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It's a New Year !

January 2014


New Year 2014


It is a new year and new products are really coming....


It has always been my commitment to you my customer's to offer excellent health enhancing products, I believe in natural health, well being and healing and in so believing I have spent years on my formulas for better health in a natural way using probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, homeopathy, herbs, supplements and all natural feed additives.  I do not buy or blend products from China, we do not use cheap ineffective ingredients, nor do we knowingly use GMO ingredients!


I walk my talk, and I practice what I preach for my horses, dogs and cats as well!  I offer other peoples products too, ones I use and believe in, includine Horse Tech, E3Live, and soon Dr Bronner's, and Mushroom Matrix along with low NSC Horse Treats from Skodes.


We will be offering medicinal mushroom beta glucans for horses, dogs and people in the new year from a local company, with the mushrooms grown locally.


Because we are a small company we care about what goes in to our products, we care about our customers, we care about your animals and their health not just the bottom line!


We are here for the long run, not just the fads that constantly come up !



The Year of the Horse



It is the New Year of the Wood Horse

It is time to take a look at your horses diets, at their supplements and also your feeding program to bring about the best health for them you possibly can!


Ask your self why you are feeding concentrated bag feeds loaded with unnatural ingredients and chemicals?  Take a look at your horses hoof health, at their coats and see if their health is showing through?


If you have an older horse have you had their teeth done recently?  Have you looked at the quality of their manure and how it looks, it does tell a lot!





A Note From Jessica Lynn






Earth Song Ranch


Thank you for being a loyal Earth Song Ranch customer in 2013! We hope you have been happy with our products and the service that we have provided to you this past year!  We are a small but continually growing company and we offer what we consider the best.


We know some of you are disappointed that we have not had the Equine Zyme and the Equine Zyme Plus for the past few months, I am disappointed too, however, labels are now being printed for Equine Zyme, the formulation for Equine Zyme Plus is complete, and we are pricing it out, the K-9 Zyme is next!  We promise even better products, with great results for 2014!


We promise you another year of amazing service and awesome supplements in 2014 and we're looking forward to serving you throughout the year!


Wishing you a blessed 2014!