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It's May and Mother's day is coming....


The horses are so enjoying being turned out during the day to enjoy the greens sprouting in their drylot  -  they also have new neighbors who moved in on Easter weekend and commune with them at the corner during the day, had to put up a panel to cross fence the corner to keep my horses back some from them as the gelding is quite pushy and also knows how to excite a mare, so the chance of something going sideways between them was pretty good!  Everyone is now at a safe distance and can still see each other, still commune and still hang out!


I so want to apologize to those of you whose orders were late this past month - I would have thought that we were still in Mercury retro for the entire month of April with all the things that went sideways  -  the heat sealing machine for the poly bags went out, and is not fixable, so have a new one ordered; the herb company lost my order for herbs for the wormer, then they re-shipped and when they did the train it was on derailed in New Mexico making the herb delivery 10 days late total between them; the post office lost a shippment from Zephyr's Garden to Earth Song Ranch two weeks ago of summer salves and things and it still has not arrived when we looked at the tracking it is coming by way of Sea World for some unknown reason --- my bank where I have banked for 15 years has charged me for things that I didn't have and messed up one of my accounts as well, and I could go on and on........that was just the tip of the iceberg too!  Phew glad to see April come to an end......


Lots of positive things however are going on around the ranch for the month of May - have a cute "cottage" type shed, with lots of windwows, a little dutch gable roof, dutch doors and a weather vane being deliverd in the next couple weeks to run my packaging and shipping of the herbal blends from here on the ranch, am so looking forward to having a 10x12 area near my horses to do these things and be able to stay "home" on the ranch more! 


Mixing and blending the herbal products here on the ranch is something I enjoy and with each package I fill with products for your horse, cat or dog I send happy and healing thoughts and lots of love! 


The base products of Equine Zyme and Equine Zyme Plus will still be blended by the ton and packaged at the warehouse for delivery to the ranch, then mailing to you!


Shelters should be going up by the end of the month, in the dry lot and in Destinee's big turn out area, there is a huge cotton wood tree that shades the big middle pasture, so just need water troughs to round that all out. 


Am so hoping for, crossing fingers for, a round pen in the next couple months, and have the perfect place for it too!  A nice leveled out area just the perfect size and in the perfect footing as well!  Things are really beginning to shape up after having to wait for all this to come together during the winter dreaming of it all - now that spring is here, the trees are budding and blooming, the lawn is coming back and the tractor work is done, it all looks so wonderful and a dream come true!  I am blessed!


A local friend and carpenter is building my Parelli play equipment, including a teeter totter, a pedestal and a balance beam...... this will be particularly fun with Cheyanne!  And to top it off I am planning on having Margit Deerman for a clinic in the early fall for friends and neighbors to bring their horses!


Mother's Day


I have written often about my Mom, she was such a great and wonderful influence in my life, she was my best friend, and was one of the greatest reasons I am who I am today, as well as have the business I have.  She had so much common sense and wisdom, along with business and investment sense. 


My Mom is the one who taught me about nutrition by setting the example in so many ways, Adele Davis, Bernard Jensen and other were her mentors.  She had us kids treated with homeopathy and caranial sacral osteopathy from the time I was about 4 so have carried that all forward in my life as well -  we were raised on fresh caught fish, organic produce, and home made ice cream -- she kept my Dad's diabetes in check with diet and exercise for years, and kept him on fresh juices, a pretty much raw diet and a supplement regime. 


There are days I find myself still reaching for the phone to share something with my Mom, some little happening on the ranch, so many little miracles that continue to happen that I would normall have shared with her, some little piece of news and some joyful news then I realize once again she isn't there to answer, but I know she knows and she sees, and I feel her precence strongly some times, in my new house, and when I am out with my horses, even when I have been out shopping for things for this new home I feel her, as that was the time she and I loved to share most.  I so wish there were visiting hours in heaven so I could go visit her and have a cup of tea on Mother's Day and share stories and family memories!


Everyone loved my Mom, loved her spunky spirit, loved her wheat germ brownies, and just loved who she was.  She cared about friends and family so deeply, and she just loved life!  So I am posting the below for my Mom!




So what are you all doing for Mother's Day this year?


I plan on staying home, celebrating with Echo who is Destinee's Mom and Cheyanne's Mom by default, since Echo took on the task of raising Cheyanne since she was just 3 or 4 months old --- maybe I will plant some more flowers in my flower bed, and just hang out with neighborhood friends!   



How about a cup of Camomile Tea?






With spring in full swing now many more fruits and veges are coming on the market and at the farmers markets, so don't forget to purchase some extra for your horses to chop up in to their bucket feeds, including dandelion, spinach, and green leafy veges, zucchini, summer squash, also add a small amount of fruit as they come in to season, maybe some berries, but just a small amount, water melon on hot days is an all time favorite too!


The summer farmer's markets are coming, and I can't say enough to encourage you to go to them in your area, get local and organic produce for yourself and for your animals too!   Mix it up and enjoy the bounty!


If you go to the articles page on my website you will find an article I wrote for Natural Horse about fruits for your horses!  There are other great articles I have written over the years there as well!




I thought this was a good article on the Equine Thyroid and wanted to share it!


Holistic Veterinary: Thyroid Misconceptions in Horses

Written by Eleanor Kellon, VMD


Hormones from the thyroid gland play a major role in regulating metabolism; how the body burns its fuels. They also influence how sensitive the cells are to the "flight hormones," epinephrine (adrenalin) and norepinephrine. In the fetus and young growing horse, thyroid hormones are necessary for normal development of the nervous system. Both under (hypothyroid) and over (hyperthyroid) production of thyroid hormones can have devastating effects. These disorders are much more common in people than in horses. The mechanisms, and therefore management, are also very different.


For many years horses that gained weight easily and were prone to laminitis were believed to be hypothyroid. However, surgically removing the thyroid does not lead to weight gain or laminitis. Studies also found that when laminitic horses were injected with TRH or TSH, hormones which stimulate the thyroid, their thyroid glands responded normally by increasing production of thyroid hormones. This showed that the thyroid gland itself was normal.


We now know the real cause of easy weight gain and laminitis is insulin resistance. However, many of these horses do have low levels of thyroid hormones. What they have is euthyroid sick syndrome, a form of secondary hypothyroidism. To understand this, you need a little background in how the thyroid works. The thyroid gland rests high in the horse's neck, straddling the trachea (wind pipe). It is directed to produce thyroid hormones by the pituitary hormone TSH - thyroid stimulating hormone. Release of TSH is under the control of a hormone from the brain's hypothalamus called TRH - thyroid releasing hormone. To complete the circuit, thyroid hormone levels control the release of TRH and TSH. When high, TRH and TSH production slows, and vice versa.


When stimulated by TSH, the thyroid gland makes thyroid hormones from the amino acid L-tyrosine and iodine. The major hormone produced is T4, aka tetraiodothyronine or levothyroxine. The thyroid also produces smaller amounts of T3, triiododthyronine. T3 is the more potent/active hormone. It is created by removing one iodine molecule from T4. In the thyroid gland, T4 levels are 20 times higher than T3.


Getting back to euthyroid sick syndrome, this is a condition where TSH is normal, T4 normal or reduced, and T3 low. T3 is produced from T4 in the body tissues by enzymes called deiodinases which strip one iodine off T4. Selenium is an essential mineral for the deiodinase enzymes. T3 production from T4 occurs in all body tissues. Under normal conditions, fasting decreases the uptake of T4 by tissues, thus reducing T3 because there is less T4 available for the deiodinase enzymes to process.


Hormone and Enzyme Primer

T4/levothyroxine - Hormone from the thyroid gland.

T3/triiodothyronine - Hormone produced both in the thyroid gland and all the body's cells by removing one iodine molecule from T4. Most active thyroid hormone.

Deiodinase - Enzyme which removes an iodine from T4 to convert it to T3.

TRH - Thyroid releasing hormone, comes from the hypothalamus in the brain. Levels decreased by high T4/T3; increased by low T4/T3.

TSH - Thyroid stimulating hormone. This hormone is produced by the pituitary, when stimulated by TRH. It directs the thyroid gland to increase production of thyroid hormones.

Low levels of the active form of the antioxidant glutathione also reduce the activity of the deiodinase enzymes so oxidative stress is important in avoiding low T3. Oxidative stress may be the mechanism behind euthyroid sick syndrome in horses with insulin resistance since it is well documented that IR increases oxidative stress. Since selenium is important to enzyme systems that keep glutathione in its active form, selenium levels pack a double whammy on T3 levels.

The hormone cortisol from the adrenal gland, which is elevated in Cushing's disease, also causes secondary hypothyroidism. In people, corticosteroids like cortisol only suppress T4 conversion to T3. In horses, the same thing happens but T4 is also suppressed. In a study that applied the synthetic corticosteroid, dexamethasone, to the skin of horses for 10 days, the T3 dropped quickly and more significantly but T4 was also lower and neither had recovered even at 20 days after the treatment had been stopped.


Many veterinarians only test blood T4 levels when screening for thyroid function. However, T4 is not as active as T3 and drug effects could lead to a misdiagnosis of hypothyroidism.


Phenylbutazone, and likely other NSAID drugs (nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs) cause low blood T4 levels by displacing T4 from its binding sites on circulating serum/blood proteins. However, T3 levels stay normal.


Horses are more likely than humans to have problems with low thyroid function related to nutrition. Iodine and selenium are the major factors here. Malnutrition and chronic diseases or infections of any type also cause secondary hypothyroidism. This makes sense as lowering metabolism preserves key nutrients.


Most of the body's iodine is concentrated in the thyroid gland and deficiencies clearly influence thyroid function. Excesses are also harmful. Selenium is required by the deiodinase enzymes and by the glutathione antioxidant that protects those enzymes. Both iodine and selenium are deficient at baseline in many areas of the country.


To summarize, thyroid problems in horses are different from other species. Hyperthyroidism is very rare, and limited to senior horses with malignant tumors in their thyroid. Hypothyroidism can occur, but is not related to any problems with the gland itself. It is called secondary hypothyroidism because it is secondary to/caused by other disorders.  





My friend Dutch Henry did a little story about a mother's love for Mother's Day and I am sharing it here with you!


Mother's Day. What a wonderful day to celebrate. What a wonderful reason to celebrate! It truly is the mothers who make the world go round. There can be no denying that fact. Who else but a mother can so lovingly apply just the right bandaid to a skinned knee? Who else but a mother can help put the windblown baby Robins back in their nest? Mothers sit quietly listening to the triumphs and failures of their children, offering celebration and compassion with a hug and a kiss. Ahh yes, it is not only good to celebrate mothers, but it is correct as we would surely be lost without their tender, and keen ways of making sure all is well in the family. Is there anything in this world more powerful than a mother's love? I think not.


A mother's love will guide and protect:


The stream had swelled twice its width in mere moments with the sudden heavy rain. To get to the other side the mare would need to fight a raging current. She could see her foal on the other side pacing the bank, it seemed the foal was about to test the water. With a squeal and a buck the mare plunged into icy, fierce water. Fighting hard, she struggled to keep sight of her frightened baby. Calling out when she could. Her foal moved too close to the water. The mare lunged with all her strength. Time and time again the current knocked her back. Time after time she plunged on. Each struggle tired her more. Finally she had solid footing beneath her hooves. She raced to her foal, collided with him, driving him far back from the angry water, shoving him with her powerful, solid chest. Back, back she drove him. Once in safety she licked his wet back, and nickered softly.




Gitty up,

Dutch Henry

Author of We'll Have The Summer

Dutch's Website

Dutch's Blog





Photo: Another view



On May 2nd we celebrate two birthdays at our ranch!!!


Tucker turns 4 - and what a journey it has been with him as well --- a Border Collie in the wrong hands spells disaster and most often a trip to the dog pound --- instead he came to me sadly abused at the age of 9 months old, he was purchased by someone uneducated, not knowing as well as never having had a border collie living in a mobile home park, too old (in her 70's) to have the energy for one and it has taken time but he is a happy and thriving puppy pal today with lots to do on the ranch, and rides in the trucks to go get hay and go to town! He brings the horses in at night from the pasture and loves sitting up on the deck watching over "his herd".



Destinee Rose will be  11 ---- Destinee is my Khemosabi grand-daughter and Mexico V daughter (V is for Varian) --- she was my dream horse to be when I bred her mom Echo, and then was there to birth her saving her life and Echo's and through all of her health challenges I made her a promise that I would always be there for her and never give up! 


She will never be ridden it really does not matter to me --- she is my Destinee Rose, and one of my best teachers, she has taught me more about equine nutrition and equine homeopathy then I ever dreamed of, and her journey on this planet is one of teaching and being, and about love that never ends, that never gives up, that will always be!


For their joint birthdays we will sing happy birthday and have special birthday treats and also be in gratitude for having them both in our lives!











Are you still using chemical wormers on your horses?  Did you know that the over use of chemical wormers is causing "chemical resistant" parasites now? 


It is time to start looking at other options as we are now in the middle of spring heading to summer when we need to make sure our horses are parasite free.  Earth Song Ranch offers an Herbal Wormer and if you couple that with Paratox you have a winning combination!  Paratox is given in their water from the new moon to the full moon, and Herbal Wormer is given for 5 days of the full moon, if your fecals show a parasite load then on the 6th night you can give a dose of Ivermecterin and together your horses can be pretty much parasite free for the summer!


Make sure you get your fecal tests done so you know what you may be dealing with or if your horse even needs a wormer and keep your horses guts healthy with Equine Zyme which helps to prevent parasitic infestations in the first place --- parasites love to live in "unhealthy" intestinal tracts! 


Specials For First Half of May


For the first week of May, May 1st to the 7, Equine Zyme is 10% off use coupon code EZ10 to get your discount!   For May 8th to May 14th take 15% off EquineZyme Plus using coupon code EZP10.  


Earth Song Ranch is now offering the E3Live for dogs product which we love, and you can find it under the dog products, my dogs are on it, and their coats are amazing and they do not have any skin issues at all!  Take 10% off using coupon code E3L from May 1st to the 15th!


We have a new Avocado oil, a Jalapeno infused cooking and dipping oil, and it is awsome!  We also offer a gift pack of 4 flavors of cold pressed Avocado Oils which would be a great Mother's Day gift or some of the wonderful hand made Avo oil soaps made with essential oils!




Sharing our Newsletters and FB


Thank you for sharing with your friends about our products it has helped us to grow over the years and the new part of that is by you also sharing our FB page, sharing our Newsletters on FB, on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as Google+!


I thank you for helping us continue to grow so we can help more people with their animals, share more of the wonderful natural products we manufacturer, sell, and use daily, so that other people can live a more natural life.


We also share our network of holistic and homeopathic vets, naturpaths, equine nutritionists, our great products, and many more people who we support and believe in as well as use!


We are here for the long run, not the short run, we are here because it is our passion and in a market flooded with products that compete we have found  that if someone leaves and tries something else they always come back, because nothing can compare! 







Tummy Zyme --


 Many of you use our TummyZyme to help prevent ulcers in your show horses and some use TummyZyme because your horses either have ulcers or are prone to ulcers, either way it is a great and soothing product and was designed using a blend of EquineZyme Plus and herbs including slippery elm, peppermint, and more!


For this month I am offering TummyZyme at 20% off so take advantage of this great price savings and use coupon code TZ20 on check out!





It is the time of year when people start to turn their horses out to graze, and some horses will become laminitic because of it, the hours that grass grows and produces the most amount of sugars is between 9 am and 5 pm pretty much - if you have a horse who is laminitic prone or who has metabolic issues only turn him/her out for a short time during the day, best if you turn them out late late afternoon when sugars are lower!


Wish upon all the stars and dream of all your tomorrows as the moon lights your pathways.  I have dreamed many dreams and wished upon many stars and still do in order to manifest my dreams!










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I would go have a cup of tea with my Mom for Mother's Day!