Happy New Year Everyone


The Regular Newsletter will go out on the 4th of January with our speicals and some announcements - Richest Blessings to you all!


As we bring to close the year of 2012. I wanted to simply say "Thank You" for being a customer of Earth Song Ranch, for liking us on Face Book and for signing up for the newsletters. 


Many of you have shared your amnazing stories about how our products have helped your horses, dogs and cats, and how our products have touched your lives in some ways - all of those stories are heart felt and I am thrilled to get your emails and all of these stories!


I thank you for your feed back, as well as your stories, Please do know I listen to all of your comments, and if I feel that you need help I refer those of you with complicated issues/cases to holistic vets who will team up with us to help heal your animals!


If there is anytyhing I can do better let me know, if there are products you would like us to sell, make, design or improve upon please let me know!






The Winner of the Gift Basket is:



The lucky winner in the drawing on New Years eve is Anthony Caudle --- the winner of the 1# Herbal Wormer is Chris Willie Rausten, and the winner of the 1# EquineZyme is Mary Marrow!



Notice on Winter Stable Blend:


I have sold over 100#'s of the Winter Stable Blend this month alone, am currently sold out, with two orders pending and am going to make only 25#'s more in about a week, I ordered the herbs today, so if any of you would like to purchase more, please do so now, because I know how many horses love this blend!  Will not be making any more until October 2013!


Happy Horse Meadow Mix will be available, but the herbs are different and for spring and summer months!




Wishing you the Richest Blessings for this New Year!







Gratitude Jar


For the New Year start yourself a gratitude jar and find something every day to write on a piece of paper and put it in the jar, see how fast it fills up!




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  Gift Basket Winner
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  New Moon 1.11.13
  Full Moon  1.26.13
  Valentines 2.14.13
  Price Increases coming! 2.01.13




FAITH makes all things possible,



 HOPE makes all things work,



 LOVE makes all things



May you have all 3 for this coming year.



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