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Annie's Mini Cushing's Support Kit

A more natural approach to help minis suspected to have, or who do have, Cushing's
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Cushing's Support Just for Minis - In A Cost-Saving Kit

Minis - be they miniature horses or mini donkeys - get Cushing's just like the big horses do, so we wanted to offer up a special Mini Cushing's Support Kit in a "mini" size. Each product contains just the right dosages for your mini:

Your order also includes a four-page handout of feeding suggestions containing all the details you need to know to help your mini, including what you need to feed, what you need to be aware of in ingredients et al.

We discount this Kit and give you FREE shipping (US only) - so you save approximately $25 purchasing all the items together in this cost-saving Kit.

We named this Kit after our senior mini, Ms. Annie Rose (28 years old in 2023), as she has had Cushing's for several years and she has been getting "the Kit" for at least 5 years. She also gets proper nutrition by way of hay and organic bag/grain feed along with Mini All One, our vitamin/mineral supplement with the digestive support of Equine Zyme to make life simpler for mini owners and feeders. Annie does great on this protocol! She is also the cover model on the Mini All One label.

Please remember - Cushing's is not a death sentence! It can be "managed" with:

  • Changes in diet
  • Using the Kit in Spring and Fall (prime times for Cushing's flare ups)
  • Making sure gut health is in really good shape by using Mini Zyme digestive support all year long - or with Mini All One, our vitamin/mineral supplement manufactured by Horse Tech just for minis

It all comes down to gut health and proper nutrition!

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