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It's May Already......Can that really be?


Our weather has been so darn weird this year, it has been cold and rainy far longer then normal, but we are still under in the amount of rain we need.  The Spring Equinox and Easter have passed by, now it is Mother's Day, soon Memorial Day and the kick off to summer around here, and kids getting out of school!  All I can say is WOW time is flying this year as always, it just seems to fly faster some how, and go by more quickly!  I thought life would be easier and less complicated with computers and smart phones at our finger tips but it seems that is not the case at all and they seem to cause us more work and worry!


So this news letter is dedicated to Mom's be it our real Mom, Horse Mom's and people who play the role of Mom ------ and our Mare's!


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Our Mom's sure play an important role in our lives, they teach us how to care, how to love, how to nuture and so much more.  As I get older I find myself doing some of the same things my Mom did that bugged me - funny how that happens....I would give almost anything to see my Mom one more time, to have a cup of tea with her, to take one of our trips to TJ Maxx shopping, to go to Ashland, Or to all the little shops especially Paddington Station (our favorite)to just sit and chat about the day, about what has been going on, about my kids, her grand-kids that she loved so so much, and take a walk with the dogs, take her to go feed the horses with me as she always loved that, and feeding carrots too!


Treasure your Mom's if you still have them around, forgive them their foibles and their weaknesses, they did the best they could with the tools given to them.  They loved us no matter what, kissed our scraped knees, gave us a hug when we needed it and tried to help us understand how to navigate life.


My Mom was one of those special ones, she was my best friend and confidant, and no matter what she was there for me and to cheer me on.


My Mom changed worlds going on 6 years ago unexpectedly and my life has never been the same without her. 


So love them while you have them on the planet, give them an extra hug on Mother's Day and tell your Mom you love her, because you never know!


For Mother's Day I alway treat Echo to a "salon treatment day " with massage and photonic light, carrots and apples and she loves it, she was/is mom to Destinee Rose and by default to Cheyanne Rose too and continues to parent both!


And it doesn't matter if she is still here with you or in heaven, just like in the movie Ghost, they take the love with them when they go.....







There are certain people in my life I proudly call "friend" and Melanie is one of them she is someone I am proud to know and making a difference in the life of some horses, dogs and cats, along with a pig or two.... her rescue is amazing, and she writes wonderful books which would be great Mother's Day gifts for your horse or dog loving Mom!  I love paying it forward to friends and people I know who have great products!  I also include Lisa Ross-Williams in that below, and Ferrell Hollow Farms Gifts!~



Hoof Prints: More Stories from Proud Spirit


Readers were introduced to the graceful heart of Melanie Sue Bowles in her first book, The Horses of Proud Spirit. They learned how as an adult who knew nothing about horses she acquired her first one, Cody, a troubled Thoroughbred mare who taught her how to communicate with horses. One horse led...




Another great book for your horse loving Mom or for your self is Lisa Ross-Williams "Down to Earth Natural Horse Care"  The book natural care advocates have been waiting for. Full color photos, 26 chapters, and an extensive resource guide. Deemed by noted authorities to be the ultimate reference book about natural horse care, Down-to-Earth Natural Horse Care is an all-inclusive guide with easy-to-implement natural suggestions for the horseís healthy body and mind.


Down to Earth Natural Horse Care







Wonderful Mother's Day Gift Baskets! 


Hello all,  I am sharing this from Ferrell Hollow Farms for an idea for two wonderful Mother's Day Baskets for your favorite Mom's or Family Members, I love her hand made cremes, my favorite is Lavendar and I use it every night on my hard working hands:


Recently Cindy saw a sign that read something like: ďI work hard, so my horses can have a better lifeĒ and boy is that ever true for me! Cindy currently has 5 very special needs horses that she has chosen to adopt over the past few years, that require a lot of time, commitment and financial support. Her promise to them is to care for them to the absolute best of her abilities, for as long as they are with her. Proceeds from all products that she makes and sells go towards their care!


Ferrell Hollow Farm is excited to offer Gift Baskets for Motherís Day!



Lavender & Calendula or Peppermint & Calendula

Gift baskets filled with Ferrell Hollow Farmís all natural body care products!

Choose from two different baskets for only $45 and receive a FREE gift!

All sets include gift wrapping, gift card and are ready to give!

Order by Sunday May 6 to ensure timely delivery!


Lavender & Calendula Set

Lavender Body Scrub, Lavender Cream & Calendula Balm

The Dead Sea salt in the Lavender Scrub combats stress, balances skin moisture and relaxes muscles. The shea butter in the Lavender Cream penetrates deep into the skin to help restore elasticity and softens the skin.


The Lavender Body Scrub and Lavender Cream have a clean, fresh, calming aroma to reduce stress and uplift the mood!



Peppermint & Calendula Set

Peppermint Scrub, Peppermint Cream & Calendula Balm

The Peppermint Scrub contains Himalayan pink salt, which is one of the purest salts on earth and naturally rich in 84 nourishing and skin-replenishing minerals. Himalayan salt has long been praised for its healing benefits; and is known for stimulating circulation, soothing sore muscles, and removing toxins.


The Peppermint Cream is rich in shea butter, which has fantastic moisturizing and healing properties for skin. It penetrates deep to help restore elasticity.

Using these natural peppermint products will be a renewing and therapeutic experience for mind & body!



Each basket includes one of our most popular products Calendula Balm, which is beneficial for healing wounds, soothing dry, cracked or chapped skin in both people and animals and taking the sting out of bug bites! It has a very mild, natural scent, making it exactly what those with sensitive skin need.


Cindy Daigre, owner of Ferrell Hollow Farmís Equine Senior Retirement Farm, is continually inspired by the beauty of the gardens she lovingly cares for and regularly creates natural body care products based on the plants surrounding her home. As with all of our products, only cruelty-free ingredients are used.


To Order: www.ferrellhollowfarm.net/Store.html








By Dr. Becker  (Although this article is geared to dogs, horses benefit so much from regular chiropractic! jl)

Many pet owners don't think about animal chiropractic when their beloved dog or cat is injured, in pain, or becomes ill.  (Or for their horses either for that matter)


And that's really unfortunate, because often a visit to a small animal chiropractor can put your pet on the road to recovery much more quickly and safely than other alternatives.


Chiropractic adjustments can often take the place of surgery.

They can reduce or eliminate the need for veterinary drugs that carry side effects.


They can also address chronic health problems that don't get better or keep coming back.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Pets

A chiropractic adjustment or manipulation is a specific impulse directed at a joint to reduce fixation and re-establish normal movement.


Adjustments clear the way for the body to return to a state of balance without the interference of a subluxation, which is a vertebral lesion.


Adjustments are done to the joints of the spine and also the extremities.


Chiropractic can treat animals with back, neck, leg and tail pain; muscle spasms; nerve problems; traumatic injuries; difficulty chewing, TMJ or jaw problems; and stiffness from arthritis.

It can also alleviate some bowel, bladder and other internal medicine conditions.


And for healthy animals, it can maintain the integrity of the joints and spine.


(We here in our area of San Diego County are fortunate to have one of the best animals chiropractors, Dr Cheryl Ricketts-Mulvey... my horses are adjusted monthly and the dogs a couple times per year! She also goes to Riverside Co and her info is listed on our web site, in the Contact Us section - she is also a human chriopractor and Cheryl shares her birthday with Echo and I so we are kindred spirits on the journey! jl)






In loving memory of my Mom, My Granny Millett (98.5 years), my Grandma Mac, Great Grandma Gamble (99 years), Auntie Ena, and Great Auntie May ( 98.5  years of living - who learned to ride a Harley at 90 years young, and flew over to England to see her homland one more time at age 95!)  for all the Mother's Days we celebrated together, and for all of you helping me to become the person I am today, Thank You, I love you and miss you all!





May 2nd is a special day in our house hold, we have two birthdays to celebrate, Destinee Rose will be 10 yeras old and Tucker will be 3!   They have so enriched our lives and Tucker just bounds through the day with endless energy with Tess, and Destinee has been my teacher and has been such a wonderful and brave little horse!  It is also my brother John's birthday on May 7th!



-Have you wormed your horse yet?  Special on Paratox and Herbal Wormer!


This is the time of year that parasite are most active and that your horse may need some special attention --- Paratox from the new moon to the full moon then Herbal Wormer for the 5 nights during the full moon cycle done every other month through October is a winning combination for parasite control for most horses this time of year!


Paratox is also great for your dogs and cats, easy to use, just add to their drinking water, it is a homeopathic so very safe and non chemical -


I am offering Paratox at 5% off use PT5 as the coupon code and I am offering Herbal Wormer from May 1st to May 10th at 10% off use coupon code HW10.


Thank you everyone for taking me up on the two day special the end of April!  Everyone benefits when I run these quickies!


I will send out an e-newsletter mid May with more specials, am going to offer Vitamin C, Kelp, MSM and Zephyr's Garden Fly Spray and Fly Spray Concentrate at a discount, as well as maybe a couple of the herbal blends I do not offer often on special due to the cost of the herbs and making those blends!


Be looking for free shipping coming in June on orders over $100.00 for a limited time!









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