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Spring and Fall Tonic

An easy way to give your horse a healthy tonic in the spring and fall to detox them and can also be used to detox horses.
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We are finally offering something you have all asked about for years - an herbal formula for naturally detoxing your horses. It is called the Spring and Fall tonic because that is when I recommend using the formula, however it can be used year round, whenever you feel like your horses may need it!

Horses are exposed to so many chemicals in their world these days, from chemical fly spray to rubber feeding bowls and everything in between. There are toxins in the air they breathe from so many sources as well as in the feed and hay they eat, the body processes and cleanses through the kidneys and the liver those organs can use some support.

We carefully selected a combination of ingredients to create a blend that are rich in antioxidants and and detoxifying properties to support natural detoxing to help bring your horse's body back into balance naturally.

Spring and Fall Tonic was specially formulated to assist horses coping with a range of allergies, including symptoms like hives, runny eyes and nose, and some with respiratory issues. Our formula is safe for all horses including those dealing with metabolic concerns such as Cushing's, EMS, IR, many of which start from unhealthy digestive issues.

Some of the herbs contained in this blend include: Milk Thistle Seed Powder, Powdered Dandelion Leaf, Ginseng, Powdered Rose Hips, Parsley, Fenugreek, and a small amount of Yellow Dock, we add bentonite clay and zeolite clay all for their natural de-toxing and absorbing properties to safely carry the toxins out of the horses body.

It is fed at the rate of 2 nicely rounded to heaping Tablespoons in the evening for at least two weeks to be most effective, added to wet bucket feed.

A one pound bag would last an average size horse about two weeks time. We suggest that you follow up with Equine Zyme Plus to start building a healthy digestive tract, Your horses immune health begins with a healthy digestive tract, and to Equine Zyme Plus we add colostrum, we were the first in the industry in 1996 to add colostrum to our Equine Zyme Blend, others copied along the way!

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