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August 10th 2014




I Want to Thank All of You from my Heart, I am Humbled, Grateful and Blessed to Have Had the Support You All Gave These Past Two Weeks...

I cannot express in words the heart felt gratitude I have for all of you, for all of the emails, the cards, the FB posts, the caring, the thoughts as well as the sharing, and the love during this time of transition for Destinee and for myself without her in my life, our lives. The outpouring of generoisty in sales and donations was something that touched me deeply and allowed us to bring Diamond and Dazzle home early to be with Annie Rose as she also transitions from care taker to little mini with friends.  Thank You!


In this life time Destinee was my teacher ~ she was a dream come true from the moment I found the stallion I wanted to breed Echo to, from the day we did the sona-gram and saw the nice fat little blob that became Destinee Rose right there to be seen on the screen where my hopes, wishes and dreams grew day by day with her. 


She was with me from the day I birth her and held her in my lap on the ground and she took her first breath, on that 2nd day of May, to the day that I held her when she took her last.  Not many can say that or have shared this experience, of the deep abiding love as well as the connection I had with this beautiful little horse.  I was so richly blessed for the 12 years we had together, and for her mother too, Hywynd Echo, who I still have.


Destinee started her journey of being health challenged 8 or 9 years ago after contracting EPM, then she became laminitic during that time which then sent me in to the bare foot trimming movement, then for a few years she was pretty good, had to wear boots part of the time, so I became knowledgeable on hoof boots, she still had some effect of the EPM, which would show up from time to time; then there were some metabolic issues unknown to the vets and we didn't really know how to treat, she would often get the cortisole release in the fall and have a bout with laminitis, and sometimes in the spring, which then catapulted me in to equine nutrition, homeopathy for horses, non-chemical herbal wormers, hay analysis, hair tests and so much more including magnetic therapy and photonic light, and the list goes on.  Because of EquineZyme, Colostrum, and a variety of herbs her immune system was incredible and she was able to overcome so many things and stay as healthy as she could for as long as she did.


Because of the knoweldge I gained because of Destinee Rose I have been able to help so many other horses around the country and the world with the experience that she alone gave to me and for that I will always be grateful.


She was one tough little horse who went through a lot, she touched all the healers who helped her along the way, the trimmers, friends as well as family members and I gave her the best I could afford, the best winter blankets, the best custom blended supplements, the best organic hay when I could get it, the best hay pellets, essential oils, natural fly sprays, and for the last 18 months of her life I was able to give her our own ranch, peace, wonderful well water, a wonderful climate, stars at night, clean air, a big pen to be able to move around in, a barn when the weather was bad and I was able to give her her little Mini Annie Rose for the last year to be her constant buddy and companion. 


I started to have the inner knowing that my time with her was growing shorter, but I wanted to bury my head in the sand to tell you the truth,  I gave her horseprin and some bute to keep her comfortable, and as the weeks went by I could see she wanted to go out to the big area less and less, and then the last two weeks she didn't even want to go out to her "outie" so I knew, and I finally called Auntie Lydia Hiby, and then I knew and knew what I had to do .. so I went down to the barn and sat with her in her stall.....



"and she looked deep into my eyes

and she said 'YOU have always been the center of my universe

I have loved YOU always'

I pressed my head into hers and assured her that I was here

as I had always been here

and she looked deep into my heart

and she asked me 'How much do you love me?'

and I stroked her face, soothingly, and closed her eyes as I replied

"With all my heart...'

and then, she looked deep into my soul

and she asked me

'Do you love me enough to let me go?'

and I held her close and replied softly...





And so it was on a beautiful blue sky morning on July 25th at 10:30 am Destinee Rose was set free from a body that no longer served her ~ she had accomplished her mission on earth to teach, she was released with dignity and as we took our last walk to the back side of the barn I knew she saw the horses who had come for her, Topper, Raffla, Chocolate, Mochomotion, and Sheba, along with my Dad who was there for her as well to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge to her journey in time a she transitioned from this life to the next.


She was a horse who did everything I ever asked of her and then some..... A Khemosabi grandaughter, a Mexico V daughter, with all of Khemo's chrome and his vibrato to go with it!  My Destinee Rose now runs, bucks, and plays with the heavenly herd, including Khemo and we will see each other again some day....




One of my favorite photos of the day we brought Annie Rose home and Destinee was taking a nap, she looked up and they greeted each other and touched noses, they were friends for the rest of her life.





The above photo is Diamond, Annie Rose and Dazzle the first day they were all out together!



As I had shared with Destinee before she left, I had made arrangements to get Diamond and Dazzle, that Annie would not be alone for long.


My friend Kate and I drove up to Norco on the 1st of August to bring Diamond and Dazzle home to Earth Song Ranch ~ the people, Dianne and Nels who had taken such good care of Diamond for this past year were so sorry to see them go; they had tears in their eyes.  But they knew they would have a wonderful home with us.


So after we had pulled the truck and trailer to the appointed place, it was time to see if Diamond would be able to step up, or be willing, Kate walked her to the trailer and to all of our delight she just jumped right in, the baby was still in the pen, and we thought about putting a halter on her but instead let her loose and she came up to the trailer, never having been in one, but seeing her mom, we put her little front feet up on the trailer floor and she too jumped right in!  Didn't take more than 10 minutes to get everyone in and settled and a bit of hay for the ride home!


Diamond has to be one of the most friendly gentle little mini's that is the gift she gives in her gentle ways.  Somewhere along the way she had an eye injury that was not treated so her right eye is there but atrophied, however, she gets along just fine with one!  Her filly, Dazzle, who will be four months on the 23rd of August is just as sweet and friendly, will come up to you for kisses on the nose and scratches on the shoulder and butt too!


The trailer ride was uneventful, but hot, at 101 degrees in Temecula.  We backed the trailer to the barn when we arrived at the ranch, where I have a berm and the two could just walk right off.  We led Diamond to see Annie through the fence and they touched noses in rememberance, as they were from the same little herd and rescue group that had come in from Iowa last year!  I put Diamond and Dazzle in Destinee's old stall and turn out, they jumped and bucked and ran around and had a great time with Annie looking on from her big turn out.  I had decided a day to settle in before I turned them out together was probably the best thing to do.



The next day after everyone had had breakfast, I turned Annie out, then lead Diamond with Dazzle close behind out to the big mini turn out ~  with tears in my eyes Diamond and Annie were grooming and loving one one another, best of friends who had not seen each other in a year as soon as they touched, and spent the rest of the day grooming each other and the baby. 




The colors of life...

I always like to think of life as a box of crayola crayons there are so many choices, so many colors to choose from and we can choose to stay within the lines or go far beyond to where no one else has ever gone with colors no one has ever seen if we so choose!


The Rainbow Bridge
For it is said that there is a bridge, a very special bridge that awaits us all one day, a bridge that we shall all cross in to the arms of our loved ones, including our horses and pets who have gone on before us... it is called the Rainbow Bridge.




I will be sending out a newsletter on the 15th of August with the month end specials and some other news to share as well as I hope a wonderful article about slow feeders and slow feeding why it is so important for our horses!




I will be making a special Herbal Wormer Blend for the Fall, and will be doing a pre-sale on that  the last week in August.  For those of you in the mid-west and east coasts you really need to get your fecals done the first part of September, find out if your horses have picked up any parasites from the summer,  then do the Herbal Wormer in September as the strongyles will encyst in September / October, followed by a dose of Ivermecterin if necessary on the 6th night, becasue of your horse has small strongyles they can cause intestinal damage and colics.  Go to our articles page (towards the bottom of the articles) and read the article Dr Wessner and I wrote on this subject for Natural Horse Magazine a few years back.



Be looking for that special in the August 15th Newsletter.  I will be adding more Wormwood, pau de arco, pumpkin seed and olive leaf to the batch at no additional cost increase.  If you pre-order you will be guaranteed the wormer for the September full moon.




Thank you everyone for your generosity of spirit and your support during these past two weeks.








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