Vitamins & Minerals for Mini

We have a new Mini All-in-One daily supplement that makes life easier. Now you can provide pre/probiotics, digestive enzymes and a daily amount of vitamins & minerals to meet your mini's needs - all in one scoop.  We also offer Kelp and Flax for your mini too.

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Mini All-in-One

The One-Scoop Daily Supplement Just for Minis Finally an All-In-One for minis (ponies and mini donkies too). Now you can supplement your mini's diet with vitamins, minerals, pre & probiotics and digestive enzymes - all in one scoop! No more multiple containers of "things" to get it right!...

Organic Kelp for Minis - Rich in Micro Nutrients & Trace Minerals

100% Certified Organic Icelandic Kelp Meal - Supplies Iodine & Bioavailable Trace Minerals The organic kelp that we purchase is grown in the cleanest and richest sea waters on earth in the Northern Atlantic. Organic Kelp delivers a wide array of of minerals and nutrients essential to your horses...


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