Mid - May Newsletter  ---



It's almost the middle of May ....Memorial Day is not far away......then we are on to Summer!


The weather seems to finally be turning spring like throughout most of the country now --- the orders for fly spray concentrate, No Fly Zone, Buggzo and other products are picking up!  Summer Whinny's are beginning to be in demand again as well to protect our horses legs from the biting flies!  People are looking for the latest and greatest in fly masks as well!


Dog owner's too are beginning to contact us for the Lyme nosode, paratox, and the Heart Worm nosodes,  we are also selling a lot more of the K-9 Zyme and Joint Juice for dogs!  Owner's are finding our Avocado Oil for dogs for healthier coat and skin!


People are finally getting out more with their horses, and a lot of the rides for the endurance people are really picking up --- I stopped by one over the weekend to drop off product to one of my customers and could not believe the sea of rigs parked for the 25 and 50 mile rides!  It seems as though many areas of the country are hopping right over spring and going straight to summer!  


Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day this past weekend -- we had some pretty high temperatures and beautiful blue skies to go with that as well!  It was a beautiful and peaceful Mother's Day here!



The "cottage" was moved in next to the barn and now I am busy setting up shop, setting up scales, purchasing new bags, the new heat sealer arrived, and the metal shelving is in place for storage, so I will begin to blend as well as package the Earth Song Ranch herbal blends from Herbal Wormer to Herbal Hoof & Joint, MareZyme, Senior Zyme and the TummyZyme here on the ranch for all of your horses! 


Earth Song Ranch is also now big enough to possible begin shipping with UPS --- we have the volume, that is for sure, but not sure of the pricing, or if UPS can be competitive, am getting the pricing from them this wee, it may be higher then the USPS, but would sure be more convenient then me having to drive to the post office, so we will see what the options are for all of you and maybe offer both and let you decide!   I know one thing that UPS does not have the issues that the USPS has, and you can track your packages as well!


I for one am buying more and more of the produce coming in to the market, and I found this handy guide that shows the produce with the most and the least amount of pesticides used so thought I would share it with all of you!  Unfortunately some of my favorite seasonal fruits and veges are in the "highest" category so I try to buy organic when available!








Are any of you planting or have you planted summer vegetable gardens?  I have not had a chance to do that so may hold off and do a fall/ winter garden instead -- I have planted fruit trees, honey suckle and pink jasmine, and am going to get some other jasmine this week to plant along the fence lines.  I have also planted boysenberry, black berry and raspberry bushes and will use some of the leaves as they grow for the horses.  The Mulberry tree will be wonderful too as mulberry is anti-inflammatory for the horses as well!


I have been composting manure to get the vegetable garden area ready and have been watering all the trees on the property bringing them all back to life from their long winter slumber.  There is crape myrtle, mimosa, ash, and some junipers.  The drip system has been put back in place, the timers are on for night time "dripping" and all is well and growing more beautiful by the minute!


It is also too late to plant my horse herb garden, but I will be doing this next year for sure with mint, chamomile, dandelion and more.


I am in the process of readying an area around the pear trees and the mulberry tree to plant a summer flower garden in the next couple of weeks including sunflowers that grow to 10-12 feet tall!  I will also be planting bulbs in that same area in the fall!











 "Magic happens when you tell the universe what you want it to do for you; miracles happen when you ask how you can be of service to the universe." ~ Marianne Williamson ~ Black heart (cards)








Specials For Second Half of May


For the second half of May our Herbal Hoof and Joint is 15 % Off using coupon code HJ15, it is so important to support your horses hoof and joint health as you all begin to ride more in the wonderful weather we have coming up  ---


Tummy Zyme is 20% off through the end of the month use coupon code TZ20 for those of you who have horses who are prone to tummy issues be it ulcers or gas, or just want to support them more!


One of our all time favorite products, Horseprin is on sale for 15% off, this is an herbal alternative to bute or other chemical pain relief or anti-inflammatory things you may use from time to time, it has yucca, white willow bark, tumeric, and yarrow to name a few of the herbs!  Use coupon code HP15.




Sharing our Newsletters and FB


Earth Song Ranch continues to grow,  and expand with this year being no exception to that.  Over the years our business has grown by word of mouth, writing articles on equine health, and by all of you so generously sharing our FB page, sharing our Newsletters on FB, on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as Google+!


I want to thank you in advance for helping us continue to grow this year so that we can help more people with their animals, share more of the wonderful natural products we manufacturer, sell, and use daily, so that other people can live a more natural life.


Behind the scenes there are a lot of changes going on at Earth Song Ranch, and I will be sharing with all of you about that in the coming summer months, we will be offering medicinal mushroom matrix for horses, people and dogs soon, we will also be doing more with other peoples products, and we are in the process of designing a few of our own new organic blends besides!






Mare Zyme --


Having a barn full of mares I understand some of their needs more then most, and each is so different then the next.  Some have a hard time with they cycles and become pretty "witchy" in early spring, and some just fly through without any notice!


Over the years Mare-Zyme evolved and changed as more and more people became aware that herbal blends were far better then chemicals from the vet to ease their mares through this part of the year.


The Mare-Zyme is a blend of supportive herbs including raspberry leaf, wild yam, and chamomile to name a few, blended in a base of EquineZyme Plus!


I am mixing a new batch today, probably the last of the season as it is a very seasonal product, kind of like the Winter Stable Blend! 

(the below photo is so much like one of my mare'sCheyanne --- she would be doing this with a kid for sure!)



Please be mindful this time of year about grazing times and your IR/Mebatolic horses, have even had emails and phone calls from people who have turned out their pony or their horses at night only for grazing to have them become laminitic because the grass was still to rich with too much sugar even during those hours --- make sure your horses are on the Equine Zyme so their guts are healthy, they can handle the spring weeds and grasses more easily and they are able to digest their feed stuffs and the grass as well!


Wish upon all the stars and dream of all your tomorrows as the moon lights your pathways and we are between the eclipse points with the next eclipse being on the 25th of this month.












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