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Ulcers 911 Support Kit - for Equine Ulcers

A cost effective and natural alternative to expensive vet meds that also keep your horses gut health with pre/pro-biotics.
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Natural Support for Horses with Ulcers in A Cost-Saving Kit - Great for Prevention Too

Looking for an alternative and more natural approach to helping your horse who either has ulcers or to help prevent them? Or for horses with chronic digestive disorders? Our Ulcer 911 Support Kit saves you $44 over purchasing all items separately.

Natural Support for Horses with Ulcers in A Cost-Saving Kit

The Ulcer 911 Support Kit Includes:

  • 3.5 Lb. bag of Equine Zyme Plus ($71.95 value)
  • 5 Lb. bucket of CA-Mg Buffer ($48.95)
  • 2 Lb. bag of Tummy Tamer ($74.95 value ~ note this product ships separately from Earth Song Ranch)
  • And FREE Shipping (U.S. Only)

Equine Zyme Plus - Is a formula we have been manufacturing for 22 years now, and it not only has pre/probiotics but digestive enzymes and colostrum. Learn more.

Tummy Tamer - Is an herbal blend in a rich yeast culture with a little rice bran meal that we have been selling for over twelve years with great success and is one of our most popular products and a best seller! Learn more.

CA-Mg Buffer - When your vet says you need to give your horse a buffer this is the one we recommend! It has direct fed microbials in the blend and a non sugar molasses flavor which horses love!

This Kit comes with FREE Shipping (US only)!

Please note: Ships in TWO SEPARATE SHIPMENTS - 1) from Earth Song Ranch with a tracking number and 2) from Horsetech. Please email us at earthsongranch@yahoo.com if you would like a tracking number from Horsetech and we will gather that for you.

Are you showing your horse? See our Ulcer 911 Support Kit for Show Horses.

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