Sunny's Cushings Support Kit
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Natural Herbal Support for Equine Cushing's in a Cost-Saving Kit

Our customers have had great results with this specific combination of Earth Song Ranch products for "Metabolic" horses over the past 10 years. These products are available individually, but to make it easier for you, we've put everything together in this kit. You get the specific quantities you'll need to help one horse for two months - all at a $45 savings over purchasing individually.  This kit usually last about 60 days for the average horse, longer for mini's.

The Cushing's Support Kit also includes FREE SHIPPING and a FREE 15 minute Nutritional Consultation to go over your feeding program, we will email you once we get your order to set up the consultation, and will need you to send a list of everything you feed your horse from hay, to bag feed, to treats.

The Cushing's Support Kit includes:

  • 3.5 Lb of Equine Zyme, a probiotic/digestive enzyme blend (this is shipped separately.)
  • 2 Lb of Organic Kelp
  • 2 Lb of Sunny's Herbal Formula for Cushings Horses
  • 6 Qt package of the Chaste Tree Berry Tea, which you make fresh and we feel is better than Evitex and a lot more cost effective as well!
  • FREE 15 minute Nutritional Review and Consultation (email a list of everything you are feeding your horse, then a time that will be convenient for us both will be set up to go over it all on the phone. It is your responsibility to send the list of everything your horse eats, everything! Then we can set up the consult.)
  • FREE SHIPPING & $45 savings over purchasing separately
  • Please note you will receive the kit in two separate shippments. (For Canadian orders there will be extra shipping due. Free Shipping is only for the US shippments.)

A Natural Synergistic Cushing's Approach

We at Earth Song Ranch have seen that horses who are supported nutritionally - along with herbs for inflammation and for supporting the endocrine system, kidneys, liver and more - do extremely well on this combination.

Although we cannot make claims, you will be able to read Sunny's story/testimonial. Sunny's owner, Louisa Barton - Host and Executive Producer of NBC's The Horse Talk Show, was thrilled to see his ACTH levels drop from 293 to a remarkable 27 in less than 3 months on these products! Listen to what she had to say.

Learn more about our natural approach to Cushing's Support in our FAQ page: Cushings Disease in Horses – Signs, Diet & Natural Treatments. Also listen to our The Horse Talk Show interview on Why the Fall is More of a Concern for Cushings & Pre-Fall Prevention Tips.

Not sure if your horse is a Cushing's horse?

Or want to know more about preventing the syndrome before it starts? We offer diet and nutritional consultations in our store to help you understand how your feeding choices can make a difference. All one hour Consultation clients receive $25 off their first order of $75 or more.

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