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The Month of August was always special in our family, as my favorite Granny and her sister my Auntie May celebrated birthdays August 14th and 15th together, one born in 1884 and other in 1894.....they did everything together, always lived near one another, moved from England to Michigan, then out to California, they were inseparable!  They both lived to be 98 1/2 years young!  I was so luky to have them in my life they were spunky, as well as in to politics and the news until the day they died, and Auntie May drove a car till she was 95!  So to my Granny and Auntie May:


happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday .......happy birthday :)) happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday .......happy birthday :)) happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday .......happy birthday ............


to Auntie May and Granny!  Happy Birthday to you!


) .☆..*ƸӜƷ*..☆ .`.. Black heart (cards).
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This month of August 2012 is a special one in that we have a "Blue Moon"and this  very rare "Blue Moon" is on August 31st, 2012 at 8:00 pm PDT. (The next time the earth will experience two full moons in one month will be in 2016.) These powerful full moons are "one of many" catalysts ushering in transformational and profound healing energies for all beings on Earth. 






And here are the full moons for the rest of the year, so do the herbal wormer 2 days before, the night of and two days following.....for best results!





Earth Song Ranch will be attending the Woof Stock event in Escondido in September with The Total Dog - a dog rehab spa, and Rochelle Bowman of Loving K-9 Guidance (our fabulous dog trainer), it is all about dogs, if you live in the area come by and see us!  It is Saturday September 29th in down town Escondido!


Earth Song Ranch will also be at the Parelli Fund Raiser in N San Diego County on October 9th as well where I will be speaking on the horses digestive tract and immune health!  It will be a clinic and lots of great local Parelli Insutrctors will be volunteering their time. 


So if any of you live in San Diego, Riverside, Orange or San Bernardino Counties come on out and see us at the above events!  There will also be great silent auction items to bid on and so much more, come spend time with like minded people!




Specials for the rest of the month of August:



Paratox:   Paratox goes hand in hand with the Herbal Wormer which we had on sale the first half of August --- if you think you have a parastite problem you use the paratox from the new moon to the full moon  (August 17th to August 29th) then the Herbal Wormer from the 29th to September 2nd--- you can also use it for your cats and dogs as well!  I am offering it at 5% off until the end of the month.  Use coupon code PTA5


Senior Zyme:  This is a great time as we move in to fall to get your senior horses on Senior Zyme it has supportive herbs for kidneys, liver, digestion and for inflamation as well.  Senior Zyme is very popular with many of our customers who have multiple horses and want to support their older herd members!  Take 15% off from August 16th to August 28th.  Use coupon code SZA15 on check out.


Equine Zyme:  Is one of our most popular and best products, it does so much to keep your horse and the horse's intestinal tract healthy it is not just a pre/probiotic formula but has added colostrum, vitamin C and beta glucan from medicinal mushrooms --- from August 13th to August 18th in honor of my Granny and Auntie's Birthdays (August 14th and 15th) take 15% off by using coupon code EZA15





Free Shipping --- It is a Blue Moon and a Rare thing, so I am going to offer free shipping on orders over $70 for the Blue Moon --- this is a rare event and I don't think that we have ever offered free shipping in August before --- the dates will be August 30, 31st and September 1st!  So please use coupon code Blue!   Cannot be combined with other coupons or offers. 






My Mom was such the heart of our family, and she brought music in to our lives, be it singing or piano playing -- it will be 6 years on the 27th that she changed worlds and our lives have never been the same without her!  She now has a heavenly Sweet Adeline Chorus to sing with!






More News:    


Be watching and be sure to read the September News Letter coming out the end of August, as there are some announcements that will be coming in regards to new people products that I have tested and think are awsome especially as we prepare for cold and flu season.  Colostrum Caps will be back, some are Chinese herbal blends in capluses for colds, flu, and allergies from an awsome company Plantiva.  The Colostrum Capsules for people will boost your immune system and will give you more energy, don't forget we always have Beta Glucan capsules (from medicinal mushrooms and are half the price of the helalth food stores for a higher potency) which is a super immune modulator.  We will also be offering people probiotics and enzymes from E3Live that we will be  in September as well to round out our line up for people. 





Time is flying and my granddaughter just got her learner's permit to drive and her proud Dad (son) let her drive home after passing her test!  Here she is!  Look out Wisconsin!!!!!





And to add to that and make me feel older yet.... my Grandson Bryce had his first chaparroned date on the same day, with his Dad doing the driving and supervising!






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