September is here....


I guess we are all scratching our heads and saying, "Wow ......where did the summer go?"  I know that ours was quite filled and busy, I had a lot of projects to complete around the ranch, a new web site and shopping cart to complete along with all the things that go with that including a new bank and merchant services company, working on a new shopping cart that includes an app for iPhone and Droids, signing up with UPS so there is a choice in shipping, a business plan to finish up, a business to run, and lots of little projects that are still on the list to do before fall sets in so will be very busy till mid to end of September for sure! 


We have had another burst of heat this past week, but with it we had a couple days of lightening, thunder and heavy rain which was wonderful and made everything clean and green!  However, we did have two strikes too close for comfort, one next to the house on the reservation and one up next to my friend Kate's house!  Made the hair stand up on the back of you neck and made me jump about 2 feet too!  The humidity has been very hard on us all, Destinee is the worst because she is my horse that just will not drink so have had to give her electrolytes daily.  I am planting the last of the berry bushes (boysenberry and black berry) this Labor Day weekend, and feeding all of my plants as well as I go along pruning, cutting and weeding, as well as pounding in tree polls to hold up the young trees this winter during the winds.


If you follow us on Face Book then the above banner is familiar already, if not this is the new banner, new look, with all of the horses, cast and dogs of Earth Song Ranch, one of our cats,Willie, takes such great photos his photo represents all of our cats on the banner. 


Earth Song Ranch also has some new ads and art work that will be showing up in some of the magazines in the fall/winter.  New articles in Equne Wellness will be in the fall and winter editions, and don't miss the Natural Horse Newsletters that come out monthly, usually on the 15th of the month, which I also have a hand in!


The days here in Southern California are getting noticeably shorter, sun is setting much earlier every day, the shadows in the afternoon on the North side of the barn are longer and different in their angles, morning sun is greeting us later as well! 




The lazy days of summer are now more behind us, the days of fall just ahead of us, the rush of getting kids off to school, college, and us off to work along with daily life is the reality, vacation time is over. 


Time to prepare our horses for fall and winter months to come, and if the Farmer's Almanac is accurate, then it will be an earlier, bitter cold and wet / snowy winter for most of the country, especially the mid west and the east.  My bet is that the west coast will have an El Nino year, meaning lots of rain, for which I am preparing the ranch for, and the snow we get as well.  For those of you with older horses who may be IR or Cushings/Metabolic, this is the time to give them Chaste Tree Berry Tea (just like Evitex but you make it yourself at a quarter of the cost) to soften the cortisol release that happens to horses like these this time of year and can bring on a bout of laminitis. 




Thrifty Horse


For those of you would would love to make healthy strawberry jam but don't have the time or patience for canning and preserving, found this on FB --- look yummy as well as eacy and you can just make a couple jars it looks lit!  I think I will try it too!




I found a great "recipe" for making your own laundry soap, and it only cost about 23 cents per load, you use essential oils as a fragrance, borax, baking soda (or washing soda) and felsnapthy soap or castile bar soap grated --- I plan on trying it soon, will let you know and post in the next newsletter!





News from the Barn


I have looked at my un-assembled cavalleti's all summer and need to put them back together, get the weather vane put on the cottage; clean out the ditches so everything will drain away from the house and barn, rain gutters going up finally this week on the barn and cottage, need to level a place to put the horse trailer up by the house and out of the way; a new stall is being added in the barn for Annie Rose for winter, before the end of September; I have been hauling in sand to the barn, by the wheel barrow full, to level out the stalls for the winter as well as hauling sand to the in/outs to try to prevent flooding in the low areas; new flourescent fixtures with electronic ignition being installed in the barn as well this week, the ones that are currently in there will not come on if it is damp or very cold, next year will get a ceiling fan installed in the barn to keep the air moving and the flies out hopefully as well as keep it a bit cooler. 


I am in the process of planning my Spring bulb garden in an area next to the pear trees, with lots of color, bulbs that gophers and squirrels do not like, with lavendar, rosemary and hydrenga thrown in and will make a walking path through them so that I can admire the spring colors when they all come up!  Bulbs have to go in in the fall, so am waiting for Walmart to get their supply in!  The view from the house will be spectacular as this garden is visable from the north side of the house which has many windows.  Am also planning my spring herb garden and vegetable garden as well, with lots of horse friendly herbs!


The last of the summer ranch projects are under way with two new back doors being installed this week, on the house, and a new ceiling fan in the family room... my friend Kate and I are on the the look out for two 12' stock gates with welded wire for the lower dry lot and Kate and I will be installing no climb wire on the back barn gate panel which is 12' to keep dogs out and Annie Rose in, but be able to open the big wood barn doors so she has a view and there is a breeze, we will also put wire on one side of the turn out from the barn at Echo's stall to match up to the v-mesh in the turn out, make it much safer for all, dogs included by keeping them out of the horse area, which is the remainder of the work on my list...... and needs to be done by October.


All of my horses came down sick with a virus that Annie Rose brought in, they caught it one by one which was a whole lot of fun, coughing, green snot and all... not!  Called Dr Denice Moffat (a veterinarian, naturpath, and medical intuitive) and did a consult for Destinee and gave all of them the homeopathic drops, rosemary herb and colostrym in double doses.... I think we are finally winning the parasite/worm war with Annie Rose, I hate using chemical wormers unless absolutely necessary, and in her case, we had to!  She was one loaded littel mini!  We had to dose her every two weeks for a month (3 doses, 1 each, Panacure, Strongid, 5 nights of Herbal wormer then 1 dose Ivermecterin), then we had to wait one week after the Ivermecterin a do a 5 day Panacure power pack, and today is the 4th day and I do not see evidence of worms coming out in the manure!!!  I will be taking in a fecal after the new moon so we can see if there is anything else that needs treating!   Otherwise, she will be on the herbal wormer during the full moon cycle, and paratox in October from the new moon to the full moon!  Can't imagine anything else being able to live in there after all that, and she is on double horse size doses of Equine Zyme Plus for the next two weeks to not only repopulate good bacteria but to boost her immune system as well!



By the way the New Moon is the 6th of September and the full moon is the 19th of September before the Autumnal Equinox which falls on the 22nd of September, where day and night are of equal length and we will be heading to less and less daylight hours until we come to the Winter Solstice!


Changes on the way.......

Each season brings with it changes, and changes are coming to Earth Song Ranch with the launch of the new website and shopping cart sometime in September, most likely for the Autumnal Equinox which is the 22nd.


Unfortunately there will be some products discontinued, including Uveitis Blend, Joint Zyme, Super Joint Zyme, EPM Zyme and most likely the Herbal Hoof and Joint Blend as well. 


We will only offer MareZyme in the Spring and Summer months, Winter Stable blend will be offered from October through February,  Happy Horse Meadow Mix will be offered all year long and we will be adding some great supplements like Magnesium Oxide,  MSM/Devils Claw blend, Vitamin E and a new form of Vitamin C to our line up of great products.   We will also be an Associate with Spaulding Labs offering you all their great fly prevention products! 


We will also be offering a new joint supplement for horses and dogs as well.



Senior Zyme 20% Off

A new batch of Senior Zyme will be blended soon, this is one of the blends that can help your older horses through the winter months - it contains anti-inflammatory herbs, supportive herbs, and herbs for digestive health.  Use coupon code SZ20.  9/03->9/14/13



Herbal Wormer 20% Off

It is time to worm your horses the full moon is the 19th so you will need to start on the 17th --- so we are offering our ever popular Herbal Wormer at 20% off from September 3rd to the 10th.  Use coupon code HW20


Equine Zyme 20% Off

Going in to fall and winter it is important for your horses digestive tract, which is approximately 75' long to be in the best of health, and EquineZyme relplenishes probiotics, feeds the good bacteria already there and balances out the pH of the digestive tract!  On sale from September 3rd to the 15th use coupon code EZ20.


Equine Zyme Plus  Will be 20% Off

from the 15th to the 22nd so be watching for the code in the next newsletter!

Winter Stable Blend

The end of September we will be making up the  first batch of Winter Stable Blend for all of you who wait for it for your horses for the cold fall and winter months. 


We will offer it at pre-sale starting Mid September at a discount, and will start shipping the end of the month.  This blend has been an all time favorite for many in the mid west and east coasts, for 10 years, to help prevent colic in the months that horses are stabled and not out on pasture. 


It is a great addition to bucket feed or just sprinkled over hay to encourage your horses to eat when they may be a bit depressed by the bad weather!




I am grateful for of all of you, for all of the people I have met along this horse health journey, and I are grateful for all the blessings of this past year and all of the blessings that continue on their way!


Thank you, each and everyone of you for your support, for your friendship and for all of you sharing about our great products with your friends, family members, co-workers and more!


I feel very blessed to be able to continue to grown this business, to be able to help so many people world wide with their horses and their challenges, and for us all to be able to join up using social media and the internet that all make it possible!