March 2014


Is it Spring Yet?

We finally had our first good rain, in many many months, a good soaker over several days, everything looks green, bulbs are sprouting and the fruit trees are budding!


I know many of you are still hunkered down, with more snow coming this week, per the national weather reports.... but have you thought about planning out your spring gardens yet?  I have.... I plan on planting veges, including tomatoes, squash, lettuce, peppers, & spinach along with some medicinal herbs for the horses, like Fenugreek, Fennel, Echinacea, Lemon Balm and peppermint; for the kitty kids cat nip of course! 


Equine Zyme Plus


For those of you who have patiently waited the test batch for Equine Zyme Plus is on the way to me for approval, it should arrive this week, having said that, it will be available this month, and then we will have the canine and feline formulas as well in the next few weeks, but by no later than April ~  the small animal formula is different by way of digestive enzymes since they are carnivores and we will be getting those very soon, with both of those formulas also containing colostrum!  We are on the way now with all new blends of your old favorites!


Beta Glucan ~ Medicinal Mushrooms

For those of you who have been asking, we are now carrying Mushroom Matrix products for horses as well as dogs (I give some of the dog formula to my cats as well), and will add their human line very soon.  These blends are rich in Beta Glucans and are excellent for boosting your animal's immune systems.  The company that grows and processes these medicinal mushrooms in California is located in San Marcos; I have known of them for several years and have had their products for personal use for my animals over the past year. Their sales are increasing by leaps and bounds as people discover how beta glucan can help them and their animal companions! 



First Half of March Specials ~


Senior Zyme --- 20% off .. Many have found this blend helpful this winter for their older herd members with the anti inlfammatory herbs that are found in this blend.  Use coupon code SZ20.


MareZyme --- Yes it is that time of year again, when squeeling is herd from the barn, so time to get your supply of MareZyme ready!  Use coupon code MZ20 for 20% off!


Both of these go until March 15th!