May the Magic of St Patty's Day Be
With You All This Month!




March Newsletter, Daylight Savings Time, St Patty's Day,  Easter and Birthdays ~


Wow it is already March!!!!  My bulbs are coming up, the fruit trees are beginning to bud, I am getting ready to plant a garden.  This weekend I am planting three fruit trees, and March is filled with birthday's around here, Cheyanne, Echo, my son and mine...... so to celebrate we are having three specials for the first half of the month and will have three specials for the second half of the month as well!  EquineZyme, MareZyme and a Pre-Order Sale again for Herbal Wormer for the first half! 


Daylight Savings Time Begins Sunday March 10th ~ the day before the New Moon --- just think only 9 more days to more daylight hours and more time with our horses!



St. Patrick's Day falls on a Sunday this year, and my son loves to go to Chicago to celebrate his birthday which is on March 22nd and to drink green beer! 


Cheyanne's birthday is March 11th, and Echo and I share March 27th for our birthday so will be celebrating Echo and my Day along with Easter with my daughter and her family!    Easter is Sunday March 31st!






Tumeric ~


Seems as though everyone "scooped" me this month on Tumeric -- I have been using Tumeric for Echo who will turn 18 this month for the past month, I had planned on starting it earlier but keep forgetting to order.  What I can share with you is there is a noticible difference in her, she is not as stiff in the morning, and is moving out much better - I so recommend this herb, and you can purchase it at at a reasonable cost. 


Start slowly, at maybe a teaspoon and add until you reach a tablespoon per day to bucket feed, your horse will be happy, it also has natural liver detoxifying benefits and can help with other skin conditions as well!





Equine Nutrition ~


As I shared a few months back, I have been taking the on-line Equine Nutrition Course, offered through the University of Edinburgh.  I had many reasons for doing so, the main being that my family who lives in the UK does not seem to have any of the health issues with their horses that we do here in the USA, including metabolic, IR, or laminitis. 


My other reason was to make sure that I knew the latest and the best ways to feed and it turns out I was already feeding my horses that way - not the norm that seems to be what people do, but in so doing in the long run it will be for their best health and interest in older ages!


One of the things they feed is "Lucerne Hay" which we know as alfalfa, not as the main course of course, and they cannot grow it there the climate is too damp, so in pellet form and in the form of Fiber Beet.  They also do feed some cereal grains, with whole recleaned barley having the lower starch, but interestingly enough they do not feed, for the most part concentrated bag feeds!  Hmmmmmm.....


They also recommend a good all around vitamin and mineral supplement for the kinds of hay that is the base diet and I love Horse Tech High Point for this reason, and we do sell it, and I do feed it to my horses, I feed the one for pasture and grass hay diets as my horses do get some alfalfa but they mainly get grass hay.


Please do not feed your horses corn or corn oil, or soy containing product or soy oil, they are "inflamation" causing  to the horses, and many of the concentrated bag feeds also have soy which are genetically modified - we really need to pay attention to labels for the health of our horses and their longevity!




Oils and Fats in the Equine Diet ~


In the class I have been taking what I have also learned is that horses with hoof and skin problems can benefit from coconut oil - which is not an "oil" at all but a solid, and a saturated fat, Dr Getty also recently had a class on this but I have not had a chance to listen to it yet, and she went in to some of the recent research on it for horses  --- Coconut oil is something I have begun to feed my horses, at a Tablespoon per day, gradually increasing to 2 Tablespoons per day, along with their nut and seed blend.   I can already see improvement in their skin; will let you know what I see in their bare feet as the months go on, and also if it makes a difference in skin health during the summer months with all of the insects, it can also be applied topically as an insect repellent ~ I have also been using it on my skin for a moisturizer and on my hands, it soaks in well, and plan to start using it in cooking soon!  


It can be a bit pricey in the health food stores, but there are on-line sources for it in bulk as well!






Dr Glen Dupree - My Friend and My Mentor


It is with a sad heart that I share with all of you the untimely passing of a wonderful human~being and my friend,  Dr. Glen Dupree - DVM and homeopath.


Glen will be with all of us eternally in our hearts.... we will listen for his whispers, call on  his wisdom when deciding on remedies and hearing his cheering us on from the other side when we are choosing remedies, because in our hearts he is not gone and will not be forgotten.  He passed on his soul purpose and his love of homeopathy to many of us, as I will continue to pass it along with my love for animals and humans as well as my belief in homeopathy.  Now I will have to rely on "what would Glen do" when I need a remedy for one of my four leggeds...... as I will not be able to email or call him for advice, and I will have to turn to my books and my intuition to guide me.


Homeopathy has been a life long journey with me, starting with my Mother, as I have shared in other newsletters, she had us kids treated with that from the time I was around 4 years old or so with Dr Viola Frymann, who at 90+ years old still treats kids with Osteopathy and Homeopathy here in San Diego. 


I furthered my studies with Dr. Dupree and was blessed to take his webnair last summer on Equine Homeopathy.


Personally my greatest growth has come from my greatest grief so now through the grief of loosing Dr Dupree I will again have the opprotunity for more personal growth in continuing to learn about homeopathy for the animals on my own in different ways. 

Glen was richly blessed with a gift, and in the sharing of that gift he was blessed with love in return from a group of healers in all of us who are sending him off energetically in love and gratitude.   We will go on with his work in so many differnt and unique ways!  "The seeds of wisdon and enlightenment are planted withing the wounds of grief.  What is lost can only come back to us again in higher ways."  Rachel Carson




Specials this Month ~


Equine Zyme - Equine-Zyme is a prebiotic/probiotic digestive enzyme blend that was designed for optimum digestive health and the wellbeing of your horse and his/her digestive tract with over 36 billion cfu's per 10 gram scoop.  It can help prevent colic, also helps your horse to digest and aborb more of the nutrients in their feeds stuffs and hay.  Take 15% off from March 1st to the 10th using coupon code EZ15.  Click here to go directly to EquineZyme


Mare-Zyme ~  Spring is when our mare's begin to cycle, and some have a harder time then others, and having three mares in my barn I can tell you it can be a challenge when they are all cycling together!  I so recommend MareZyme for all of you who love your mares!  We are offering it at 15% off through March 14th - it so helps with their cycles, and eases them through - Use coupon code MZ15.  Click this link to go directly to MareZyme


Herbal Wormer Pre Order --- From March 1st to March 6th --- 10% off - Our Equine Herbal Wormer is a feed additive to be mixed in bucket feed, during the full moon which will be from March 25th through March 29th.  It contains a blend of 12 specific herbs, which can help to minimize parasitic infestation.  Use coupon code HWMarch and be guaranteed to receive it before the full moon. 


We tried this pre-order last month and it worked well because we knew just how much we needed to order in the way of herbs and guaranteed everyone to have the Wormer as well on time!  So click on this link to go directly to the Herbal Wormer  to make sure you are ready for the full moon the end of the month!





For Us Humans ~


For us humans - we really need to eat more fresh and raw foods, and avocados are on the top of my list of foods I try to eat daily - salads full of raw veges including broccli, celery, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, red and yellow peppers, radishes and anything that is health-full and health giving is on the top of my list daily! 


Fruits including banana's, apples, pears and oranges, are the winter fruits of choice for the most part.


I also will add, on occasion some pineapple, mandarin oranges, chopped walnuts and cabbage to salads!  Then use avocado oil and some lemon juice on top, maybe sprinkle some parmesan cheese and add some hard boiled eggs!


Whole grain breads, eggs, real butter, and cheese, organic dairy products, also with seeds and nuts are a more natural diet.   I eat yogurt every day and take a probiotic supplement for my immune health! 


Summer will soon bring us a bounty of local fresh fruits and berries in season, and I share those with my horses as well!  My dogs will also eat fresh carrots, apples, and banana along with steamed veges that I share with them!




Time to really eat healthy, look at our diets, remove the processed foods, and the junk and live a healthier life style!  Make a difference on the planet and make a difference in your health and the health of your family too, which includes your fur family members! 




Namaste Everyone!  Happy Spring & Day-Light-Savings!





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