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 November is here....


I could not believe my eyes yesterday when I went to town and happened to go to Home Depot, everything was decorated for Christmas.... I thought, WOW..... then I go to WalMart and behold, everything there is also Christmas ready, from bulbs to lights, wrapping paper, and ornaments, we were only one day past Halloween and a month away from Thanksgiving which is late this year, November the 28th!


My thoughts in November turn to family, past and present, and to what is the meaning of Thanksgiving other then "stuffing" ourselves on holiday food and drink.  What did it use to mean, and what has it become, but more importantly what has "Christmas" become over the years?  Is it a marketing tool or just a buying frenzy of things we do not need, or is it to bring family and friends together on a special day, a day to celebrate our personal beliefs and religions?


I am someone who is very sentimental, and tradition plays a roll in my house, in my life during the holiday season especially, it is my way to honor family that has crossed over, that played such a roll in my life, the life of my children as I carry on some of that which made our family "our family" over the years, decorations, ornaments and certain dishes to make for Thanksgiving.  My daughter and her family will make the trek up to the high desert and we will enjoy all the family favorites on the table!


My decorations and tree will not go up until a week or so in to December, and I am purchasing a living tree to put on the deck this year with lights! 


November is also a time when the weather really does change, it is colder, it is sometimes dreary beyond belief, the wood burning stove will warm the house, it is a time to reflect back on the year and count the blessings that we each have. 


In honor of Thanksgiving and giving gratitude, on my Earth Song Ranch FB page for each day of November I am posting a personal gratitude each day along with gratitude art I have saved and asking those who follow to also post, it shows just how much we have to be grateful for.  My FB page is Earth Song Ranch  come follow us or Like the page for the month of November.




Seasons from the Unity Daily Word 11.02.13


I embrace the present moment.

I may favor a particular season over others. I might prefer the stillness of winter to the warmth of summer or the freshness of spring to the crispness of autumn. All seasons have their precious qualities. Even if I enjoy one season more than another, I never hurry away the present moment.


This autumn day is a gift from Spirit, and I cherish every minute of it. I am awake and alive as I breathe in this sacred gift.


God is expressing through the turning of the leaves and the chill in the air. God is manifesting through me as I embrace today and appreciate the beauty of Creation.


Rather than dwell on another time, past or future, I revel in the magnificent power of the Holy Presence that is eternally in season.

I will place my dwelling in your midst.—Leviticus 26:11

Equine Nutrition and

So Much More

The Thrifty Horse


News from the Barn



Equine Nutrition and So Much More!


I just want to give all of you a heads up that Dr Getty has some books available on several subjects that are valuable too all horse owners.  The one I recommend is the one on Digestion it will help explain a lot to you on the horses digestive tract which most people do not know much about.  Dr Getty is a firm believer in probiotics as well.  I also recommend her books on Cushings and on Laminits too!  The link is below, the order form for her books is at the endo of the page on the links.    Dr. Getty's New Books.


When I took my course work through the University of Edinburg on Equine Nutrition Dr Getty's Books was used extensively for course materials,  I learned so much from that course, from going through my copy of Dr Getty's book again and have been able to share with quite a few of my customers to help their horses and balance their nutritional needs as well!











Thrifty Horse


As we go in to the colder months, I always encourage my customers to have several herbs on hand just in case.  Some of those are Peppermint Leaf, Ginger Root, Rosemary, Meadow Sweet and White Willow Bark Powder.  The Peppermint and Ginger Root are for horses who may have digestive upsets from the cold, and White Willow Bark & Meadow Sweet is for those who may feel achy due to the cold.  Rosemary is antibacterial and antiviral and I use it for runny noses. 


There are so many herb companies out there these days, and I use a number of them for my products, as most herbs come from around the world and are not grown in the USA for the most part.  I do have one herb company I use out of Oregon for some herbs, and another out of Oregon for others.


Herbalcom.com is one that is reasonable in price and charges a one time fee for shipping and handling no matter the size of the order!










News from the Barn


We are still working on the formulations for Equine Zyme and Equine Zyme Plus but feel confident we will have Equine Zyme once again on the web site sometime this month.  We are happy with the new blends thus far.  The New Equine Zyme will no longer have Vitamin C, MSM or Colostru, but will be packed with a high potency yeast, yeast culture, and more probiotics per scoop and some additional ones added, we will also be adding a new pre-biotic and of course the MOS.  We listened to many over the years who did not want MSM or Vitamin C, and will offer those separately, and will be offering Colostrum again in the near future as well in bulk as we have in the past!


The New EquineZyme plus is totally new, and will have 12 herbs that support digestion, it is out for taste testing in the moment, and to a couple of pHd horse Nutritionists for review as well.


I was so hoping for a much smoother transition, but with the change in manufacturers, the economy the way it has been, the government shut down bringing so many small businesses to their knees the timing really was perfect.  There are no mistakes in the Universe.  I have not seen sales this slow or low since the 2008 recession.  I know it will get better, I have so many long term and loyal customers and I thank you all for your understanding and your patience as Earth Song Ranch transitions through with the new web site, new products and new blends!


Most of the other products have been selling well, and we are making a 4th batch of Winter Blend and a 2nd batch this week of Happy Horse Meadow mix along with a new batch of Joint Juice. 


Senior Zyme seems to also be flying out the front gate, as many of those who have senior horses are helping them with this herbal blend which contains herbs for supporting the elders with their winter aches and pains including white willow bark and meadow sweet. 


The Herbal Wormer is still available, but as we hit the hard freezes it is something that can be put aside until spring, except for out here in the western states where we feed it till December in most areas.


Free Shipping will be in a separate Newsletter and will be from the 11th to the 15th of November so be watching for that!  All Horse Tech Products always have free shipping by the way!


We are offering Gut Werkz by Horse Tech as a substiture until our new version of Equine Zyme is back on the web site!  So go to Horse Tech on our web site and scroll to near the bottom and you will find it there.  Gut Werkz is what I am feeding my horses in the interim as well!


Richest Belssings Everyone as We Move in to This Holiday Season! 








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