Tummy-Tamer Show Formula

Tummy-Tamer Show Formula
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NEW FORMULA IMPROVED with more Aloe Vera Leaf powder!

Tummy Tamer Show Formula Supports and Soothes the Entire Intestinal/Digestive Tract with specific herbs and yeast cultures used to treat gastric disorders helping to improve digestion while soothing inflammation and colitis like symptoms. If you have a show horse or performance horse he has an 80 to 90%, or better, chance of having ulcers somewhere in his digestive tract. This formula is without valarian and chamomile or herbs that are banned or may be tested for, especially for those shows where there may be testing. We do carry this formula now all year long, not just show season time, as many love it and how it helps their horses.  

If you have a foal or young horse who has been sick they have a 95% change of having ulcers. Tummy-Tamer is a preventative approach to helping your horse and maintaining his digestive health. A much more natural and cost effective approach then the drugs currently on the market. We suggest combining this blend with Equine Zyme so that they get the full amount of probiotics and supportive digestive enzymes as well to balance the pH of their guts and keep their guts healthy.

Tummy Tamer Show Formula is hand blended and packaged the day it ships to you, not many companies can do that nor offer that, we do not believe in blending and letting products just sit on the shelf.

One pound of this product will last an average horse about 20-25 days - and is fed at the rate of 1 to 2 rounded tablespoons per serving. This product has been in our line up of herbal blends for well over 4 years, our customer's horses love it, and our customer's love the price!  Many switch to the regular Tummy Tamer when not showing and love having a choice.

Tummy-Tamer Show Formula has worked on horses that the leading expensive prescription and over the counter drugs did not help and is a more natural approach. This blend contains: Fennel, Fenugreek, aloe, marshmallow, ginger root, peppermint, slippery elm, lemon balm, yarrow, echinecea, and psyllium (all in powder form). Please verify that the herbs in this blend are approved for use in the sport you compete in.

Give your performance horse the gift of a healthy gut this winter by feeding him Tummy-Tamer!

Tummy Tamer Show Forumula Is Included in Our Ulcer 911 Support Kit for Show Horses

Natural Support for Horses with Ulcers in A Cost-Saving Kit - Herbs, Probiotics & Buffers

Learn More About Ulcer Prevention & Natural Treatments

Read our article, Equine Ulcers & Gastro Intestinal Disorders (PDF), previously published in Natural Horse Talk; see our Equine Ulcers FAQ; or listen to our How to Handle Ulcers the Natural Way interview on Fox's The Horse Talk Show, Holistic Horse segment.

Customer Testimonials

"If it wasn’t for Earth Song Ranch, I would not have a happy mare. The journey started when Ena, my 6 year old SWB mare developed ulcers every Spring for 3 years. I would go through the standard protocol-scoping, treatment, scoping-only for them to return. At wits end, Jessica’s name was given to me and the rest is history. Earth Song Ranch knew exactly what she needed and put her on Equine-Zyme Plus, Tummy Tamer, CA-MG Buffer and natural whole grain feed. It wasn’t long before she was free of ulcers and back to her happy self, no more scopes needed. Other products I use are nosodes (no shots Spring or Fall), the Natural Herbal Wormer (parasite free for 3 years now) and ImmuBiome (mushrooms) for Lean Muscle and Joint Recovery. We are now second level and training third in Dressage. Thank You Jessica and Earth Song Ranch." - Suzanne G & Ena

"I've been ordering Tummy Tamer and Equine Zyme for the last year and a half from you.  My mare I bought it for was diagnosed with Grade 4 Ulcers even after months of following a strict Regimen from the vet using Ulcer Guard (Omeprozole). I'm happy to say she is now Ulcer Free! I have before and after pictures from when she got scoped if you would like to see them. I have a pretty big following on this mare "Maisey" due to her being a top competitor in barrel racing. I've gotten 30+ messages on how I healed her and even getting phone calls from vets. Just wanted to share our success story! Thank you for providing such great supplements! I'm exciting to get her back winning again. Your supplements (herbs) have been a game changer for my program and I even have been using it for preventative purposes." - Karlee & Maisey

"In 2016, I purchased a project horse. He was already a high level dressage horse showing very well. At the beginning of 2017 he started to show signs of being uncomfortable. When being groomed or saddled, if anything would touch his sides, he would bite the air and try to kick the person closest to him. Jessica Lynn, of Earth Song Ranch, has always been my go to for natural alternatives, so I phoned her and she suggested doing 2 weeks of gastro guard while she blended some Tummy Tamer and sent a bucket of CA-Mg Buffer, and we made a small adjustment in his diet as well. I am here to tell you, that my boy is fine and doing great and in training, we continue him on with the Ca-Mg Buffer and the Tummy Tamer Show formula and could not be any happier with the results! We sing Jessica’s praises from the barn tops! Thank you so much Earth Song Ranch for your awesome and wonderful herbal blends!" - A.L., Wellington, FL

"WOW! I had suspected some gastric ulcers in my mare. I’ve been using your digestive enzymes and springtime meadow mix along with organic ACV and some herbal tinctures. I’d seen improvement for sure but the last few weeks after a camping trip, she’s just been unhappy with me. Pinning her ears at me, not wanting attention, turning her butt to me were all signs that she wasn’t happy. Her Tummy Tamer arrived and I started it immediately Saturday with one heaping tablespoon once a day. By Sunday night I had thought I was seeing a difference in her attitude towards me, calmer and not seeming so agitated. Definitely by Monday evening, a significant difference and this morning, she’s seeming like her old self happy again! I’m relatively new to herbs and natural remedies so I’m not sure if it’s the Tummy Tamer working this quickly but that’s the only thing that has changed and I’m extremely happy thus far! Just wanted to share and to say Thank You! I’m loving your products and telling many people about them! Not to mention your customer service has been top notch!" - Amy L.

"I love the Earth Song Ranch digestive products for ulcers. In my opinion the supplements are the best and freshest and I've seen the most results with my horses." - Justina C.B.

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