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Brittany's Garden

Brittany's Garden - Infusions, Tinctures, Salves & More

Coming Summer 2023

Brittany’s garden is full of magic & healing energy – this is my grand-daughter’s page where she will share her magic with the creations she makes using herbs, flowers and more in the next few months.

Brittanys Garden Family

She is so much like me, is intuitive, a healer, well studied in the ways of herbs and homeopathy so wants to also share her gifts with all of you. She is a wonderful mom of three little girls who will also be learning along the way, my great grand daughters.

Currently they are moving in to their new house and she is planning and readying her own garden in Wisconsin for when the weather turns nice and will be growing much of what she will be making in the way of salves, tinctures, liniments, infusions and more.

Stay tuned for the magic of her healing ways to come – she has organic and wild crafted herbs she is working with and they will be going in to the Earth Song Ranch store most in the Spring 2024.