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A liquid homeopathic blend of anti parasitics homeopathic remedies
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Liquid Homeopathic, All Natural Anti-Parasitic - for Horses, Cats & Dogs

Safe for chickens and goats too. If you have a mini, please see Paratox for Minis for dosage information.

This is a liquid proprietary blend of anti parasitic homeopathic remedies preserved in distilled water and grain alcohol. We have sold Paratox for over 15 years and we do not give out the specific remedies used in this blend as they are proprietary.

It was designed and manufactured by a holistic homeopathic vet from Florida and is still being manufactured after his death by a homeopathic company, I purchase from them and sell to my customers. If you do not understand the history of homeopathy, how it is used, please consult with me before you purchase as this product. I do not make it, it is not returnable therefore not refundable due to FDA regulations. I have been treated with homeopathy for 65 years, I have been treating my family, myself and my animals for over 50 years and understand the concepts and how it all works naturally.

Paratox is a homeopathic anti-parasitic that you can either put in your horse, dog or cats water daily or syringe in to their mouth. It is effective and safe, no nasty chemicals or toxic substances.

1 pint will last a little over a month for one horse, using a capful in drinking water or at the rate of 2-5 cc (ml) twice per day either syringed in to the mouth on added to their drinking water.

Paratox is different than the Herbal Wormer for the horses we offer, but can be used in conjunction with that between the new moon and the full moon in a specific time frame, or can be for long term use as a stand alone product.

When used between the new and the full moon use at the rate on the bottle, then stop on the first night of the full moon and use the herbal wormer for the 5 nights, then begin again on the 6th night of the the full moon. Or used alone it is an effective non-chemical alternative which is used over 48 days or until the bottle is empty.

For dogs and cats, it is administered usually in their drinking water bowls or buckets and not used with the equine herbal wormer.

Please note that homeopathic remedies are not returnable due to FDA regulations.

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