October 2013 Newsletter  ---


We are finally moving in to fall ya'll in our part of the country, nights this past week have been in the mid 30's, so blankets are on the horses, they get a bit more hay in their hanging Hay Pillows at night as well.   The air seems crisper during the day, and the skies seem to be a different color of blue.


The days shortening with the sun coming up later and setting way too early, are a visual reminder of winter to come!  I find myself having to turn on the barn lights to get my chores done before 7 pm, so am going to have to feed earlier and get things done earlier as well.


August and September I really have to admit that I took on way too many projects, as well as completion of my business plan, the new Website to build and complete, new art work for advertising, a couple of articles to write for magazines, and today, my Dad's birthday, October 1st is the day we finish all of the work on the web site, and the planned launch of the new Earth Song Ranch website/shopping cart will be October 2nd.  I really love the format, and I love all the pages and how they feel!  I hope you do too!  Would love for you to email me your comments when you take a look at the new site!


For any of you who have ever undertaken a web site, it is a lot of work, it takes on a life of its own, and soemtimes you just want to scream, other days you have to walk away from it and just go outside.  I can tell you that this one has taken more time then the old one, and it has been a challenge and I have had to learn new things and do so many things differently....so it has pushed out the edges of my envelope on more then one occasion!


The web site may still have a few kinks to work out, so please be patient with us, I still need to add UPS shipping, there are a couple new products coming that will need to be added,  I have a new merchant service company so hope all goes well there too, and know that we are a very secure site and carry an ssl certificate to make double sure of that as well!


My Dad, William Alan Millet would have been 91 years old today if he had not had the health challenges that diabetes brings.  This November it will be 21 years that he crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with all the animals he so dearly loved in this life time.  This is one of the last photos of my Dad andf his dog  Daizee.  My Dad was a character, he was tough, he had integrity, and he was fair, his word and a hand shake were all you needed to know about him!  Sometimes as I do chores around the ranch I feel him with me, and I feel him smiling too, knowing that he is happy for me with the life I have and all the animals I love!  He is sharing it in spirit along with my Mom as they look down from heaven, and that each day I help to make a difference in the lives of so many animals and their owners!  It is the life I was meant to lead in so many ways.




Annie Rose, our mini now has her own stall and it has no climb wire on the front to keep her safe.  Destinee and she have free access to their stalls and their big turn out pen together during the day with a shelter, they have their Hay Pillows hanging and ground.   Fencing was mended, and new sand was put in all the stalls and under the shelters. 


Almost all projects on my list have been completed now, except for one which are the stock gate panels with V-mesh at the front of the property to keep the horses in and the coyotes out!


Am also in the process of blanket training Annie as well, not that she needs a blanket as she is used to Iowa winters, it will make me feel better on those below zero nights and I do blankets maybe the spring grooming won't be so bad, with a blanket I won't worry about her as much when we really get in to the cold weather.


One of the new products is out for testing and review with several of our customers, and we sure hope that we can offer those to you in the next few months time, especially the herbal total digestive product for your horses and dogs!








One of the very best things you can do to save yourself money on vet bills to is feed your horses either Equine Zyme of EquineZyme Plus on a regular basis. 


How you will save money in the long run is on vet bills as you will help to prevent most forms of gas colic, and in some cases impaction colic because of the probiotics and digestive enzymes we use to help your horses process and digest thier feed stuffs including hay and bucket feeds. 


There are quite a few barns around the country these days who are using our products, for the most part Equine Zyme and Equine Zyme Plus and they have noted the drop in vet calls, espeically in the fall and winter months.  Our products were designed as "preventative"  as well as health enhancing.












Photo: Another view


News from the Barn --


All is well at the barn in the moment, all projects completed including a dusk to dawn light, barn lights and motion detector light at the back of the bar; all horses have big areas to move all day long, and Annie Rose is parasite free, whoo hooo!


It is now time to clean out the tack room, to go through all the blankets, move the summer stuff to the back and the fall/winter stuff to the front, find what we don't need and share with the neighbor's horses. 


It is also time to put a coat of paint on the back side of the barn that gets the most amount of weather be it sun or the driving rain from the west.  I sometimes enjoy painting and I am going to enjoy getting this little project done soon along with painting the deck railing on the house and choosing a deck coating as well!


I did a consult with Lydia Hiby on Annie Rose to find out what she needed and maybe how old she was, how many babies she had had, that sort of things and she told Lydia she was closer to 10 then to 6 years old, that she had had 3 babies and one had died.  She loves purple and her halter and fly mask are purple, and she has a winter blanket that is also purple.  She also shared with Lydia that she would like to do some driving and maybe pull a cart!


I then did a health consult with Dr Denice Moffat, and Annie is still clearing stuff, her immune system compromised and we are rebuilding that, and her thyroid needs some support as well so we are working on all of that with kelp, horse size doses of EquineZyme Plus and rose hips.


Annie Rose had her first chiropractic adjustment and loved it!  Poor little thing has her neck and back way out and she yawned and then went and laid in the sun and slept for some time after, it must have really felt good to have gotten adjusted!


All of the horses and the dogs will be getting a chiropractic the end of the month to sort out anything from all the summer activities!  We love Dr Cheryl Ricketts-Mulvey from San Marcos, she is the best!


It is also time for dental for Echo and Cheyanne so that too is being scheduled!


How about your horses, cats and dogs, do you follow a schedule of supportive health appointments?







I inclued this photo because so much seems to be unfolding, so much is changing and so much is coming with unknown blessings on their way!   Our lives are ever changing and there are so many shifts occurring these days in our relationships with not only one another but with the world at large, and in our business too and those we choose to do business with. 


In the new shopping cart we have new products we are selling, including Vitamin E, a new Vitamin C, the Nutra Flax we have always carried, you can find these under Earth Song Ranch products, then Feed Additives,  we are carrying Skodes Horse Treats, and have some new products that we have not loaded yet and a company or two that have new web sites also in production and coming soon.  We also have two new manufacturer's who will be blending out new Earth Song Ranch products, one of which is an herbal blend for total digestive health! 


Special ---  As a thank you for being with us and shopping with us in our new shopping cart, I am offereing 10% off your entire order, of $50 or more so please use the discount code Launch on check out, from the new shopping cart and remember it is case sensitive, and will be active on the Launch of the new web site hopefully tomorrow, October 2nd.








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As you all know we are passionate about natural health for your animals, for ours too - from kittens to puppies, working dogs, senior dogs, house cats to barn cats and our equine friends from the tiniest memeber of the herd to the most senior of members!






















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