September is here....


I guess we are all scratching our heads and saying, "Wow ......where did the summer go?"  I know that ours was quite filled and busy, 19 more Saturday's to Christmas one FB post said, ugghhh.


The days here in Southern California are getting noticeably shorter, sun is setting much earlier every day, the shadows in the afternoon on the North side of the barn are longer and different in their angles, morning sun is greeting us later as well! 




The lazy days of summer are now more behind us, the days of fall just ahead of us, the rush of getting kids off to school, college, and us off to work along with daily life is the reality, vacation time is over, time to focus and get things done, prepare for the winter months coming as well, fire wood coming, extra oats, pellets, and flax to buy, making sure everything is caulked and in good order.  Makings for chili and soups in the cupboard and freezer.  Winter blankets are ready, although Diamond will be using Annie's last winter blanket and I will get Annie a Rhino Wug to match Cheyannes! 


Time to prepare our horses for fall and winter months to come, and if the Farmer's Almanac is accurate, then it will be an earlier, bitter cold and wet / snowy winter for most of the country, especially the mid west and the east.  My bet is that the west coast will have an El Nino year, meaning lots of rain, for which I am preparing the ranch for, and the snow we get as well, although the almanac says "regular amount of rain" for the west coast.  For those of you with older horses who may be IR or Cushings/Metabolic, this is the time to give them Chaste Tree Berry Tea (just like Evitex but you make it yourself at a quarter of the cost) to soften the cortisol release that happens to horses like these this time of year and can bring on a bout of laminitis. It is also time to get some weight on older horses who may be a bit thin from the summer heat, and do it now as it will be almost impossible to do it in the cold of winter.




Thrifty Horse


For those of you would would love to make healthy strawberry jam but don't have the time or patience for canning and preserving, found this on FB --- look yummy as well as eacy and you can just make a couple jars it looks lit!  I think I will try it too!









News from the Barn


Although we are heading in to fall, I am in the process of planning my Spring bulb garden in different areas of the ranch, some next to the pear trees, with lots of color, bulbs that gophers and squirrels do not like, mainly daffodils of all varieties I buy them in sacks of 100 mixed bulbs, will buy two more sacks this year and I get bulbs from my friend Dr Denice in Idaho too, from their farm, then I add lavendar, rosemary and hydrenga thrown in and will make a walking path through them so that I can admire the spring colors when they all come up!  Bulbs have to go in in the late fall, so am waiting for Walmart to get their supply in as well for some of the other bulbs that did well this past year!  The view from the house will be spectacular as much of the ranch is visable from the north side of the house which has many windows.  More roses are also in the planning stages, and I am planning an area to plant a red climbing rose in memory of Destinee Rose with an arch near her favorite place to lay in the sun.




By the way the full moon is the 8th of September, the New Moon is the 23rd of September the day after the Autumnal Equinox which falls on the 22nd of September, where day and night are of equal length and we will be heading to less and less daylight hours until we come to the Winter Solstice!


I so miss all the daylight hours as we move closer to winter time, but do get more sleep, get more indoor projects done, and maybe catch up on my reading too!  I am far behind on books I would love to read about homeopathy, natural parasite control in horses and donkeys, and so much more!


Getting chores done as we loose light is more of a challenge, and even though I have lights in the barn it is still a bit of a challenge to get stalls cleaned, get buckets soaked and hay in for night time feedings!


The mini girls are doing great, I have been doing a lot of work with baby Dazzle getting her ready for a halter in the very near future, and the one that fits is Destinee's break-away foal halter.  I also have a pink "Parelli" halter from Auntie Lydia -- am hoping to take a video soon of Dazzle playing with the EquiSpirit ball that is almost as big as her, she loves to push it with her nose, then her chest then run in front of it and double barrel kick it! 


Annie and Diamond love to walk around their big pen together, they all lay in the soft sand under the outdoor shelter late morning after breakfast and take a nap together. 



We have had such weird weather lots of humidity then dry, then rain, then dry, all the horses have a bit of a cough, the baby had a snotty nose but seems to have gotten through it!  It is time again for feet to be trimmed, and it seems that Cheyanne finally blew out her abscess and is running and bucking again so phew... on that one, time to go back to training!


Echo has done well in the loss of Destinee, her daughter, I have been struggling with her feet for the past year especially and have a new trimmer, with him she is doing much better, after one trim she was noticeably better, and with the second trim only two weeks later big improvement and we may entertain the new Easy Shoes for her in the very near future.  She and I have more rides to take this life time while I get Cheyanne ready to be a riding horse. 




Animal Auras



This is my friend Kate's company, and she is running a special right now on her safety signs, she will pick three rescues to donate to, so if you order you can pick a rescue that she will send a sign to with custom stickers depending on the animals they care for!



Changes on the way.......

Each season brings with it changes, and changes are coming to Earth Song Ranch with the launch of the new canine products hopefully by the end of September, hopefully in time for the Autumnal Equinox which is the 22nd. 


I know I have been promising and life has been busy, but it will be worth it for your dogs.  I may also start offering the Pitcarin Canine Blend as well, and I have an herbal blend for dogs I have been testing out that will be combined with the K-9  Zyme. 





Still working on the Kitty product which will be a bit more tricky to do with cats being the way they are about smell and flavors too!



Senior Zyme 15% Off

A new batch of Senior Zyme will be blended this week, this is one of the blends that can help your older horses through the winter months - it contains anti- inflammatory herbs, all over supportive herbs, and herbs for digestive health including Peppermint.  I am going to be starting Echo on it as soon as I blend it up for the winter, she just turned 20 years old in March.  With this blend I also feed 1 scoop of Equine Zyme or EquineZyme Plus for added probiotics and digestive enzymes.


Use coupon code SZ159/02->9/07/13




Equine Zyme 10% Off

Going in to fall and winter it is important for your horses digestive tract, which is approximately 75' long to be in the best of health, and EquineZyme relplenishes probiotics, feeds the good bacteria already there and balances out the pH of the digestive tract! 


On sale from September 8th to the 14th use coupon code EZ.


Equine Zyme Plus  Will be 10% Off

from the 15th to the 21st of September Equine Zyme Plus is one of the products I use for my horses this time of year to make sure their immune systems are boosted, it contains Colostrum which can also soothe an upset digestive tract, so use coupon code EZP for 10% off!



Winter Stable Blend


The first of October we will be making up the  first batch of Winter Stable Blend for all of you who wait for it for your horses for the cold fall and winter months. 


We will offer it at pre-sale starting maybe the second week at a discount, and will start shipping the end of October. 


This blend has been an all time favorite for many in the mid west and east coasts, for over 10 years, to help prevent colic in the months that horses are stabled and not out on pasture. 


It is a great addition to bucket feed or just sprinkled over hay to encourage your horses to eat when they may be a bit depressed by the bad weather!





I am grateful for of all of you, for all of the people I have met along this horse health journey, and I are grateful for all the blessings of this past year and all of the unknown blessings that continue on their way to me and mine!


Thank you, each and everyone of you for your support, for your friendship and for all of you sharing about our great products with your friends, family members, co-workers and more!  I have been in business for 15 plus years now, and I know the economy has been hard on everyone this year nor does it seem to be improving much for the many, only for the few; this year has been a particularly slow year for sales for not only Earth Song Ranch but for many of the small horse businesses I know and am friends with and for my distributors as well.  I have not raised my prices in years and I try to keep them affordable for the many not the few, and my formulas are tried and true for many of the disorders that horses can have including Cushings, EPM, or Moody Mares.  I am one of the few that also offers alternative in the way of some homeopathics and nosodes as well. 


Although the year has been slow business wise, I feel very blessed to be able to continue to grow this business, to be able to help so many people world wide with their horses and their challenges, or in the alternative to help keep horses healthy for a life time and for us all to be able to join up using social media and the internet that all make it possible!