Happy Thanksgiving


                                                                                                                 November 17, 2013

It is That Time of Year!




Guess we may all be wondering the same thing.... "where did the year go that we can already be at Thanksgiving? " It is so amazing to me how time goes so much faster as we get older...what is it with that?"   I remember that my Grandpa Mac used to say that too, he lived to his mid 90's but would say how fast time seemed to speed by as he aged!


As I have written in years past, for me Thanksgiving is about bringing family and friends together, it is about memories and days of times past,  for holidays past, for my relatives, including my parents, grandparents, a couple of cousins, aunts and uncles who have crossed the rainbow bridge and missing them at the table too, along with all the family stories they would tell.


Growing up on the beach in Del Mar we never had the Currier and Ives kind of holidays, most often on Thanksgiving and on some Christmases past we would be at the beach, taking a walk or surfing while the elders cooked dinner.  We didn't have the leaves turning golds and rusts as well as reds to remind us of the changing of the seasons, it all kinds of ran together, was the same with sunny days and blue skies.  Today I live in an area where we do see the changing of the seasons, feel it too, and see the leave turning, the plants going dormant for winter to come, and snow along with it.


For the month of November on my Earth Song Ranch Face Book Page I have been posting a daily gratitude to show everyone how easy and simple that is and how it brings more things to you to be grateful for!  I also do a yearly manifestation list on New Years day, and then update it on my birthday --- the only thing I did not manifest this year was a new horse trailer, a stock type that will carry everyone at one time!  That is coming in 2014 I can just feel it!


One of the herbal blends I am selling a lot of these past two months is the Winter Stable Blend, so my special through the end of this month is when you buy a pound of the Winter Stable Blend you get 8oz (or 1/2 pound) of Happy Horse Meadow Mix --- keep it for your horse or give as a gift or stocking stuffer!


We are still experiencing a few technical issues with the web site, there was wrong pricing on some things, wrong shipping weights, and I thank those of you who let me know and waited to order until we put in the correct price, or shipping,  I thank you for your honesty and your integrity as well as your loyalty.  It takes a lot to run a small business these days wearing many hats, as well as handling all aspects from doing most of the work on the new web site, purchasing, customer service, packaging, shipping and so much more!  


A few glitches have appeared again in the past week, and a few have had trouble with using Pay Pal, please let me know if you are,  I can take orders over the phone, or send you a Pay Pal Invoce for what you would like to order!


There were a couple of people who knew the prices were wrong and ordered thinking "wow I have scored"  which cost me money out of my pocket ~ I emailed a couple of them and let them know the prices were wrong and it had cost me out of pocket, not only for the product but for the shipping as well !  You guessed it ~ no response.  I will not forget the people who had honesty, but in the alternative, I will also not forget the ones who didn't, two of whom I had helped with horses that were unwell, at no cost whose horses are fine once we looked at nutrition and some homeopathy. I have my granny's memory like an elephant.  All I can say is I would not want their Karma.


I feel badly that it has taken longer then expected, and we have not finished the reformulation of the Equine Zyme and the Equine Zyme Plus.  Just know they will be even better then before with more digestive enzymes and also probiotics!  The goal is to have it available in December so will send out an announcement when it is ready!


So many of you have asked that we keep the colostrum in the formulations and we are trying to do that as well and keep it cost effective too!  It has been a challenge these past two months not only with the government shut down hitting hard on sales, now we are going in to the holiday buying season when typically web based horse businesses slow down, but also trying to get my products back up and available once again too! 


One of the other things that I am going to be offering in the spring of 2014 is offering a pure Digestive Enzyme for Horses, Cats and Dogs that you just add to their feed stuff no other ingredients no probiotics and I am excited about that too!



News from the Barn


Thrifty Horse





Specials for the Month



News from the Barn:


All of the horsey girls are doing great!  Annie Rose has been such a great addionto our little herd and our little ranch, she is very vocal, and she loves to trott around the big outside pen she has been doing figure 8's and more, she will run through the barn, then through Destinee's stall out to the paddock then back the opposite way.  She also knows when Auntie Kate is walking by with her dogs and will nicker to her, or to the sound of her truck.  She is also the one who runs over to the front gate when I come home nickering her greetings!  We had waited a long while to get "our" mini and she was so worth the wait!  I think she is pretty happy here and has settled in nicely!



She was in stealing hay from Destinee and it is on her face!


For the holidays we are offering Gift Certificates in many denominations and are great stocking stuffers for your favorite horse, dog or cat, or for a friend's horse dog or cat!




We can also do other things like a gift certificate for a certain product, a gift basket of great products, or for a product plus shipping to a favorite friend.  Email and let me know what you would like and we can arrange it!














Thrifty Horse


There are so many things to do to save money when you own horses, I would love for any of you that have a really wonderful tip, trick or savings idea to email me some of your ideas, would love to publish them and give you credit too!  It is wonderful to share with others so we all benefit!


For the winter months as I have shared there are many herbs to keep handy in the barn for any tummy upsets but I also keep Nux Vomica and some Peppermint Essential oil on hand as well, if you suspect a gas colic or other tummy issue you can use a dose of the Nux, then wait for 1/2 hour and use a few drops of peppermint oil rubbed in to the naval area, and a couple drops inside the mouth and many of the gassy issues can disappear in a hour or sometimes less!






Specials Till the end of the Month!


Purchase 1# of Winter Stable Blend and receive 1/2# of Happy Horse Free!!! (you don't need a coupon) - Your horse will love you!


We have reformulated and added some new herbs for our new and improved Winter Stable Blend. We have added Echinacea and more ginger to the blend for more immune support, more Chamomile and Yarrow flowers for calming and to reduce inflammation from standing around too much in the barn; of course we have peppermint and spearmint to help prevent some gas colics too! This is a blend of dried herbs and flowers and is especially blended for the fall and winter months. Feed by the hand full or mixed in bucket feed and your horse will love you! This blend also contains lemon balm, rose petals, yarrow, chamomile flowers, peppermint and spearmint leaf, hawthorne, parsley, nettle, and dandelion leaf, and, orange peel, meadowsweet, and blue vervain.







For the first half of December I will be offering Senior Zyme and Herbal Wormer at 15% off,  your Seniors could use the support during the cold and wet months.  Senior Zyme contains a variety of herbs to help them with aches and pains and tummy issues so common for them when we get in to the cold weather, yarrow, white willow bark and some chamomile!


I will also offer a special on the new EquineZyme when it is available too!




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