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In the Beginning
Musings about where we have come from....


Holiday Blog
Thoughts for being in the moment with what is....

The News   
Equine Zyme and Equine Zyme Plus



Specials for the first half of December:


Senior Zyme


For all the Senior Horses out there that need a bit of support this winter, or all year long. 


There are special herbs selected for this blend, in a base of yeast culture, rice bran and MOS, to support the Senior horses, with white willow bark, devils claw, and Queen of the Meadow to help ease the aches and pains brought on in the  cold or wet weather, also herbs that help with digestion too!


Use coupon code SZ10


Herbal Wormer


10 % Off our Herbal Wormer for those of you who still need it!


I am using it one last time this year on the full moon of the 15th thru 17th and then will not use it again until March/April for my horses.  We just had a hard freeze so we will be good till spring.


Use Coupon Code HW10






"There are two ways to live your life..One is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle"


Albert Einstein


Happy Holidays



Does anyone feel the way I do in the moment, not wanting to put up holiday decorations?  Not wanting to believe it is almost the end of yet another year?


I still cannot believe it is December, let alone almost Christmas!  Even the heavy frost on the ground making all things white has not kicked me in to the holiday spirit.


It has been one very busy 2013 with all of the changes at Earth Song Ranch!  Hope all of you are enjoying the new web site, enjoying the new graphics, finding it much easier to navigate; there are new articles in the articles section which appeared in Equine Wellness over the past couple of months.  We have hopefully found all the technical difficulties and cleared those up, making everything easier for all of you!


Cannot believe we have lived on the ranch now for over a years time, and give thanks every day for such a wonderful and wonder filled place to live!




In the Beginning


Back in 1998, we started making Earth Song Ranch herbal supplements in a small office by hand and some with a small manually-powered mixer.  A large international manufacturer was making our Equine Zyme and Equine Zyme Plus in small batches, in their larger mixer, and I was purhasing packaging from them as well.  Then with the help of Dr Anne Smith of Arizona we expanded to K-9 Zyme and Kitty Zyme.


We were about as small as a small company could possibly be, using a corner of someone elses warehouse to blend and store products. Every product was hand weighed, hand packaged and shipped the day that it was made. 


Today, we're quite a bit bigger, but are still a small company with small company values and customer service, and we do still think of ourselves as small - in a humble sort of way. 


If it weren't for customers like you, we'd most likely still be ack in the corner of that warehouse instead of on the ranch and having a large manufacturer blending for us! 


We do still blend the herbal products, by hand, ourselves, and ship them the day we blend, so that old hand mixer is still in use in a very good way!


Thank you for doing business with Earth Song Ranch!


If you would like to read about how I got started with this the story is on the Earth Song Ranch Blog which you can find on the new web site or click the link above.



Earth Song Ranch Holiday Blog


I had started a blog some time ago, but didn't follow through with the post, I am dedicating myself to following through these days and wrote a special one for Being Thankful for What Is for the holidays.  The link is below, please enjoy, and follow my blog through the year!



Holiday thoughts to share for being thankful for what is...




The News


The test batch of Equine Zyme has been blended and is on the way to me for delivery the first of the week.  With my approval we should be going in to production as early as the week of December 16th but will depend on the availablity of the enzymes. 


Equine Zyme Plus will be available shortly there after.


The new blends will have a different texture, a richer and more potent yeast, more probiotics, and more digestive enzymes!  So for the mid-month newsletter I will send a special for both as a thank you for being so patient!





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