I am so please with the response, from all of you, in regards to the new products I spent time testing, researching and deciding upon, which I have added to the website; they are not only unique, but also health enhancing.  It does take some time to get to know whether a product will do what is claimed, and to know that the integrity of the company matches that of Earth Song Ranch as well. 


Many of you around the country and Canada do not have access to the natural products that we have here in California, so I am happy to share some of those with you, including the California sunshine found in the avocado oil products, as well as being a resource for some of the other ones.  I have been so blessed to live here all of my life, and to have the abundance all year long of the produce we are able to grow!


Let me know if any of you are interested in Holiday Gift Baskets for your friends and family, I may consider doing them again this year as a few people have asked for them.


Life is changing, and Earth Song Ranch continues to change and grow, we are here for the long run!   We are here for you, your horses, cats and dogs, and to share wisdom, knowledge, and health enhancing products, we are here to share resources and knowledge!


We have some really wonderful news to share below and also some really great coupon offers till the end of the month! 


I love this photo.....

It reminds me of the country roads my dad and I would take the dogs for walks, our Irish Setter the Terrible Peter O'toole, and his lab Kasey, just to be in nature and for them to run.  This sure shows the changing of the season and the time of year we are in.  


Ready for Winter's First Blush?

So what are you doing to get ready for winter for your horses? 


Are you getting blankets water proofed? 


Getting in more hay, hay pellets, rice bran and oats? 


I love Halloween, it has always been a favorite time with kids, and trick or treaters, and it is the gateway to Thanksgiving coming, and moving in to a cooler time of year, a time to give thanks for all that we have and for the year that we are coming to a close on very quickly!


Planting Bulbs


I am already collecting bulbs to plant this fall for spring color! For now Iris and Daffodils and am deciding on the rest!  How about you?


One of my favorites is Daffodils and I have them tooled on my saddle!


So what are you doing to prepare for the cooler fall months and the winter to come?  What changes do you make to prepare your horses?  What measures do you take to make sure they are sheltered from the harsh winter that is predicted this year?


Here in California we have already had rain, which is a bit unusual for this time of year, and cool nights, so the horses have had rain sheets on for a couple days now! Stable blankets are ready and we are prepared for any weather that may come!


For my horses, this year they will have barn stalls to go in, but what I have done is started to up their hay pellets just a little bit at night, we have been in the low 40's and that is usually when I will increase them, also giving them a little more hay, and I have added a scoop of Beta Blend to that along with their EquineZyme, Kelp, MSM and Vitamin C.  When it gets colder yet I up the recleaned oats and maybe add a bit of barley....


As we get in to the very cold nights I do a horse tea of warming herbs and heat their nightly bucket feed. (see recipe below) Am going to have this tea available for sale in the next few weeks, in a convient tea bag that you can toss out after it has steeped.


It is also time to stock the freezer with things to make crock pot soups, and have extra things in the cupboards just in case... as well as have a supply of cat and dog food in the pantry!




Day Light Savings time is coming to an end,  on November 4th when we turn back our clocks and we are only two weeks away from Halloween --- wow, these are the two markers to start to get ready for ....... Thanksgiving! 


Yet another year has flown by, each year seems to go faster and faster, or we are just all so busy we don't notice it until the markers we are so used to begin to show up?






Have a Happy and Safe Halloween what ever you are doing!






I have been looking for some time for just the right place for my fur family and I, for all of us to be safe, back up in the high desert, not too far from where I am living now,  and it looks like we found it! 


We used to live in the high desert about 5 years ago, the energy of the area really appeals to me and my horses thrive up there.  They are on well water we have good hay available, a local farmer's market for organic produce, and most of all built in friends who live in the neighborhood or are in the process of moving there, as well as have made some new friends already, all horse women! 


So.... our new home is painted a light yellow, the 2.5 acres is completely fenced and cross fenced, with a 3 stall barn with turnouts, two dry lot pastures,  one can be used for an area and one for a big turn out during the day, the barn has a feed room, and lights, with a large covered area for hay storage for the winter;  we get all four seasons, including a bit of snow and there is plenty of room to grow my business, grow a garden, plant my bulbs, and do my shipping.  


For the dogs there is a huge fenced area to run, as well as the cats to be safe!  We are close enough to Temecula but far enough out in the country, and not that far from Palm Springs


I hope to be moving the last weekend in October, before Halloween and the full moon, but time will tell, as I get more organized, get packed, and get things arranged, it could be the first weekend in November too!  But nonetheless it is very soon now that we will be on the road to our new "home".  Friends have volunteered to help move us, so have given notice, time will be here before I know it, and we will be moving!  Whooo hoooo...... we should be all moved in and settled  within plenty of time to put things away, and able to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in years! 




Help Us Move Special Sale Take  Your Pick:


From October 15th to October 21st take 10% off your order, any order, any amount or size for anything in the store! 


Use coupon code Oct10 on check out!  Help us to have less to move when we move to our new home! 



From October 22 to October 24th Free Shipping on orders over $75.00 --- use coupon code : FSMove .....




Warming Herbal Horse Tea for One Horse:


1 qt (4 cups water)

1 finger of fresh ginger sliced thinly or grated thickly (warming and immune enhancer)

1 small piece of licorice root 1-2 inches sliced (also helps to fight depression in stalled horses)

1 tablespoon lemon balm dried herb cut and sifted type (relaxing aid)

1 tablespoon parsley flakes (digestive aid)

1-2 cinnamon sticks (warming and digestive aid)

1 tablespoon dried orange peel and rind (to add some sweet to the blend and aroma)


You can place all of these herbs in a qt jar and pour boiling water over them and let them steep for 10-15 minutes.  Let cool to just warm, strain the herbs and use to pour over bucket feed in cold weather. 


You can add a tsp. of salt to the warm liquid too so that you encourage them to drink more!


So brew up a batch of warming herb tea and pour a quart of warmed tea over your horses winter bucket feed he/ she will thank you for it!




Giving Thanks -


As we approach the end of a year, with the end of a summer season just past,  settling in to fall, with the promise of holidays coming,  I am beginning to reflect on all that I have to be thankful for - all that I have gratitude for and all that I have in the way of friends as well as family --- my son is having surgery today October 15th, I am sure he will be fine, and back home in the afternoon.  My grandkids are thriving as well as excelling in swim and cross country; my daughter and her family are doing well and I know that even though her company may be going through lay offs in the near future she will also be fine! 


I am moving to a wonderful house, a wonderful new life, and a new beginning for me and my fur family, for this I am most grateful.  I am in total gratitude for all of you, for my company continuing to grow, for sharing my gifts in helping many of you with your animals and their health challenges in this and other years past. 


I am grateful for my parents, who I speak of often and miss, the gifts they gave me that shaped me in many ways, and for my Granny Millett's genetics and excellent health --- what are you all grateful for?  Would love to know!