Ulcer & Gastro Intestinal Support

Ulcer & Gastro Intestinal Support

In helping many horses over the years, Earth Song Ranch has found a specific combination of several herbs that work synergistically together to help a horse who has ulcers or is prone to ulcers. These supportive herbs have been a favorite natural approach to helping horses with ulcers for 12+ years - and are contained in our herbal blends below. For more recommendations, please see our FAQ: Ulcers in Horses – Natural Remedies/Treatments, Signs/Symptoms & Feeding.

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Ca-Mg Buffer

Calcium & Magnesium - An Inexpensive Buffer! When your vet says your horse may have ulcers and you need to give your horse a buffer, this is the one we recommend! It has direct fed microbials in the blend and a non-sugar molasses flavor horses love! This calcium and magnesium buffer product is a...

Equine-Zyme Plus a Probiotic Immune Boosting Blend for Horses with Colostrum

Equine Zyme Plus - for the Digestive Health of Your Horse Equine-Zyme Plus contains a source of live, naturally occurring micro-organisms in its unique blend - which stimulate and feed beneficial bacteria that live in your horse's intestinal tract – and contains added probiotics along with...

Sand Trap

Sand Trap +DFM Horse Journal Awards Sand Trap + DFM a Gel Test Rating of "Excellent" Natural psyllium for all classes of horses. Recommended to support removal of sand from the ventral colon. Sand Trap + DFM utilizes ultra-pure blonde psyllium husk and northern-grown food-grade flaxseed to...

Tummy-Tamer Show Formula

NEW FORMULA IMPROVED with more Aloe Vera Leaf powder! Tummy Tamer Show Formula Supports and Soothes the Entire Intestinal/Digestive Tract with specific herbs and yeast cultures used to treat gastric disorders helping to improve digestion while soothing inflammation and colitis like symptoms. If you have a...

Tummy-Tamer: Natural Ulcer Support for Horses with Added Aloe Vera

Natural Ulcer Support for Horses - With Aloe Vera Leaf Powder Tummy Tamer (previously Tummy-Zyme) supports and soothes the entire intestinal/digestive tract with specific herbs and yeast cultures used to treat gastric disorders helping to improve digestion while soothing inflammation and colitis...

Ulcers 911 For Show Horses

Ulcer 911 Support for Show Horses - Save $46.90 with the Kit This is a special package for those who show and or compete and may be subject to random testing. You will still need to verify the herbs in this product are not ones tested for in your show discipline. We are offering this package at a 10%...

Ulcers 911 Support Kit - An Alternative & Natural Approach to Equine Ulcers

Natural Support for Horses with Ulcers in A Cost-Saving Kit - Great for Prevention Too Looking for an alternative and more natural approach to helping your horse who either has ulcers or to help prevent them? Or for horses with chronic digestive disorders? Our Ulcer 911 Support Kit saves you $44 over...


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