Earth Song Ranch Customer Testimonials
This page is dedicated to all of you who have written to me to let me know how your horses, dogs and cats are doing! And to share your personal experience using our products with others! You are the ones who have helped me to grow Earth Song Ranch over the years more then any paid advertising could! Your animals have shown people how good our products are and I appreciate each and every one of you!

Jessica Lynn at Earth Song Ranch - you're my miracle worker!! Sunny, diagnosed with Cushing's one year ago, had 10 times the normal ACTH level (293) and had every Cushing's symptom.

Today his blood work came back at 27. (35 is high normal). He is now completely normal and can no longer be diagnosed with Cushing's. His fat deposits are all gone, his hair is growing back at a normal length, he is bright, vibrant, happy and loving life again... I will continue to use the Earth Song Ranch products, that have been so effective: the Cushing's Support Kit herbs, the probiotics, the enzymes, and will continue to provide him with a more natural feeding program.

My hope is that Sunny can continue to live out a healthy and long life. I have owned Sunny for 22 years and I am eternally indebted to Jessica Lynn at Earth Song Ranch for her help and her advice.

— Louisa Barton, Host of NBC's The Horse Talk Show
"Jessica has an incredible ability to help problem solve with horses unlike anyone I have ever met. Her products have helped my horses across the board from my old retired horses to my top Eventing Partner, Chatwin, we came in 4th in the World in Eventing in Germany this summer (2019)! I would recommend Jessica to everyone and anyone who would like advice or help with their horses! (Frankie's horses love Equine Zyme, Equine Zyme Plus and our homeopathic remedies. Her horse, Chatwin, is also on Lean Muscle while he competes)."
- Frankie Thieriot Stutes
"If it wasn't for Earth Song Ranch, I would not have a happy mare. The journey started when Ena, my 6 year old SWB mare developed ulcers every Spring for 3 years. I would go through the standard protocol-scoping, treatment, scoping-only for them to return. At wits end, Jessica's name was given to me and the rest is history. Earth Song Ranch knew exactly what she needed and put her on Equine-Zyme Plus, Tummy Tamer, CA-MG Buffer and natural whole grain feed. It wasn’t long before she was free of ulcers and back to her happy self, no more scopes needed. Other products I use are nosodes (no shots Spring or Fall), the Natural Herbal Wormer (parasite free for 3 years now) and ImmuBiome (mushrooms) for Lean Muscle and Joint Recovery. We are now second level and training third in Dressage. Thank You Jessica and Earth Song Ranch."
- Suzanne G. & Ena
"I found Earth Song Ranch 4 years ago when my mare developed an ulcer. We are in South Florida so finding a farm with all day or all night grass turnout is almost non existent. I was looking for a long term natural supplement to keep her healthy & happy. Tummy Tamer has been an amazing supplement for her. She has recently been experiencing some metabolic changes and I started her on the IR Metabolic Herbs, Organic Kelp & the Chaste Tree Berry brewed Organic Tea and a change in her feed to Timothy Pellets 3 months ago. I have removed any soy products from her diet. The vet saw her last week and wants me to continue with what I am doing! I even know I can keep using the HorsePrin herb mix long term to help manage her arthritis issue. Jessica’s website is filled with a wealth of homeopathic knowledge from her 21+ years of experience. I personally believe, even for myself, in as much of an all natural organic plant based lifestyle as possible. Lastly and importantly…my mare loves these herbs and licks her feed bucket clean!!"
- Cathy K.
"We suspected when ulcers when we brought Remy to his new home (ours) after not a great situation. His original owner barely recognized him. He was cinchy, nervous and a bit grumpy. We tried different pre and probiotics, enzymes, etc. Equinezyme is amazing! We rotate it with Equinzyme Plus depending on the season. Katniss, our other quarter horse, is a West Nile Virus survivor rescue horse. She also has blossomed on Equinezyme and Happy Mare. They are beautiful and so amazing. Soul horses. Thanks for all you do!"
- Trish G.
"WOW! I had suspected some gastric ulcers in my mare. I’ve been using your digestive enzymes and springtime meadow mix along with organic ACV and some herbal tinctures. I’d seen improvement for sure but the last few weeks after a camping trip, she’s just been unhappy with me. Pinning her ears at me, not wanting attention, turning her butt to me were all signs that she wasn't happy. Her Tummy Tamer arrived and I started it immediately Saturday with one heaping tablespoon once a day. By Sunday night I had thought I was seeing a difference in her attitude towards me, calmer and not seeming so agitated. Definitely by Monday evening, a significant difference and this morning, she's seeming like her old self happy again! I'm relatively new to herbs and natural remedies so I'm not sure if it's the Tummy Tamer working this quickly but that’s the only thing that has changed and I'm extremely happy thus far! Just wanted to share and to say Thank You! I'm loving your products and telling many people about them! Not to mention your customer service has been top notch!"
- Amy L.
"I want you to know just how VERY grateful I am that I found you so many years ago, and how it helped my barn out so much, as well as each of my horses!! They have stayed so healthy, with no side effects. Once, there was an outbreak of strangles that we heard about the day after we got home from a 4 day dressage show that we had attended with 4 of our horses!! Not one of our horses, who were all given the strangles nosode each month, showed even one reaction that might have been expected by those that weren't used to the nosodes. The owner of the show barn, told us that ours and four others, who had their horses vaccinated for strangles, which had such awful side effects that I never wanted to use it, were the only barns out of all the others that had no illnesses. So again, I want to thank you and Dr. Wessner for providing us with the nosodes for so many years!!"
- B. O'Day, Indiana 20 year customer
"I have used your Sunny blend and I am currently using your Chaste Berry tea and your organic kelp. She has been doing really well since I have had her on your herbs. I love your Equine-zyme, I have used it on both of my horses, it really helped my 25 year old quarter horse with some diarrhea issues, I currently have him on your Senior Herbal blend and people cannot believe he is 25 years old. Thank you for all that you do for my horses, they look and feel better!!"
- Barbara D.
"I have become a huge fan of all Earth Song Ranch herbals and Jessica is always a huge help with questions. Our 27 year old Morgan diagnosed with Cushings has had amazing great results from Sunny's Kit. The Equine-Zyme is now a staple in all our horses feeding with great looking, shiny hair coats, great hooves and they LOVE it."
- Anne-Marie S.
"I want to thank you again for your prompt attention to my order. I really love your products and your customer service."
- Nancy L.
"I love the Earth Song Ranch digestive products for ulcers. In my opinion the supplements are the best and freshest and I've seen the most results with my horses."
- Justina C.B.
"Shadow is a 21 year old Tennessee walker gelding, who has been on Pergolide for 4 years. He is taking 6.5 mg. I was using your Cushings Zyme for a rescue mini I had and, in April, started giving Shadow a daily dose of it. He seemed to brighten up considerably. For the first time, I had to shave him this year, but after being on Cushings Zyme for a month, his coat grew in black. He's supposed to be black, but has had an iron overloaded "orange" coat for 4 years. In his younger years, he never wavered from his pitch black coat, so I know what his coat should look like. I took him on a trip in the middle of May - a 10 hour trailer ride. He was so happy to go - wasn't even concerned that he was by himself in that trailer - just bright eyed and eating his hay bag with gusto. I don't remember when I last saw him like that. 

My husband and I then discovered Crypto Aero horse feed. We have been feeding this since June or July, driving 2 hours one way to get it from a distributor. The reason I've come back to you is that through your newsletter, I listened to Sonny's story on the radio show. I thought my horse seemed healthier on your product (I am aware that April/May is a healthier time of year for a Cushings horse) and I liked the fact that you recommend an easier feeding regimen. I had not been aware, up to that point, that you were having great success with Cushings horses. And your price is so much more reasonable, as I am sure you are aware!"
- Michelle R.
"I have been using the Herbal Wormer for at least 6 or more years now. I give my horses the herbal Wormer the week of the full moon each month. In the summer/fall and spring/summer, I test my horses for parasites. I am happy to say, I do not have to give my horses any chemical wormers. Once in a while, I may get one or two that may have a few worms, so I worm those only. I am a soul believer in this product. Thanks to Jessica for answering my equine questions when things come up!"
- Margit Deerman, 4-Star Senior Parelli Professional
"If you want to improve your horse’s health and well-being, get to know Jessica Lynn and Earth Song Ranch. For years, my horses have loved her Herbal Wormer, with good results. This year, when I saw the article in Natural Horse Magazine about Sunny's recovery from Cushings with Earth Song Ranch's natural herbal protocol, I was inspired to contact Jessica Lynn about my mare, Rakeena, who had been diagnosed with Cushings, has had chronic foot problems, and was not doing as well as I would have liked. Consulting with Jessica about my horse's issues is one of the greatest values of the protocol. All factors are considered to arrive at the best program for my horse. AND there are follow-up consultations, as needed. I love the products that make up Earth Song Ranch's Cushings Support Kit. It is a pleasure to put my horse's supplements together. My favorites are the salty ocean smelling organic kelp, the wonderful spring meadow aroma of Sunny's Blend, and the fresh and wonderful Chaste Tree Berry Tea, which I brew fresh as needed. Rakeena has made significant progress in the three months I've used the products. As life would have it, we also made contact in this period with a farrier who was able to assist all this healing to put her on the road to good hoof structure and support. The results have been dramatic. My mare is bright and getting back to the bossy (but loving) mare I know."
- M.E. Stewart
"I discovered Earth Song Ranch 3? years ago when we brought in our second horse that I consider was experiencing PTSD. She is a West Nile survivor Equinezyme Plus was a soothing tonic for her whole persona. Our first horse benefited as well. We believe that he had ulcer issues. They both are so happy and healthy now. We also have used mare supplement and wormer products from Earth Song Ranch. All great products! I just ordered Winter Blend today. So excited to share with my equine buddies. Thank you for providing high quality goods:)"
- Patricia G.
"I need to order another Cushings bag that I get from you and also another bag of the Chaste Tree Berry Tea (with as many bags as will fit in that foil bag). My boy's is doing good. He is shedding out very well, no neck crest or body swelling. I am so glad to help him stay as healthy as a possible Cushings' horse might be, at this point, with natural ingredients to help him along, without medical pills. Pills may have to happen at some point but I am very happy about him right now. Thank you! I have you to thank for your help and natural products research that you do for our beloved animal family members. Thank you again and again for all your help and caring. You understand that our animals are not things or toys, but they are part of our family and our lives! I appreciate you so much for your loving concern to help us keep our whole family well and healthy. Thank you again!"
- Bev
"I first discovered Earth Song Ranch in October 2016 while looking for a natural alternative to chemical wormers, as my mare had a very high egg count, and she was being treated for Cushing's with Chinese herbs, I did not want to do anything chemical to harm her. We started first with Paratox and the Herbal Wormer, then as my horse was still not showing signs of improvement on the Chinese Herbs for Cushings I started to give her the Cushing's Support Herbs from Earth Song Ranch, and then I started to notice that the crest in her neck was coming down. I contacted Earth Song Ranch for a nutritional consultation and we added Kelp and the Chaste Tree Berry tea, changed her diet a bit and then soon more results, then I phoned Jessica and she suggested that since I had not had results on the Chinese herbs to stop them and only do the Sunny's Cushings Support Kit. So the very end of 2016 I ordered up the kit, took my mare off of the Chinese herbs and her ACHT levels went from 79 to 39 in just 6 weeks and her physical appearance continues to improve. I took Jessica's advice about the Paratox and the Herbal Wormer, we did it in January and February and gave my mare a ½ dose of Ivermectin on the 6th night of the full moon, after 5 nights of the Herbal Wormer and as of March of 2017 my mare is free of any eggs in her fecal and this is the first time in a couple of years --- I am so happy!"
- Pam F.
"I use the Cushings Metabolic blend, Horse Tech Arizona complete vitamins, and Equine-Zyme for my metabolic horses. These supplements, combined with feeding teff hay, have turned my horses around. I no longer have to worry about what to do for them. In addition, Jessica has helped me with products and advice on three different occasions when my horses were colicing. You know the scenario, 7 pm on a Saturday - who is going to help you, right? I probably would have lost my horses if it had not been for Jessica. I consider her to be a national treasure to horses and their people and I refer her to my clients all the time. Thank you Jessica."
- Marta W.
"My mare Ballis developed EPM last fall and with the guidance and help of Jessica – she recovered and I am back riding her. I truly believe the products I purchased and guidance Jessica gave me made it possible. Her kindness and vast knowledge of natural treatments is priceless! Thank you Jessica!"
- Dawn L.
"Earthsong Ranch has been my place to go for natural supplements for my horses, dogs and cats for the past 12 years. Jessica is always willing to help with nutritional advice and has so much knowledge and experience with homeopathy and nosodes. With her help, we pulled my senior mare out of a severe case of founder, and have kept her going to age 30 with IR Metabolic issues under control. Equine Zyme was a life saver for my younger mare who battled pigeon fever for 8 months, almost lost her. And, Jessica was by my side to keep my Jack Russell terrier going to age 21 - right there to her last breath with help for my dog and for me! You don't need to look any further than Earthsong Ranch!"
- Linda S.
"I need to let you know how much Happy Mare has helped my rescue horse, Lakota. When I adopted her, she was squirting everywhere (at mares and geldings) and a bit on edge. Happy Mare completely calmed her down and eliminated this behavior. I know it works because I ran out recently and just figured she would be ok since season is almost over. Wrong! Lakota is more edgy lately and has resumed some squirting. Thank you for all your great natural products!"
- Happy Trails, Sue C.
"I'm an Equine Sports Massage Therapist. I just wanted to take the time to say "Thank You. I have been using Equine-Zyme on my horses for about 5 Months now and they are at their best thanks to it. I'll never let another one of my horses go without it. It has totally changed the lives of my horses and any horse that I recommend it to. As a Therapist I recommend the product to every client. P.S. I even use it on my dogs and cats!"
- Kristin S.
"I am so grateful I stumbled upon Jessica and Earth Song Ranch when I found  Sunny's Cushings Story on line. Our older adopted Morgan gelding was diagnosed with Cushings, he became depressed and stopped eating on the Presced and I also was not convinced giving him expensive medicine for the rest of his life was for fun for him or me. He immediately ate all the ingredients in the Sunny's Kit and 2 years later at 27 sheds his wooly, winter coat every spring into a beautiful shiny, slick dappled coat. He and our other mare have benefited greatly on all the products. By far their favorite is when I give the herbal wormer, they literally run to the barn during those times when I add it to their feedings. Thank you Jessica for sharing your knowledge, always answering questions and making these natural herbs available."
- AM S.
"We have used the Chasteberry Tea for years on and off, maybe 10 years? When ever our little mare tends to be a bit off, we begin with tea again. One thing is that it use to help her shed out beautifully in the spring, but now she sheds out on her own fairly well. If not, then its Chasteberry tea time again. Thank you Jessica Lynn. The fact is you put a whole lot into making sure your products are of the highest quality and that makes a huge difference in the outcome."
- Raymond P.
"My horse's vet diagnosed him with Cushing's syndrome in April 2019. At that time, I didn’t understand the syndrome, but knew I didn't want to give Prascend (pergolide), a prescription drug, for the rest of his life. I wanted to treat the root cause naturally to help him really get well, or at least be balanced enough to combat the issue. In May, I was introduced to Earth Song Ranch products. Jessica described what she would give and I started him on Sunny’s Blend, organic kelp, & Chateberry tea right away. In about 2 weeks he started to gain back his perky personality…he had become extremely depressed. He stayed on these through June, and completed a 25 mile limited distance endurance ride. He became very slick and shiny, but hadn’t gained back all his top line and muscling over his ribs. I then added Equizyme and Arizona Trace minerals to his pelleted alfalfa/timothy feedings. It’s November 1st now, and he’s looking very fit, with muscling over his ribs and top line. Plus, a stubborn white line syndrome (stretched laminae in his feet) is almost grown out. He had dealt with that for about 3 years! It took some faith to jump on the natural bandwagon with this therapy because my vet told me many things that terrified me…but, these products have brought my horse back to health and balance in a matter of months. Thank you, Earth Song Ranch!!! I am eternally grateful. I thought I was going to lose my horse…"
- Lisa S.
"Earth Song Ranch is the biggest reason why Sage, my gelding, is still here. He turns 33 this month! Your Blog has educated me many times and directed me to the best solutions for him. My favorite product is Equine Zyme. Things started changing for Sage when he started using this. My vet was out of options and expected him to die, but he’s still here, two years later. Thank you for all you do! Animals deserve the best we can give them, and we’ve been finding it because of you."
- Sharon S.
"I started using the digestive enzyme about 6 months ago. I suspected the start of gastric ulcers and the vet recommended I give ulcer guard for 3-4 weeks and if symptoms went away, then we would know. Well 1) that’s a ridiculous amount of money and 2) I care for my dogs holistically so I reached out to my holistic vet and she gave me some homeopathic remedies along with the recommendation of a digestive enzyme from Earth Song Ranch. I noticed almost immediate results. I decided to try the summer and stable herb treats and she loved them! I then also began to use the Tummy Tamer daily and recently ordered the mare herbs. I’m a believer in natural products and so happy I found out about these products. Jessica has been so kind and helpful whenever I’ve had questions too which is as important as the products themselves! Thank you!"
- Amy L.
"I am so grateful for all the knowledable advice I received from Jessica. She helped me with my mini who has cushings. I also use the natural wormers and will turn to Earth Song Ranch for all my herbal needs."
- Tami
"There are so many things about Jessica and Earth Song Ranch that I am grateful for! Jessica’s depth of knowledge and willingness to offer support are unlike any other. She is there for our animals and she also has been there personally with emotional support that was deeply touching for me. My haflinger and shetland have been on the herbal wormer for over 4 years and the fecal counts come back clean every time! The vet says keep doing what ever you are doing. The kelp, Equine-Zyme and Chaste Tree Berry tea have been helpful with issues with pre chushings issues."
- Lana J.
"I have a chronically laminitic Shetland Pony, named Sugar Baby. She has benefited so much from Sunny’s Cushings Mix. I just never go without it. She’s moving all over and trying to be part of my herd of mares all day, when before she just laid in the corner. So thankful for Earthsong Ranch Equine products!!!"
- Nanci Jo
"I just love Earth Song Ranch products. I became aware of them almost 2 years ago when my mustang mare Sage came down with laminitis out of the blue during the winter. I started her on Sunny’s Blend and that really started the change to health for Sage. I also use for my 25 yr old quarter horse, Mr C, that has painful hocks and had diarrhea issues the Senior Blend. He has been doing very well on that blend and everyone can’t believe he is 25!! Thank you Jessica for your products and the love you put into them!!"
- Barbara D.
"I came across Earth Song Ranch searching on the internet for natural horse help after we treated our mare for EPM with traditional medicines. I wanted something natural to help her gut after the antibiotics and continue to rid her of parasites. I bought the herbal wormer, paratox and Equine Zyme. She has improved drastically. She always licks her bucket clean now. I keep her on the Equine Zyme plus and buy the herbal wormer as needed. Love it!"
- Emma M.
"I found Earth Song Ranch when my 31 year old TB was diagnosed with Cushing’s. I put him on several rounds of Sunny’s Cushings Kit and he did very well. As an added bonus, my farrier commented on how well his hooves looked. He also was susceptible to colic, so I kept him on EquineZyme pretty much all the time. He has since passed but I credit these products to enhancing his quality of life in his last few years."
- Laura P.
"I honestly don’t remember how long I have used Earth Song Ranch products. It has been many years. I have used many of the Earth Song products thru the years depending on what we were dealing with. But I have consistently used Equine Zyme in in it’s various forms along with For Horse and Hoof, and Joint Juice. Jessica helped me get our pony thru a near rotation of the coffin bone and a metabolic disorder and treatment for lyme disease as well as a 4 month rehab stint for a broken splint bone / surgery that had to mend from an attack from another horse. I switched our pony to organic alfalfa pellets and Modesto Mills organic ration supplement to avoid the glyphosates which cause problems for many of our equines. Jessica has been a nutritional adviser for many years to my senior heart horse while she was alive and our pony. My friend started using her products as well as a student of mine when they saw how good her products were. She consistently gives back to the equine community. She genuinely cares for her community which spans the nation. I am on the east coast. Our equine community is blessed because of her life and care. Thank you for all you do, Jessica!"
- Debbie A.
"I have great success with Earth Song Ranch products. I use the Respire for my one horse who suffered from allergies. As SOON as I started using this within a week he wasn’t coughing anymore. I continued as Jessica recommended once a month for 5 days consistently all year. It has been 3 1/2 years and NO more allergies for this gelding. Amazing! We also use Equine Zyme for over 6 years and our horses do awesome on it. Adore this product!!!!"
- Lee S.
"I’ve been using your products for 3 years now. Our most recent success was with Equine-Zyme. My 17 yr old Quarter horse gelding had developed fecal water syndrome. After one month on the Equine-Zyme, he was having normal bowel movements. What a great product!"
- Linda S.
"Just placed my first order with you. Looking forward to trying your products. A friend introduced me to natural remedies a few months ago. She recommended another site. I placed my first order with you yesterday because I love the information you provide. I also like knowing that I will be receiving fresh products. Just by your website you put a lot of effort and heart into what you do. Cant wait to see my friend and recommended this site to her."
- Shannon L.
"Prince foundered with the white hoof line spreading and diagnosed as early Cushings. Earth Song supplements and the Modesto Organic feed recommended by Jessica have returned him to normal. Our farrier confirmed last week that the white line of the front of the hoof had closed to normal. Thanks!"
- Rick A.
"The products from Earth Song Ranch are wonderful. There have turned three of my horses around and they look and feel wonderful."
- Kathe S.
"Sincerely, I cannot thank you enough for your support and directions. Thank you very much for everything you have shared with me and for saving my horses!!"
- Cynthia M.
"I LOVE Equine Zyme! I have had my horses on EZ for about 2 yrs now. My chestnut was having symptoms of gastric ulcers and since the introduction of this product (along with slow feeding hay nets), she is a happy healthy horse again! I was just telling my farrier last week how amazed I am with the quality of hoof growth on all of my horses. I would highly recommend this product to any one with horses!"
- Chantille C.
"I love Earth Song Ranch products from their Mare-Zyme, herbal wormer to their Equi-zyme."
- Melissa G.
"For over 2 years I have been using the Herbal Wormer and each fecal test is negative."
- Lana J.
"I love Earth Song Ranch products!!! My Arab has intermittent loose poo and needs his probiotics!"
- Lisa C.
"Thank you for helping me during that outbreak of Dryland Distemper a couple years ago!"
- Vanessa V.
"We order our dog's supplements from your website and I enjoy reading your newsletters. Happy to support small a women owned small business. Cheers!"
- Stori
"Hello Jessica,

I am getting ready to place another order from you for the Mare-zyme but I wanted to comment on some advice you gave to Melissa Givner last year in regards to a Mare of mine that had broken out in hives all over her body. For the life of us we could not figure out what it was. We tried everything and nothing seemed to work. Melissa emailed you and you gave her this advice. Along with Melissa you both agreed it was hormonal related when she comes in to season. You recommended Mare Zyme and some Wild Yam Root which is what we did. The results were fabulous my mare hasn't had a hive as of yet since then. She is hive free yippee!! I have begun the same regimen this year but started her early. When I begin to see lots of tail swishing, winking and just plain uncomfortableness she is ready. So far so good with her. I will be placing another order with you and wanted to know if there was any shelf life to the Mare Zyme. I want to order 5 bags to last me through the spring and summer.

Thanks so much for your advice. This poor mare probably has had this for a long time and has suffered for the last 20 years of her life. She is a happy gal now and so am I."
- Debbie McN, California, 3.06.13
"I received my EquineZyme for my beloved horse Cinnabar. I wanted to thank you for the great service, it is so appreciated. The product has improved Cionnabar's well being and for this fact I am grateful."
- JoAnn B, USA
"Hi Jessica! You are awesome!

Did I tell you lately how grateful I am that I found you and found ESR! it is changing my life! Literally! Deeply and profoundly. And changing Jay's life! If you ever doubted your purpose at any given moment, just knock on my door, and I will remind you. Thank you for all you do! and are doing.........it will matter to so many people and their beloved companions!"
- Diana W, Michigan, September 2012
"I would like to take a minute to update you... I have been administering the Heart Worm Homeopathic for eleven days now and my dogs cough has for the most part has went away completely and seems like he is a happier dog also. I am glad i found your site and will be recommending your treatment to many others."
- Thanks, Kenny R, Texas, August 2012
"A number of years ago I spent forever searching the web for a place from which to order colostrum in bulk because not only were my husband and I taking it, but I wanted to give it to the horses as well. My constant bouts with bronchitis had ended when I started taking it regularly and I figured it would do us all good. That search led me to Earthsong Ranch. I've been ordering colostrum, nosodes, and many other of Jessica's wonderful products ever since then. It's been fun to watch her business grow. Recently I suspected that one of my gang had contracted pigeon fever. I immediately placed an online order for PF nosodes with overnight shipping. When Jessica saw the order, she emailed me (and I believe I remember that it was a Sunday evening) and asked what was going on with my girl. She shipped out the nosodes the next morning. And, over the course of numerous emails, offered helpful advice and encouragement and kept checking up on us. That's genuine concern for our equine companions and their owners! Good luck with everything!

- Anna from Texas, August 2012
"I highly recommend Earth Song Ranch products and services. I feel confident enough to try any of their products as I know a lot of research, quality and time goes into their products. My very first experience with any of their products was the Equine-Zyme plus I used it on my mare that was recovering after over a year of having upper respiratory infections and a never ending cough. I saw a big improvement in her health after using this product and would recommend it for any horse that needs a immune system boost and good bacteria put into the digestive system. I have also used the Equine-Zyme that is phenomenal product as well. I use the Herbal Wormer once to twice a year and my horses have been worm free for three years without your typical chemical rotation worming schedule. My horses are much healthier for that reason and thank you Earth Song Ranch for being part of my horses health and wellness plan.

Our miniature horse had some digestive issues and I mentioned the Equine-Zyme Plus to our holistic veterinarian and she said she will look into the product. She contacted us the next day saying that it looked like a very good product and to get him started on it. We had good results correcting the digestive issues and now the vet is recommending it in her practice.

We also recommend Earth Song Ranch products to our clients that have had great results as well. Another part I would like to add is how helpful and knowledgeable Jessica is whenever I have had a question she is one of the first to help."
- Melissa Givner, Rhinestar Performance Horses, July 2012
"Hey Jessica, I haven't talked to you in a while. :) I wanted to tell you that since I have switched my girls feed and kept her on the program you recommended, she has never been healthier! No colic, no gas, her hair is growing, she dappled out in the summer, her feet are growing etc etc etc..My Mom who had seen her at the beginning of the year just recently saw her and thought she was a different horse. lol I can def tell a huge change in her all the way around. Even with her attitude!! And her feet?? Well, they are growing and she is sound again!!!!! I am so very pleased with all your products. Before I changed her feed, she would colic at least once a month, and her hair/coat/attitude were just not right. You could tell by looking at her that she was just uncomfortable and not herself. It has been a very scary time these past 5 years with her colic and her feet. Seemed like when the wind changed directions that she would be down with colic. I am so grateful that I didn't just listen to her traditional Vet. I have always thought that there was something more I could do for her, something more natural but was always hitting a wall. Thank you for all your help."
- Natalie H - Texas, 6/2012
"Hi, First of all I want to express my appreciation not only for your fine products, but for your beautiful website, newsletters, and the inspiration they offer. I have in the past ordered colostrum and beta glucan, and also the formula for my kitty, all with awesome results. Once you have found pure products with the accompanying trust in the people and product, it's so hard to look elsewhere. Thank you for taking the time to address my question. Again - I LOVE YOUR SITE! IT IS SPECIAL!"
- Colleen, April 2012
"Jessica, I want to thank you for your help along the way, Rap and I are riding WITHOUT even his Easyboots - I never thought I would ride him again, much less without his "tennis shoes" :-)"
- Cheryl B., Ft Walton Beach, FL, 03.08.12

I would just like to tell you how happy I am with the Tummy Zyme, my horse is so much calmer and so well mannered when she is taking this stuff before using her on the barrels thanks for this great product, I can't wait to see what the MareZyme does for her."
- WC, Oregon, 5/10
"Hi, Jessica, I wanted to tell you, the farrier said Paris' hind hooves are completely healthy now, and she is making fantastic progress on her front ones. Her weight is back to normal, but the most cool thing is she seems HAPPY!

And I saw her run with the herd last week! 

I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for Paris and I.

God bless you a million times over. Bless you, bless you, bless you, and thank you. with infinite love and gratitude"
- Caron and Paris, Sept.2009
"Hi, Jessica,

Over a month ago I emailed you regarding my mare having strongyles. Just wanted to let you know that her fecal sample just came back clean after using the Herbal Wormer. :-) Yay! Have a great weekend!

Love and blessings"
- Kim (Michigan) 9.14.09

I used to live in America and ordered from you, I am in Australia paying with my Aussie credit card, but this is going to a farm where a horse I owned in California is being flown downunder. That is why it is being shipped to California and not Australia. I want my horse to have YOUR wonderful products, one last time before she says 'Bon Voyage'Downunder!!"
- Moria (from California now of Australia) 9.15.09
"Hi, Jessica,

I finally got around to reading your newsletter and i wanted to take the time to thank you - for the way you conduct business, the way you care, your vision for our world. it is really inspiring to hear of someone wanting to help and asking people to pay it forward... good for you!!!

thanks for all you do and happy thanksgiving !!!"
- Claudia (new mexico)
"Hi, Jessica,

I've just finished reading your November newsletter. I can't remember how I found Earthsong ranch 2 years ago, but I'm glad I did. I love your monthly newsletters not only for their information but for the spirit of hope resounding through each issue. I especially loved this issue because of your election story, your report on life at Caltran, difficulties w/the FDA (what a pain) and your awareness that we are all dealing with the razor's edge with our horsekeeping budgets. Thank you for understanding my life and for making Herbal dewormer available to me and my horse. I KNOW she is healthier for it.

Lots of hugs to you and the ponies"
- Meg in Alaska
"Hi, Jessica,

I have a very very sensitive TB. So far I love the Equine-Zyme product and am considering the Equine-Zyme Plus if he continues to do well on the Equine-Zyme . This is the first time in the 2 years I have had this horse that his manure is normal instead of soft like a cow's manure. something is working right.

Thank You"
- KS Safety Harbor, Fla
"Dear Jessica,

Earth Song Ranch and your Equine-Zyme have been a real blessing to my two Arabians, Vashka and Sunny, and to my little Beagle, Luna. However it is YOU, Jessica, who is the miracle!

Never before have I encountered a woman who refused to sell me something (I don't know if you remember, but you were convinced my horse didn't need it!). And never before have I met someone who took the time to call a stranger back when my horse was ill. In fact, you continually checked up on me as my horse and I got on our healing path.

You are someone who puts horses and their people before the dollar and it is because of this, as well as your wonderful products, that I am convinced you and Earth Song Ranch will always thrive.

- Lori Yearwood, Southern Oregon

As always, I love reading my copy of the monthly newsletter. I am thrilled w/the results of the herbal dewormer; I do quarterly FECT tests (have a wonderful reference for a mail-in service that is very economical) to make sure all is well and typically, there are NO EGGS found in the manure sample!! There was one 50-egg report in the spring, but that is nothing compared to the 200-egg threshhold most vets use. So, I must be timing the 5-day regimen correctly, using those days preceeding the full moon, but wanted to check in with you to see if the dosage should actually overlap with the full moon. Missed the July special on the product; will you repeat the discount in the next 6 months?

- Meg from Alaska 8/06/08

Update on Ella, my six year old morgan mare that had laminitis and foundered. I contacted Dr Wessner. Got all the herbs he recommended. Used them for the recommended time. She also got acupuncture 3x. Will not tolerate anymore of that! Ella wore the heart bare shoes for 10 days then pulled them off. She is now bare foot. No obvious pain even with the hoof testers. I have ridden her 3 times now. No tenderness. She is still on timothy, brome hay and is kept in the paddock for the most part (much to her disdain) . I let her have some quack grass when I am getting her saddled. I am continuing with the Equine-Zyme . I have also started garlic for better blood flow. (I gave the clay for about 2 weeks) Keep some in case I run into problems again.

I am so thankful for your response. I feel she is quite safe now, but will watch her closely from now on. Interesting point. A lady not far from here kept Ella last spring and summer for me as I was in and out of hospital and was too ill to ride. The farrier looked at her feet and said she at least had laminitis last year if not founder judging by the width of the white line that is coming out. Maybe that is why she foundered so fast. That would have been good information to have gotten when I picked her up in the fall. Anyway she is doing well. This started June 22 so all and all it has not been to bad. I am going to get her re-xrayed some time but not in to much of a hurray as she is doing so well. I am afraid all they will do is upset me.

Your greatest fan"
- Ella’s Out of Control and her friend Donna McDonald, Vancouver, BC (Canada) (8/06/08)
"Dear Jessica,

I always enjoy your newsletters and news of Destinee Rose. It takes a lot of courage to care for a laminitic horse. I know, sometimes I run out of it. Then I read your news and I regain strength to go again tomorrow where my little mare may be giving all the other horses a hard time, or laying around groaning in pain. Sometimes it's hard to find the strength to call yet another farrier or to tell well meaning friends to back off just a little. It's no wonder that you need help to redefine who you are because caring for this type of horse makes one learn and grow exponentially. Thanks for all your work to take care of animals and their owners.

Love and Aloha"
- Susi Modisher (Hawaii)
"Dear Jessica:

Thank you for your latest newsletter (February '08), I always look forward to hearing how Destinee is doing as I also have a horse recovering from laminitis. I am most interested in what homeopathic remedy you use that is giving you success, can you share that with me? Like you I am using light therapy kindly provided by a new friend who heard about my horse and owns a Resonant Light machine, as well energy work by an Accupressure/Reiki master and herbs (milk thistle and dandelion root) and Arnica as well as having a good farrier. I am having the most success with these "alternative" remedies than with my vet who suggested I euthanize my horse (after $2,000 in vet bills!). I am happy to report that suggestion was on January 10 and my mare has been improving daily (though slower than I would like). I have spent nights sleeping in Fifi's stall with her and doing all I possibly can to help her through this. She is Insulin Resistant and on a low carb/sugar diet. I am encouraged by your Destinee Rose reports and thank you from my heart."
- Ruth Davidson & Fifi (24 year old arab/welsh palomino mare), Vancouver Island BC Canada

I have been using your herbal wormer for the last 7 months. I also use the Equine-Zyme and have just started using garlic for the summer. I just recently had a parasite check done on Lakota and it came back clean. When I first started using it, he had just tested positive for Large Strongyles. I am so happy with this product!!! Thanks for your information."
- Terry Myers
"Thank you for sending out such awesome newsletters, I have learned about so many great modalities and horse people!"
- Rhianne (Canada)
"Hi Jessica,

I've heard great things about your products for horses, can't wait to get them!

Thank you"
- Elizabeth

I wrote you quite time ago regarding my little quarter mare with horrible runny manure. Actually, it was water. You prescribe Equine-Zyme , with a supplemental bag feed diet of Nutrena Life Design for Juniors, rice bran and one other grain - whole oats. I put this mare on Equine-Zyme for 3+ months because you had indicated that it would probably take that long if not longer because the mare had the watery manure for quite some time and the grain diet you had instructed. I just want to thank you so much for all of your help. To this date, my little quarter mare is basically only on a hay diet with a little grain for the cold weather. Her manure looks fabulous. Sounds sick to think so much of basically a normal pile of manure but I have to. Without your help, I do not know what I was going to do. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
- June

I must tell you that the Uveitis Blend (moon blindness supplement) that I and Lisa are using is working like a miracle. I am promoting it everywhere I can (because I believe people need it) for UV. Also the Equine-Zyme is making my hay reach further because of utilization of nutrition. Thanks so much for these products."
- Patrice
"Hurray! Exsohna had a normal poop!!!! It's still soft and pretty much in one pile, but no longer the pie type. I am really certain it is the Equine-Zyme ! Matter of fact, I just ordered more yesterday. Thanks for the help in getting me started on that."
- Betty
"I purchased a PMU rescue filly, Jazz, the beginning of 2004, I knew she was not well as were several of the other babies that came in with her. For several months she had chronic diarrhea and each time the vet came and treated her she would only get worse. In May the diarrhea became projectile like after several wormings and vaccinations. I went to a seminar in Valley Center and met Jessica Lynn. Jessica gave me 1# of Equine-Zyme and suggested that I purchase a 12 oz. jar of Colostrum. She said that I should see a difference within 3 days. By the second day the diarrhea was gone and now over a year later it has not returned. She is healthy and robust, and is still taking her Equine-Zyme!"
- Arlene C. San Marcos
"In April 2004 I purchased a mare, sight un-seen because of her breeding, from a man in Texas, who did not tell me the mare was very ill, she had EPM. When she was delivered I didnt know what to do, she got off trailer and just laid down and would not get up, for several hours. When she did get up with some assistance she walked in tiny circles to the right and had no coordination. I had met Jessica of Earth Song Ranch and knew that her products were something I needed for this mare and that she would know what to do to help her out. We immediately put her on a paste of Equine-Zyme , called Dr. Wessner and then put her on a program of acute homeopathic treatments for 8 weeks, we also put her on a vitamin program including high doses of Vitamins E and C, along with EPM-Zyme to treat the EPM. By the end of the 4 weeks there was major improvement. We had the chiropractor out twice, because from the EPM and her in-coordination she had suffered an injury some time back, before I purchased her. We have kept her on her Equine-Zyme , Colostrum and EPM-Zyme as well as vitamin E and she is doing just fine for her age of 22. Her coat shines, she feels good, and she is now kicking up her heels and has the run of the property. Her name is Ms. Colonel Freckles, her last colt was the high selling colt in Oklahoma, and she is in foal with another premium colt due, bred to Cowboys Desire, due in March 2005. If it wasnt for Earth Song Ranch, Ms. Colonel Freckles would have been put down and would no longer have been here and in continued good health!"
- Candace M., Valley Center, CA
"In June 2004 I purchased a little Mustang gelding for my daughter from a riding stable, the only problem with him was that he was a little underweight and had constant diarrhea. I had my vet out twice and he suggested that I phone Jessica at Earth Song Ranch, because he could run all the expensive test and still not be able to determine the cause, however he suspected either an allergy or ulcers. I called and after discussing his diet we put the little horse on Equine-Zyme and some Colostrum, I also changed his feed and took him off of alfalfa. Within a week there was no more diarrhea!"
- A.S. Poway, CA
"The end of April 2004 my mare delivered about 2 weeks early and refused to nurse the colt. It had been at least 12 hours since he had been born and I knew that it was becoming critical that he receive some Colostrum from the mare. Jessica Lynn of Earth Song Ranch happens to be my neighbor, I called to her over the fence to come help, we haltered the mare and held her against the barn wall so the colt could suckled, all the while the mare kept trying to get away and kept trying to kick the colt. Jessica phoned Dr. Wessner in Florida and found out what homeopathic remedies to give my mare so she would not be so resistant to nursing her foal. Jessica came over every two hours for the next 12 hours to hold the mare so that colt could nurse, she also administered the homeopathic remedies, by the next afternoon the mare was happily with her colt allowing him to nurse with no intervention. Jessica also taught me about what my mare needed nutritionally to make sure I would continue to have a healthy colt and mare, as I had lost a mare and her colt two years prior. I am happy to report they are both on Equine-Zyme , Missing Link, and Source, as well as getting a variety of hay. I have a premium colt because of Jessica and her products!"
- Tony D., Twin Oaks Valley, CA
"Hi Jessica,

Great news! Ahliver is much better! We had been giving him the rice bran, flax meal and oats, along with the Equine-Zyme for about two weeks with little change, then we changed his hay like you suggested and in two days there was improvement! I'd say he is 97% better, and improves every day.

Thank you so much for your help. I know Ahliver is grateful too! It is wonderful to be able to have the brush smoothly glide through his beautiful tail, rather then get stuck on the poop! Most importantly he must feel a whole lot better.

Again thank you so much and may you have a great year!"
- Paula (Mass.)

You are a blessing to Merlot and I. I am so glad to have found your website and you. Your products and advice have made all the difference! After usnig your products for the past 4 months, his Vet appointment came out with a happy ending! His Chemistry panel came back all within the "normal" range (including his liver GGT and AST that has been way off for 8 months as you know). We did a urinary analysis and that came back normal too! Vet finally gave me a clean bill of health. Now I know normal results cannot say he is really ok, but for now I feel good. I really do feel with your help (and finding your web site) we have helped this horse. I would have never introduced daily probiotics with enzymes, rice bran and flax seed until I met you. I have this strange feeling that the flax seed at the end finally set his body up to finish the ehaling process. I will continue to keep you posted."
- Kristi (Texas)
"Hi Jessica,

I just wanted to let you know that Drake's epiphysitis has decreased significantly in his front legs and his back legs are also improving! Let me know how I can order more Equine-Zyme in a bigger size!"
- Diandra (California)
"Hi Jessica,

I am one of your customers and read your monthly news letter, and saw that you mentioned Renegade Hoof Boots for Destinee Rose. I am very excited about that, as I use/love them and am friends with the makers. They taught me how to do natural trims on my horses. I am happy to hear the boot are becoming known outside of Arizona!"
- Laurie (Arizona)