Farm and Nursery out of Idaho!


Mother's Day   
Oh if I could just go back in time, to a place and time where I was able to share just one more Mother's Day together with my Mom, my Granny, and my Auntie Ena ~ I know I can go there in my mind & heart, it is the physical presence I miss, the sound of laughter, their voices; for all the years we had together, all the cups of tea and conversation, and the love we all shared.  Happy Mother's Day to all of you, be it Fur Mom or real Mom, enjoy the day!


Well, it seems as though April has been one of the toughest months of this new year, at least it seemed that way to me, and felt that way too, because of the two jarring lunar eclipses shaking up our days; Mother Earth has also been groaning with all of the big earth quakes; then you add to that a Grand Cardinal Cross which brought much angst to many.


Wow I am grateful we are now in to May and some kinder energy will be surrounding us!.



After spending the past month in the intense energy of the eclipses and the Cardinal Cross, the intensity should all start to be a faded memory soon. It is time to start manifesting our hopes wishes and dreams and begin to thrive, to really grow!


NOW is the time to start to hatch those plans that have been incubating for many months or that were set aside.... oh the places you're/we're going to go, if we just trust, focusing on the positive as well as things close to our hears, the things you will and can do if you just believe!


It is time that we manifest our heart's desires with lightness, ease and grace. So choose wisely and well, and, for good ness sakes choose ONLY the people, places and things who make you happy and who fill your heart with joy!





Fly Control - General Natural Pest Control too!


It really is time to start thinking fly control all over the country -  Earth Song Ranch has partnered up with Spaulding Labs (Fly Predators) and we are now offering them on our web site!  You will see the Spaulding Link when you go in to the store!


Earth Song Ranch has used the Spaulding Lab's products successfully for years, probably more than 10 years and notice a huge difference around the barn and the property!  We use the predators, the Star Mark fly traps for the barn and odor no more in the stalls!


It is also important to naturally repel flies from your horses too, and one of our favorites, and that of my horse's is Buggzo Buggzo is a pelleted Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, B-1 and DE product that we also sell, it is manufactureed by Horse Tech, and we are offering it at 5% off this month, for the entire month of May!  Use coupon code BZ5 to get your discount on check out!



For those of you battling ants DE (diatimatious earth) is a great all natural product that you can sprinkle around the foundation of your home or barn and keep the ants out!  I also mix it with Dawn dish soap and pour it down red ant hills effectively as well!


For those of you who have dogs who are flea magnets, Dawn Dish Soap is a great "shampoo" kills the fleas and cleans the dog, especially dogs with oily coat!

What is it about Cushings this year?


This past week has been a record setting one in that I have received 10 calls/emails from people new to Earth Song Ranch products, with horses they are suspecting of having Cushings or Pre-Cushings.  I usually get three or four per month not 10 in one week!!!   All of these owner's want to treat their horses more naturally - not with Pergolide or the other drugs now out there.  They all are seaking alternatives wanting the best for their horse(s).


Could it be that this harsh winter brought it on by stress, or just that they produced heavier coats to deal with the cold and are not shedding them out so that the owner's would know?  I don't have the answers to that, but I do have some supportive and preventative products that we have offered for years and have really helped many horses with pre or full blown Cushings!


I worry about my own horses and just how much chemical stuff they are being exposed to in their hay, not sure of the answer to this all, but do know that our Cushings-Zyme has helped many along with the Chaste Tree Berry Tea which is a fresh version of Evitex at 1/4 the price and affordable to all! Kelp is also a great supportive "herb" !   Cushing-Zyme contains kelp, chaste tree berry, stevia, parsley and other supportive herbs.  My 20 years old mare High Wind Echo is on the Chaste Tree Berry Tea and also CushingsZyme, along with a homeopathic remedy, and it has kept her fit and with really no signs of the disease.


As many know Cushings is a Pitituary disorder, and many are beginning to think it is becoming more common due to the "Round Up" ready crops (alfalfa for one) and the over use of Round Up as well, which affects the body in so many ways, it affects the thyroid and the pituitary and not for good either!





I have a new batch of herbs arriving this week to make a new batch of CushingZyme - so I am offering CushingZyme  at 15% off from May 4th through the 10th!  Use coupon code CZ15.  And with each order I will send you a packet of Chaste Tree Berry Tea which makes one quart ~ free!




You Asked and We Listened!


Many of you emailed about wanting Equine Zyme and Equine Zyme Plus in foil pouches, many did not want to start collecting buckets and would rather re-fill buckets with the foil bags...


Starting May 1st we have the 3.5# and the 7# Equine Zyme and Equine Zyme Plus in foil pouches and you save from $2 to $2.50 on your selection by going foil!