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FEBRUARY 08, 2014

Follow Your Heart

One of the things I have learned in life is to follow my intuition and my heart.  I grew up in a family that valued integrity and honesty, which is how I live my life and run Earth Song Ranch as well.  I assure you that Earth Song Ranch is my passion, my heart & sould, it is here for the long run, although I know some of you most likely doubted that during this down time.


So to be absolutely honest with all of you, it has been a very tough almost five months financially for Earth Song Ranch, a bit brutal when your main products are not available for your long time as well as new customer's, and your cash flow slows to a trickle while a new manufacturer was selected, products reformulated and re-thought, costs looked at to stay competitive while producing the best products, keeping with  our business model and also looking at companies who feel the same as us, and we felt confident adding their products to our line up.  


For 15 years Earth Song Ranch has sold a pure bovine colostrum and also beta glucan for superior immune health for horses, cats and dogs.  Many of you have animals here today who benefitted from those products, some of which helped to cure cancer and other immune diseases, also several rescues have used both for sick animals to bring them back to health.


I am proud to announce that we are now a distributor for Mushroom Matrix products, made in California, which are all organic mushrooms with rich sources of Beta Glucan 1,3 1,6 and will have that up on the web site I hope this week, which is my goal.  They are awsome and I know the people who manufacturer them, their plant is in my old neighborhood in San Marcos. I can also tell you that Steffan Peter's uses the products for the horses he rides as well, and many of the horses competing at Thermal this year are also using the matrix line.


I have revisited the colostrum, have been in contact with the main company whom we purchased from over the past 15 years, what I found out is tghey have a new line of dog and cat formulas rich in colostrum and other immune building blocks, and they have one for horses too.  My intent is to start offering their new products as stand alone but to also be offering those products along with our tried and true pure bovine colostrum we have always carried.  


That tried and true bovine colostrum, from a company that has been in business for 30 years, will be added to the new formulation of Equine Zyme Plus that we should have available for sale this month, and will also be added in the K-9 Zyme and the KittyZyme as well as they become available in March!


During these past few months I took on a full time consulting job to help bridge all the expenses of the ranch, ingredients for products, R&D and the new products.  Unfortunately as some of you know, shipping has been a little slow on some things,  I try to mix the herbal blends on weekends to get them shipped by Monday's, not always meeting my own goals, I can tell you I am pretty exhausted most of the time, working two full time jobs, with a daily commute of over an hour each way, working usually 8 hours at the consulting job; some days I have been able to do the consulting from home.  Add to that taking care of the 3.5 acre ranch myself with all the fruit trees, roses and berry bushes, mucking stalls, et al although with some help on Sunday's and all the Earth Song Ranch critters as well ~ not complaining, love my life,  that is my dedication to Earth Song Ranch, as well as to all of you my customer's and being willing to do whatever it takes to continue to be a success out in this tough market place, and in this very tough economy as well!  I have pretty much held the line on prices over the years even though my costs have gone up, trying to make natural health available to all for their animals as well as be able to make a living doing it.


I thank all of you from my heart for your patience, your kindness and your understanding as Earth Song Ranch went through this transition, birthing our products once again, making necessary although painful changes, and with some hiccups along the way!


As all of the elements needed  are now falling in to place; as you know, I put my heart and soul in to all that I do, now I feel newly energized and very positive about the future and being able to continue with new and improved "old" products and new product lines to continue to help all of you with your animals and you too!



We have two new product lines to offer, I have now become a distributor for Mushroom Matrix.  They grow and process their own mushroom beta glucan blends here in California, and have an awsome line of medicinal mushroom products all with beta glucans for all kinds of issues your pets or your horses may be experiencing. 


For those of you who used my beta glucan the Immune for horses is the closest to that, but be sure to check out the other blends we are offering from them as well, we have one for hooves, one for metabolic and one for general health, each with a little different blend of medicinal mushrooms! 


For those with dogs who used the beta glucan the Canine MMR is the most potent blend and most like what I used to have.


The other product line is colostrum, packaged species specific collected from a certified dairy in the USA -- the company I have done business with for 15 years came out with an immune boosting blend for cats and dogs with added egg white which is also health enhancing, you will see it listed under their categories!


Both products are coming this week, to the Earth Song Ranch Website, so be looking for them!




Mare Zyme - I am blending a new batch of Mare Zyme this weekend, with more wild yam, as some areas already are experiencing some spring like weather & mares are cycling - am offering 15% off from the 10th to the 15th of February, use coupon code MZ10 and order while it is "hot" as they say!


Pre-Sale Herbal Wormer for March Delivery - I will be ordering herbs in the next week, so, if anyone is going to be needing Herbal Wormer for March, which is when we typically start up again, I am offering 20% off for pre-ordering with orders going out on March 1st.  Use Coupon Code HWPRE between February 15th to the 19th




Starting February 14th there will be a price increase on the new Equine Zyme, you may all have realized that we launched at a much lower price and also offered a sale for the first ten days as our way of trying to make it up to all of you who had waited so patiently.  Because our new pricing structure includes shipping we are finding it necessary to increase the price to allow our long time distributors a fair margin as well. 


We hope you will all understand that to stay in business, to support our long time distributors a price adjustment is necessary to bring it more in line with what we were charging before.   The old Equine Zyme was about $19.95 for a month's supply plus shipping and we will still be in that price range with the new pricing starting February 14th.


So if you would like to enjoy the introductory price please be sure to order this week by February 13th!



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On January 31st we entered the year of the Wood Horse, which is a year of changes, growth, bringing with it  prosperity and growth! 


Earth Song Ranch intends to prosper in new and exciting ways this year, with our product lines being back on track, with our new formulations, with our new beta glucan, new colostrum products and with some other items we will announce next month.  We know you will love them all for your horses, dogs and cats as they will have enhanced health from  the inside out!



We are now partnering with Spaulding Labs to offer you through our web site all natural fly control - I have used their products for years and years - their fly predators and their fly traps so please check them out if you don't already use them and if you do I would love it if you would set up your program by clicking through our web site!  Thanks!











Just wanted to share, that there is a DVM at the U of Kentucky who is doing a study on how a certain probiotic may kill parasites including strongyles!  For years I have seen the results of how feeding a probiotic supplement to your horses helps to prevent parasites, so I emailed the DVM and he wants to know what specific probiotics I use in the products and a little more information, so stay tuned, we may yet have science behind what I have been saying for years!









We have not has yet had any kind of winter here in the high desert of So Cal - we had a touch of rain this past week, but alas, only enough to calm the dust!  We really have been hoping for rain, and even a bit of snow to add to the variety of things up here.  My grandkids in Wisconsin are hating life this winter, and my granddaughter is going to come out and spend some time with me this coming summer!  The fruit trees are starting to bud and the bulbs are coming up - so here is hoping we don't have a late hard frost in the near future!






Wishing you and your a very happy Valentine's day --- with love all around!




The colostrum is on the way to the new manufacturer, we need to do a test blend, and we should have pricing soon, I will most likey do a pre-sale on the EZ+; the new digestive enzymes for the K-9 and Kitty Zyme are being talked about this weekend, they will be awsome, so by the end of the month we should have the Equine Zyme Plus and by mid March we should have the K-9 and Kitty Zyme ready to go as well!