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Mid October News & Happy Halloween



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Happy Halloween


There is such a different feel to fall, the air has that bit of  "crisp" to it in the morning, the down comforteres are now on the bed, we have had our first fire in the wood burning stove, and our first frost.  The ash trees are already turning yellow and dropping leaves, with the berry bushes not far behind.   The sun reflects differently on the trees and plants, the afternoon shadows cast a different pattern and there is a "reflection" that is different then other times of the year.


I have come to love fall, the passing of summer while we transition in to winter, a time of boots, jackets, turtlenecks and baking. 

News From the Ranch ~ Transitioning


As many are aware by now we have a new web site, if not, click this link to be taken there -> ESR;  with that came a new shopping cart, a new bank and a new gate way, a merchant services company, so lots of changes ~ it was time for change, for new things and with that came new products, and no longer selling a few. 


We had a few technical challenges with the launch of the new web site, but I think that most have now been found and corrected!


I had already started the process of reformulating the EquineZyme and the EquineZyme Plus, and had been dabbling with a new K-9 Zyme as well.  I had planned to transition those towards the end of the year, smoothly, but as sometimes happens, there was another plan I was not aware of in the Universal scheme of things, and it was to be sooner than later!


That additional change which pretty much occurred, sooner then I had expected, but had been planning for is a new manufacturer for  Equine-Zyme and Equine-Zyme Plus, along with our popular K-9 Zyme.  I had been exploring with several new manufacturing companies over the summer, and had pretty much selected whom I wanted to work with.  I was looking for a company with a history, with a formulator on staff; one who had the highest in integrity, one who uses ingredients that are the highest qulaity as well as made in the USA; one who was financially solvent, had a great track record, and whose pricing would still keep the products affordable.  


As I have been told often, watch what you "ask for"  because.... you just may get it..... and I did and it came about far quicker then I had expected, it caught me a bit off guard with very little stock left in the way of Equine Zyme, Equine Zyme Plus or K-9 Zyme; was a bit out of my control, although I had suspected for some time might happen........  The company whom I had worked with for eight years, who blended and packaged for Earth Song Ranch, was financially challenged, had been struggling in this economy with their overall business and I was only informed last week, would no longer be able to maintain their manufacturing business.


It will be a short while before we will be offering the EZ, EZ Plus and K-9 Zyme, but in the mean time, I made sure that for those of you who wanted to continue with a daily pre-biotic/ pro-biotic would have a blend, and for now we do have a substitute in the interim, which is Gut Werks by Horse Tech which we sell on the webs site, it has a prebiotic/ probiotic blend in a high potency yeast and yeast culture, a few different probiotics and some similar to EZ and EZ Plus, at 20 billion cfu's per scoop.   For those of you who would like to, in the alternative, feed a yeast and yeast culture to maintain your horses intestinal bacteria we also offer Yeast + by Horse Tech as well it is a very high potency yeast and yeast culture with 40 billion active yeast cells per scoop.  For K-9 Zyme we are offering the Horse Tech Pup Sup Canine Probiotic.


Just so all of you know and feel confident about the three products, I am offering in the short term, and will sell even when the new blends are available, it is also what I am feeding to my horses and my dogs, until we have our new Equine Zyme, Equine Zyme Plus, and K-9 Zyme ~ all of which will be new and improved, with a higher quality active yeast and yeast culture, a new blend of probiotics which will include the same ones plus some new ones, at more then 20 billion per each scoop for the horses, with the added diegestive enzymes, which has always been my guarantee to you,  still with one of the highest guaranteed cfu's on the market!  The Pup Sup Canine also containg flax and is great for your dogs coats and skin!


Rest assured, we are not going out of business, and although we hit a major bump in the road in sales with the Government Shut down these past two weeks, then coupled with the long term manufacturer no longer able to produce, there are no mistakes in the Universe, change is good but not always easy.   I am sure the sales will begin to increase once again for the long run, and they are still coming in in the short run, just not at the volume we are used to!


We still have all the herbal blends in stock, have a new batch of Winter Blend to make up today, as we have sold out two batches in the past months and all the other great products we offer as well!


Thank you in advance for your understanding and your patience while we wait for the new products to be formulated!




A Request


I would like to ask you today to please say a prayer, appeal to whatever higher power you believe in, to help us as a nation to recover our government. I am very concerned with our lives & small businesses, in the hands of a bunch of bickering, unconcerned officials who, supposedly, represent us.


It is a government of the people, but NOT for the people.  It looks like they will re-open the Government tonight/tomorrow but we will all have months more to endure of bickering et al as they do their job and come up with a budget.


God help our country. Sorry for the rant but it was in my heart.


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Happy Halloween

News from the Ranch

A Request








If you have been reading the last few emails I have been sharing that I really did take on way too much at one time, too many commitments, too many major projects at once, then being a bit side swiped and then throw in all the work around the ranch preparing for winter while still running a business it is amazing I did not have a melt down.


I love the graphic below, as I do feel like I use the whole box of crayons in my life, there are no shades of grey any place,  I wear so many hats, and do so many things that all colors are needed! 


I love my life, I love my business and I love all that I do to share the knowledge and the experiences and to help all of you with your animals on this path, on this journey we call life and living!










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