Ulcer & Gastro Intestinal Support

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Ulcer & Gastro Intestinal Support

In helping many horses over the years, Earth Song Ranch has found a specific combination of several herbs that work synergistically together to help a horse who has ulcers or is prone to ulcers. These supportive herbs have been a favorite natural approach to helping horses with ulcers for 12+ years - and are contained in our herbal blends below. For more recommendations, please see our FAQ: Ulcers in Horses – Natural Remedies/Treatments, Signs/Symptoms & Feeding.

Tummy-Tamer Show Formula
Unit Price: $39.95
Sand Trap
Unit Price: $46.95
Ca-Mg Buffer
Unit Price: $48.95
Equine-Zyme Plus a Probiotic Immune Boosting Blend for Horses with Colostrum
Unit Price: $72.95
One of the very first in the industry to add colostrum to the pre-pro-biotic...
Ulcers 911 For Show Horses
Unit Price: $175.95
A natural and cost effective alternative to expensive vet meds for your show...

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