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I was just talking to  friend and also to my brother John, just the other day, don't know how you feel but we all seem to agree that this year is flying by even faster then last, it seems as though time is just different in some ways these days too! 





August is the last month of summer, kids are going to school, vacations are being finished up, the weather begins to change, and before we know it the holidays will be here, and we will all be wondering where the entire year went!  I think of Mt Shasta this time of year and all the summers we spent camping  up there, and the vacations I took my kids up there to visit my parents when they were still alive. 



Summer clouds over Mt Shasta


I loved taking the Equine Homeopathy Class from Dr Dupree, it filled in so many of the blanks for me, and gave me a better sense of the history of homeopathy.  Not only that but it also gave me more tools to use, for clients and my own fur family, and I have my first case to work up!  I am so excited.  I plan on taking his advanced class when he offers it in the not to distant future!




The below looks like something really fun to create for a party or just because you have time on your hands and are creative!~  I have horses and no extra time in the day it seems but thought it was really unique!



Specials for the month of Aug:


Herbal Wormer, we have a new batch,  and we will have a Blue Moon the end of the month so if you ran out from using it on the first moon of the month, how about 10% off  Herbal Wormer until August 15th to make sure you have it on hand for your horse for the Blue Moon the end of this month!   Use coupon Code HWA10


Equine Zyme:   We also just blended a new batch of Equine Zyme so how about 10% off on that as well till August 15th!  Use coupon code EZA10 to get your discount.


Tummy Zyme:  We will be mixing a new batch of Tummy Zyme in the next week, so if you have been showing your horse all summer, this would be a great product to put him/her on for a month, and a 1# bag would do ya for that amount of time!  So for Tummy Zyme until August 15th you can take 15% off by using coupon code TZA15


E3 Live Spirulina will also be on sale the end of August and we will also be carrying the frozen along with some human products including their human probiotic!  I use the E3 products nd really like them, my horses have been on them and I like what I see in the way of hoof health and growth! 


Be watching for the mid month August Newsletter for details and  I may do a one day free shipping again towards the end of the month or may wait until September to do that, will see!



I love the below so had to put it in the August News Letter again... it is what summer is all about!





More News:


Many of you may not know, but........

I am the new Assistant Editor for Natural Horse Magazine now under the care and custody of my friend Lisa Ross-Williams --- and as part of my duties I will be doing a newsletter for the magazine too coming soon!  I so welcomed this opportunity, I have written for the magazine for many years, love their approach, and also the information they have been able to share with all of us over the years in regards to natural horse care.  There will be lots of really great changes and new columns, as well as human interest stories, and many of the great people who have written articles will still be writing and we will want to hear all of your ideas and your comments and will also have a letter to the editor section as well!


So please be sure to subscribe if you haven't already, and find Natural Horse Magazine on FB too because there will be lots of great posting, comments and more to find there as well!


By the way ..... Thank you to all of you who sent such great testimonials, will be putting them up in the next little while on the web site! I so appreciate hearing how our products have helped so many horses over the past 12+ years in so many ways!






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Enjoy the rest of your summer and all that it has to offer!

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